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    Fact: LEGO is bad for your health

  2. dieheartlegored

    What are you listening to?

    Bob Marley, Luke Bryant, Juicy J, MGK, Paramore, Flyleaf, Jason Aldean.... My music tastes are so all over the place i like multiple genres. I just can't do techno, or the screaming music. I do like dubstep. But techno to me is like high pitch crazy sounds. Dub step has bass Whats the difference to you between Dub step & techno??
  3. dieheartlegored

    American Football

    I like this topic.... I'm more into college football. Roll tide Roll! Undefeated this year so far !
  4. dieheartlegored

    What set took you the longest to build?

    Death Star!
  5. dieheartlegored

    What to do when bored?

  6. dieheartlegored

    My name is Brooke.

    Thank you everyone for the warm welcoming! I am starting to learn my way thru the navigation. Just really new to this whole thing!
  7. dieheartlegored

    My name is Brooke.

    My name is Brooke, and I need some Lego friends!
  8. I need more friends..........

  9. dieheartlegored

    Review: 41015 Dolphin Cruiser

    hahaha! Love how the Biebs resembles mini fig. "well played Lego, well played." Made me laugh
  10. dieheartlegored

    Review: 6036 Skeleton Surprise

    Nice review! Skeleton mini fig is the coolest!
  11. dieheartlegored

    Action Themes Halloween: Spook Central

    Love Monster fighters! I think its just because of the whole, "Halloween spookiness swag" :wub:
  12. dieheartlegored

    Legends of Chima

  13. dieheartlegored

    Lego City Fire Station Toy Display !

    This is a Lego created display for use in retail stores. These are created in relatively small numbers and were never sold to the public. This display features motion activated lighting. The two knobs shown on the front of the display work the fire truck ladder and the helicopter. Includes assorted Lego's from the following sets: 7208 7741 3221 "]http://[/url]
  14. dieheartlegored

    2014 Friends Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Hey, Pandora. I am so new to this whole forum thing. Trying to learn more about it, just a little confusing Hard to navigate! But I appreciate the feedback :) Sorry for inconvenience!
  15. dieheartlegored

    Darth Vader 19" Mini Fig :)

    Yes HE IS AWESOME & YES his sword illuminates :)