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  1. The green Moria Orcs are my favourite. Not because they are the rarest (they only appeared in one set, that also came with that fantastic Cave Troll) but because they are green, got the creepiest eye colour, and they both came with the extremely cool pointy eared hairpiece. Also their body print with the silver scaled armour looks really nice. Too bad TLG did not give them leg printing. Still they are my favourite of the lot, though I do love all the other type of Orcs Lego made too. The only thing I did not like were all the Mordor Orcs that came without a hairpiece. Most minifigs just look unfinished and not right with a bold stud instead of a hat, helmet, or hairpiece. I fixed it, now all of them are equiped with a ragtag of different helmets and hats. What I also like about all the Orcs (including the Uruk Hai) is how versatile they are in Sci-Fi MOCs as aliens. Whether as monsters in a medieval like fairy-tale setting or some type of distopian futuristic scenario wicked Orcs just are badasss villains. They even look good on Tatooine getting drunk in the Mos Eisley Cantina.
  2. Eru Magnus Valar

    What is Your Favorite Lord of the Rings Set?

    Yep I voted for: Helm's Deep. A nice big castle, which I thought was an interesting build (although I think that is true for all LOTR sets). King Theoden is very beautiful minifig, one of my all time favourite castle minifigs, and so is Haldir. Four Uruk-hai including the Berserker, of a total of eight minifigures plus a horse, and a Lego castle (even though it is licensed) that is very different from all other Lego castles. As I already mentioned I also like Council of Elrond a lot, as well as the Shelob set, and Wheathertop. I decided, as this poll is simple and straightforward with only one choice, not to vote for Tower of Orthanc simply because I feel I should limit myself to all the sets I have build, and Tower of Orthanc is the only one I have not build yet, and is still sitting in its sealed box. But even if I had, Helm's Deep contains more interesting minifigures, yet the structure itself as a building might easily sway me to change my opinion had I already build Orthanc to vote that the best set of the bunch. As Deathleech also mentioned, Mines of Moria is also a really nice set, though mostly because of the minifigs. The build was good but somehow left something to be desired, I ended up buying Mines of Moria twice because of the green Orcs, and the cave Troll. How about another poll on your favourite LOTR Hobbit minifig; your favourite Elf minifig; your favourite Orc minifig; your favourite human and/or wizard minifig?! (I just lumped the two wizards and humans together, even though wizards in Tolkien's universe are not human but angelic beings).
  3. Eru Magnus Valar

    What is Your Favorite Lord of the Rings Set?

    LOL, I thought oooh that is easy; set #79003 Bag End, and then I thought: hold on (facepalm) that is not an 'LOTR' set, but a 'The Hobbit' set. Now it is much harder. Tower of Orthanc or Helm's Deep. This is almost impossible. I guess Helm's Deep or maybe not!? I cannot choose between them. I'll sleep on it, and vote tommorow. Actually a lot of the smaller sets are also really nice such as: The council of Elrond; Shelob attacks; and Wheathertop. Yep, must sleep on this. ps. Interesting topic.
  4. Eru Magnus Valar

    Nexo Knights 2016

    Ooooooooh those guys. You know what I did?! Since those figs actually do have really nice printing, in three varieties. I just tossed out the those crown-lion shields. Merged them with my Fantasy era Crown knights, and the dozen CMF Crown knight minifigs I have. Went to Bricklink and bought a bunch of Fantasy Era crown shields to replace those 2013 castle shields I did not like that much and; voila! I now have twice, or three times as many Crownies as I had before.
  5. Eru Magnus Valar

    Nexo Knights 2016

    Hahaha you crack me up with number 21; 20; and 20. But I have no idea who the hell the Blue Lions are? Personally I think the fright knights were also really horrible (both sets as well as minifigs), and don't deserve the sixteenth position but at most the 20th.
  6. Eru Magnus Valar

    Nexo Knights 2016

    Being Dutch, I grew up with Lego catalogues where those Lion knights (or crusaders as they are referred to in English) and Black Falcons in Dutch had official names which did not in any way refer to their heraldry. The Lion knights/crusaders were called: 'de ridders van Blankenvoort', and the Black Falcons; 'de ridders van Donkervoort'. And those forest men, if I am not mistaken were actually referred to as Robin Hood and his merry men (but in Dutch of course). I am inclined to look upon '2nd classic castle' as one continuous theme running from 1984 up until the end 1994. So eleven years in total. In 1995 the Royal knights were introduced. The minifgures with the silly duuphloo lion head sigil. (1st classic castle being the yellow castle, and the other few sets of that era) Anyway my personal favourites are Fantasy Era, and 2010 Kingdoms. And don't make me choose between them. Well okay then: Fantasy Era. Because of the dragons, trolls, and dwarfs that were not included in the (2010) Kingdoms theme. The problem with that poll you propose, as Artanis I from Down Under, already pointed out is that only in this century did TLG introduce separate themes, instead of a more or less continues castle world with factions.
  7. Eru Magnus Valar

    Nexo Knights 2016

    I think I can predict which castle theme would win: The 2007-2009 Fantasy Era castle theme. And as runner-up I would probably put my money on the classic castle theme from 1984 with the Black Falcons, and the Lion knights (which for some mysterious reason many people call: crusaders), and the Robin Hood gang (1987). Although I don't know if that is actually all considered the same theme?!
  8. Hi Tuskel! Wow! You really wrote a nice, and also very elaborate introduction. Happy building times.
  9. Eru Magnus Valar

    LEGO Hobbit 2014

    I do own that set, but no, I did not MOC an entrance, but guess what?!? Someone else did. With a lot more bricks you will find inside the box of the Lonely mountain set itself. Check this topic:
  10. Eru Magnus Valar

    [MOC] Erebor

    Fantastic MOC! Those large brick build statues look also really good on either side of the entrance to your Erebor .
  11. Eru Magnus Valar

    Hello from The Netherlands

    Thank you. When I get around to building another MOC, that somehow fits in the GOH world and makes any sense, and above all, I can make some good photographs of (which I currently cannot), I will have a go. And if it does not fit, I can always still show it in the historic section. Thank you too! Thanks. Nice to see we are interested in the same themes. Maybe we will come across each others posts / comments / topics in either the historic or sci-fi section of the forum, and end up discussing MOC's, and/or peculiarities of certain themes, or technical stuff etc. Hey 'play well'! It is funny how that indeed comes across as almost divined in Dutch, though actually not quite. Hope the commuting isn't killing you with all the traffic jams and /or delayed trains. Thank you too for welcoming me. At first the completist syndrome drove me nuts, and I thought the best way to handle it when I started collecting, was to limit myself to only one theme. Now I am much less bothered by it, and don't care that much, with most themes anyway, that I do not, and will not get all the sets from a particular theme. Thanks!
  12. Eru Magnus Valar

    Space Samurais

    Wow! Your cyberpunk samurai minifigs and mecha's look incredible! Really nice! Love that 'speeder bike' too.
  13. Eru Magnus Valar

    Hello from The Netherlands

    Hello everyone! It is already quite a while ago since I made this account here, though I never did much with it until recently. After having posted a few comments on some topics on the historic forum, last couple of days, I thought it only proper to give a shout out to all fellow Lego fans on this introduction forum. Not sure why I at the time choose this ridiculous, rather pompous nick for this site, other then that I remember at the time reading a lot of background info on the lore, history, and creation myth of Tolkien's Middle Earth cannon. Anyway I guess I am stuck with this nick now so, you all better get used to it As the title already says: I am from The Netherlands, Amsterdam to be precise. I got back as an adult into Lego in 2010. My favourite Lego themes are first and foremost: Castle, and Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit. I have always been fascinated with the medieval times, the Renaissance, as well as ancient history: the Romans, ancient Greeks, etc. their mythology as well as that of the ancient Germanic/Nordic, and Celtic tribes and peoples from Europe. Next to my very broad interest in history, I am also a science fiction fan. So ever since I was a kid I always had a fondness for the Lego space theme, next to the castle line. Growing up in the eighties I was a huge Star Wars fan as a kid. At first when I got back into Lego I swore to myself I would never buy any Star Wars Lego, for fear of 'completist collection syndrome'. Well I caved in two years back or so, though fortunately I managed only to buy a couple of sets from that theme. I also have collected most of the CMF's, some Marvel, and DC superheroes sets, almost all the Winter village sets, the Prince of Persia theme, as well as Pirates of the Caribbean, and I am the proud owner of the Imperial Flag ship, one of my all time favourite Lego sets. I am currently reading George R,R. Martin's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' fantasy novels. And I am also a fan of the TV series Game of Thrones, based on these books. A fictional fantasy world that lends itself well to Lego MOC'ing. I think what I like best about Eurobricks, are all the amazing MOC's which people showcase on the historic section. I feel a bit intimidated by the Guilds of Historica. I suppose if you want to partake in that, you need to read up on all the storylines, lore, and mythology the members have created, as well as possess great photography equipment and skills to upload and contribute to it. I do build MOC's sporadically, but not as often as l would like. I hope to be sharing some more of my fondness for Lego on these forums with you all! All the best to you. Yours sincerely, Eru.
  14. Eru Magnus Valar

    Nexo Knights 2016

    Well I am glad that after first offering me insult, I now have your approval too. I am so glad that someone like you, who demonstrates to posses similar social skills as the character Sheldon Cooper (from TBBT), is present here to amuse and enlighten me with all your constructive remarks. I am sure we will be just getting along fine. Good day to you too.
  15. Eru Magnus Valar

    Nexo Knights 2016

    I admit. I definitely am not a hipster. And in all modesty I am quite proud of that ;) *shrugs shoulders* And I don't care if the language I use is fashionable anyway. I don't even think the word 'wicked' was still fashionable when Sasha Baron Cohen used it when he played Ali G in the nineties. Speaking of wicked critters, you certainly have a lot of those down under where you live.