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  1. kzv

    12v cable "substitute"

    I found some "ribbon"cable that I will try.. looks little bit smaller, but for just the lights etc, it will probably work :-D
  2. kzv

    12v cable "substitute"

    Hi JopieK, I've got a lot of connectors, but the most of the cables are to short... I'll check Mouser/Farnell.. K.
  3. Hi, Have anyone used an unoriginal cable for the 12v train system? Looking to buy many meters of cable, but I want it to look like the old, grey original one ... Any ideas? rgds K
  4. kzv

    12v Ausini track

    Ahhh, now I got it! I thought it was tracks with the 12V in the middle incorporated.... Anyway, A good alternative :-D K.
  5. kzv

    New City Layout

    Very very nice! Really like the incorporated monorail :-p PS! On the runway it says "17" in one end, which mean it should say "35" in the other end ;-)
  6. kzv

    12V layout

    Thanx Xris and Edwin! I really appreciate your comments and tips! I'll see what I incorporate of your comments into my layout ;-) In general, I have to many tracks and train set and to little space :-( K.
  7. kzv

    12v Ausini track

    That's very interesting! Have you seen any "half length" straight? Tried to find a place to buy without luck. Any links?
  8. kzv

    12V layout

    Thanx Xris for you feedback. My goals are: 1. To use at least what I have listed 2. Have separate loops where the different train can stop, while other can pass 3. "Town" divided into different areas (see picture below) 4. HAVE FUN :-D Here's a more detailed plan including "town" elements: I have tried to divided the layout in 3 different zones: 1: Industrial area 2. Recreational area 3. Living/residence area PS! I have access around the whole table (that's one of the reasons it's not bigger)... rgds Kjetil
  9. kzv

    12V layout

    Hi All, I've got limited space and have tried different layouts to get most out of my table. Here's the latest version: The "outer" ring will be raised like it's done in 7777, that's why it's stops in the above picture... Only have a few sets I really want to have in the layout: * 7866 - Remote Controlled Road Crossing * 7823 - Container Crane Depot * 7834 - Level Crossing Manual * Some train stations etc ;-) Any comment's/idea? K.
  10. OK, that's my initial idea as well...I'll try that! I'll have a look a this solution too! No worries! I perfectly understood you message ;-) (I'm not English either :-D) Yupp, done that and it helped a little. Think I have to clean the tracks again, their very shiny, but still everything is a little bit "staccato". Any hints of ways to clean the track?
  11. One thing I don't understand is how to make several isolated sections, but still be able to let the train go from one section to another (without modifying the original parts)... Any hints?
  12. Very well! I'll try that :-D Thanx!
  13. Hi, I've just found all my 12V lego stuff and put together a track which is about 15 meters (50 feet) long. Since it's one "loop" with tracks I only use one transformer (7864). When the train reach the "far end" (longest distance from the transformer), it hardly move forward :-( Have any of you tried this length of tracks before with any luck? Tried to clean the tracks and the motor, but still the same problem. rgds Kjetil
  14. Yes indeed, this one will be up for trade as well ;-)