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    Future Star Wars Sets

    I would like to see a Purge Trooper Battle Pack. Could contain two Pruge-Troopers, a glow-stick scout and a normal Stormtrooper.
  2. mon-o-mat

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Interesting enough the designs where actually quite good in my eyes (Ok, the large soldiers fort wasn't). The problem I have with the 2015 line was the size of the sets. If I remember correctly the second largest and largest imperial set of the line (the fort) was only at 30€.
  3. mon-o-mat

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Still don't know how someone could think, that 100€ for a X-Wing where appropriate, esepcially for one that wasn't even that good. Generally I think that those fighters like TIE and Vulture Droids, that are actually quite small compared to other fighters, should come at smaller sizes again. This could actually make it possible for combination-sets like V-Wing vs. Vulture Droid or A-Wing vs. TIE-Interceptor again.
  4. I know that the AT-ST has tow weapon on the side of it's head. But I don't like how they are created in Lego. The Blasters are way to big and fat while the grenade-launcher doesn't look anything like the one you see in the movie.
  5. Could have given him at least a carbine. But I think the main problem is it's missing stock. But I don't like that AT-ST anyways. Besides being an ugly coloured remake it still (or better because of it ) is oversized and has the same weird weapons on the side of it's head as the Rogue One one had.
  6. Of course most AFOLs will reject new themes. Besides nostalgia it simply means that they can't add new sets to their collection, the new minifigures won't go with the old ones and most of the times the different colours mean, that the new sets won't be good part-donators.
  7. To be fair, the backstory of RockRaiders was somehow better than the PowerMiners one. Not that the overall concept of this kinda "The Day Earth Stood Still" vibe was bad, but for one point, I never got if it was the chrystals that created the earthquakes or the monsters. And what was the end goal? Total genocide of rockmonsters? Collecting chrystals? Eventually they got to lava-level, but why and what did they do there?
  8. After Aanchirs post on Brickset about how he would love different biomes for Power Miners (, and since I thought it would have been cool too, I decided to play around with LDD:
  9. mon-o-mat

    Future Pirates Speculation

    I would add that the Friends version would also have more decoration overall. Not just more nature, but also more ornaments and knick-knack.
  10. mon-o-mat

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I am only in for the MTT if they don't butcher it like the last one. It has to be a huge set with dozends of droids like the 2007 one, maybe even larger.
  11. mon-o-mat

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Considering that there are multiple Kashyyyk-Sets on the shelf right now, my updated wishlist would look like this: UCS Clone Turbo Tank (250€) Take control over this massive Clone Turbo Tank. Just like in the movies this huge and detailed vehicle rolls over the enemies of the Galactic Republic Man it's cockpits and open the hatches to get access to multiple storage and crew compartments Features movie-accurate rotating turrets and retreating missile launchers Tank goes anywhere with flexible suspension and massive wheels that turn with model Clone Turbo Tank measures over 60cm long and more than 30 in height (with extended mast) Conatains a Seperatist Dwarf Spider Droid and a BARC Speeder Includes 10 minifigures: Quinlan Vos, Wookie Chief(Dark Grey), Wookie Warrior, Kashyyyk Clone Trooper(x2), Kashyyk Clone Scout, Battle Droid(x4) Wookie Catamaran (35€) Help the Wookies Defend their Planet with the Wookie Catamaran. Fire the spring loaded missiles and drop the bombs. Wookie Catamaran measures nearly 20cm long Contains 4 minifigures: Luminara Unduli, Wookie Warrior, Battle Droid, Super Battle Droid Snail Tank Droid (30€) The Separatists are using this Snail Tank Droid to attack the Wookies and their Fluttercraft as seen in Revenge of the Sith Tank Droid runs on working tracks. Fire the Tank Droids shooters or drop thermal detonators from the Wookie Fluttercraft Tank Droid measures over 11cm high, 18cm long and 9cm wide Contains 4 minifigures: Wookie Warrior, Battle Droid(x2), Super Battle Droid Kashyyyk Droid Attack(25€) "But what about the Droid attack on the Wookies" Decide the fierce battle between the Seperatist Battle Droids and the Republic Clone Troopers and their Wookie Allies Contains a Seperatist Dwarf Spider Droid and a Republic Swamp Speeder and Wookie emplacements. Includes 6 minifigures: Battle Droid(x2), Super Battle Droid, Kashyyyk Clone Trooper(x2), Wookie Warrior
  12. mon-o-mat

    Future Castle Sets?

    But all those sets are very conservative when it comes to colours. Mostly black and grey, with some red for the roofs. Ok, I don't know why the Hideout has a blue roof, but I suspect red would stand out too much from all that black and green surrounding it.
  13. mon-o-mat

    Future Castle Sets?

    In my eyes 2013 castle was too cartoonish. Not only the minifigs or the heraldy, but the overall colour-code. The badies were to obviously bad and especially their pure black helmets and armor didn't look very good to me. The bright red and black 'castle' they got wasn't any better. The Kingdom one was mostly black too, but at least it was combined with dark brown and green colours. The 2013 King's Castle wasn't that bad, but it wasn't better than the 2010 one for sure while the bright blue details weren't appealing either. @BardDandelion Really good idea. Multiple waves of castle sets don't even have to be connected to each other, but at least share the same overall style.
  14. mon-o-mat

    LEGO vs. Held der Steine

    If TLC wanted to prevent him from registring the trademark their letter should have gone to the German Patent and Trademark Office. But they probably knew that a German court already denied TLC's tries to get a trademark on the Lego-Brick. And since his Logo has nothing in common with any Lego-Logos other then a stylized brick
  15. 25€ for the scout walker is way to much. I don't like those oversized speeders and walker neither.They are all super expensive and usually don't look that good either.
  16. Yes I meant that. Of course, no Gunships were seen there.
  17. Apparantly the Last AT-AP didn't contain Yoda.. Just Gree and Tarfful. But still, the minifigs now are just as boring. To be fair, the other Jedi I would have put in that sets, namely Quinlan Vos, Luminara Unduli or Ayla Secura came out quite recently too.
  18. Am I the only one who is annoyed about the minifigs for the AT-AP and the gunship? The last time I only got the AT-AP and it contained Yoda. Now I am planing on getting the gunship which contains Yoda again Some new Jedi or Wookie would have been nice.
  19. mon-o-mat

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    You know what I think is weird when seeing that big cars? That the Harvester is really small, while in reallity those things are usually just small enough to be allowed to drive on public roads.
  20. mon-o-mat

    Anyone want to talk about the Mars Mission Sets?

    I actually like the colors. I don't know why, but the idea of a massive white vehilce standing in the red dust of mars is somehow appealing to me. Most of the later vehicles are quite good, but I dislike most of the first wave. But the aliens where kinda boring and most of their vehicles were to similiar. What I noticed is that basically all the visors are ugly now, because the gold color is wearing of. Some Moc I created a while ago with LDD:
  21. You mean like Mars Mission? But with less fighting against aliens? Btw, Did TLC actually expect that Power Miners would be so succesfull? Because I have the feeling it is one of those theme complexes, marketing doesn't really like.
  22. Don't forget the new helmets from City. They would be ideal to bring more variety to the minifigs.
  23. Definitley. I mean, which boy doesn't like big maschines(Note: This may not be true for all boys, while being true for some girls too). But with a better setting and minifigs than PM please.
  24. Sorry for the necro, but I have to say, now, that the Power Miners theme is nearly as old as Rock Raiders was when it came out, that I still have to agree with the OP. RR is more iconic, has better minifigs but PM is overall better. Ok, maybe excpet the third wave.