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  1. grymg

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    What a pleasant surprise. I just got my notice of shipping, I was on the 60 day backorder list on I guess they found a box of them lying somewhere??
  2. grymg

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    For anyone in the US who got in their orders at midnight, was anyone able to get the free Creative set (over $85) automatically added into their cart? I thought it was a glitch so decided to wait until the morning, now the croc is sold out for backorder Anyways, still unable to get the free set to show up in the cart today.
  3. grymg

    Force Friday (30th September) promotions

    So I had a Darth Vader keychain in my cart since Monday. I was figuring even if the free shipping promo ended I would gladly pay the extra shipping costs to get a Revan. Anyways 9pm PST goes by because I forgot about it, ended up signing in 20 minutes later and the Revan promo is in my cart, was able to go through check out all the way to the end and the "order processing" keeps on going for 5+ minutes. Feeling defeated, I closed the window but 30 minutes later I get a confirmation email from S&H. Curious to see what happened, I check the order status page this morning and both the keychain and Revan are "In Warehouse" so hopefully this sticks. Was amazed I was still able to get one 20 minutes in. Looks like the high resale price for Revan will continue even after this promo. Hopefully tonight the Nexo Knights promo will bleed over so we can get double VIP + nexo + advent calendar in one order.
  4. grymg

    DC Superheroes 2016 - Rumors and Discussion

    Thanks. I was just trying to do the math on buying a $160 modular. In March I would get the equivalent of $16 in points and a free Ninjago poly. In April I would get only $8 in points but would get a much more valuable poly to make up for the difference and then some. I guess I should wait until April.
  5. grymg

    DC Superheroes 2016 - Rumors and Discussion

    So is the Mr. Freeze poly promo in April after a DC Super Heroes $75 min. purchase or any $75 purchase?
  6. LOL, that is the response I expected to hear and also dreaded to hear. Guess I better save up!
  7. Debating between this and the Parisian restaurant... Is this a clear winner? I think the greebling detail on the restaurant makes it more shelf worthy and a must have but the firehouse looks simply massive.
  8. grymg

    [MOD] Marvel Sentinel.

    comparing it to the stock photos, I spy: backpack biceps thighs thumbs neck
  9. Here's pictures from the event today. I was quite surprised at the quality of the box. They also gave out a Super Heroes full comic book with foldout poster inside of Action Comics #1.
  10. grymg

    What is your latest Licensed purchase?

    Recently got these from Toys R Us:
  11. grymg

    Train gifs in signature

    Paste each pic and rotate, etc. as needed on a word doc. When done, take a screenshot of the word doc, crop, and save as one jpeg file.
  12. grymg

    Pure display train cases.

    Nice that they conveniently did not make the case big enough for the maersk truck and trailer that comes in the set.
  13. So the promo pictures for this promo event were just posted so I wanted to share. Wonder if it's a sticker or printed brick. I'm getting about four of these for my family, going to the game!
  14. I just got the Ferrrari Truck set and have been amazed by this video. Does anyone know what power functions parts I could buy to convert it like this? It doesn't look like an M motor or standard battery pack is in there, but I do see the PF receiver.