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  1. Henri

    Lego Winter Village, all sets 2013

    Very Nice Fred67. We used to have the Chrismas train running around the x-mas tree, but skipped that for this year. Maybe next year we'll have the whole village surrounded by a train track. Have a good 2014 !
  2. Dear Lego Fan's. Browsing the internet I cannot find many pictures yet of all the 5 official Lego Winter Village sets together. Since I own them all, and am happy watching it, I figured it could be nice to share some photos of it. Here's a preview: http://www.flickr.co...57639143388156/ more pictures can be found here: https://www.flickr.c...57639143388156/ The light bricks are modified to have a fixed wire that goes to a train transformer, so we can have the lights on all day. In the back of the village are 2 large light-poles with 3 lights each to illuminate the complete village. Cann't wait to add 2014's new Winter Village set.....
  3. We had the pleasure to meet Jamie Berard at Legoworld in Zwolle (Netherlands) in october 2011. I think he has THE coolest job in the world. What a beautiful creation again from the masters hands. Lucky me to be an AFOL, and to have my birthday in September : )
  4. Henri

    New modular building? 10224 Town Hall

    Jut, The bricks-quantity is also shown on the last pages of the (last) instruction book. Perhaps you can add a picture of that here? Looking forward to get this beautiful set for myself.... Henri
  5. Henri

    Winter Village

    Exactly that was the purpose to put them together on a picture. The joy of the awaiting for it.... getting in the mood for it. I took them apart and they're back in the boxes ready to be built after our Dutch "Sinterklaas" which is december 5. Curious too how it all looks together with the holiday Train (10173) which we also own. Now I need to go find my Halloween sets and get those out. Grogall, Where can we pick it up? Can it be ordered online too, or is an in0shop item only? Henri
  6. Henri

    Winter Village

    Since the Post Office just came out, I wouldn't count on any more sets this year. I also hope on one again next year.
  7. Henri

    Winter Village

    I took some pictures of the 3 Winter Village sets. 10199 Winter Village Toy Shop 10216 Winter Village Bakery 10222 Winter Village Post Office Hope you like them and get in the mood for Christmas. more pictures are here: Winter Village pictures flickr-photos
  8. Hello, I am looking for some help: I have paid the 15 dollars for the instructions last week, but have not received any mail with download instructions. Also I sent mail to the adress mentioned when having problems, but no reply there yet. Perhaps some persons on holidays or not available, but I would liked to have some reply.... Can someone help? I'd be glad to give all further needed details in a separate mail. best regards, Henri Jaspers
  9. Henri

    More exclusive set info

    Sir Grogall...knight for all.... I was sooo disapointed because the wifi on my holiday camping was too slow during daytime to see the videos. Now, at 05:00 at night the links were gone, but there comes knight Grogall to save my day......thanks. I love both models, and, more importantly maybe, so does my wife, also awake to see the vids. I drove 150 km last year to buy the last VW beetle in a toyshop in Germany, and I am curious if the V1 camper is the same scale, or in other words, how will the two models look next to each other? Also the post office is a must have, although the video is too shrt for me to see all the details. Now I just have to wait until my birthday to get my hands on those sets....if TLG releases them by than (september 20). Good knight, ;-) I go back to sleep and have sweet dreams about the camper.....that is if the wife does not keep me awake..................... Henri
  10. Henri

    10218 Pet Shop

    Hi Grogall, Instructions still not uploaded. Do you have any idea how long in normaly takes after release before Lego releases them online? Henri
  11. Henri

    10218 Pet Shop

    Great pictures, thanks! I do miss the Market Street in the line up. To me it also belongs in this series. Henri
  12. Henri

    10218 Pet Shop

    Grogall, Can you please post some pictures of the whole modular street ASAP (like tonight maybe?) I cann't wait to see the line-up. It looks like I'll have to be patient till Fathersday before I get my hands on the Pet Shop. Henri
  13. Henri

    10218 Pet Shop

    Finally, the pictures. (After a week of holidays in Rome, I could finally see them posted here today) I have to say: Chapeau for Jamie Berard again. It is amazing to see how this artist is able to come up again with a set that is appealing to adults as well as children. I can't wait get this set. (Hint: fathersday is coming up, kids....) I am very eager to get to see this set lined up with all the other modulars. Curious what will be my favourite line up...... Please post pictures of your line-ups here, I'd say. Jamie Berard, thanks again for this fabulous set, please keep them coming to us. There's plenty of idea's on this forum for a next modular. You can still make most of us happy with either a post-office or a bank, but anything from your hands in this line will do for me!! Carpe Lego ! Henri
  14. Henri

    Modular Building 10218 Pet Shop

    Yes, I know that....I just think this MIGHT be close to what we're going to get in 10218.
  15. Henri

    Modular Building 10218 Pet Shop

    all, I just typed lego 10218 in Google images and found a picture of 2 16x32 houses, even referring to the 10218 models. From the descriptions given here in this forum, it's not the real thing,colour scheme's don't match, but it could be a lookalike. For now, this is what we will have to live with, in expectation of more and REAL pictures of the new set 10218. enjoy the waiting....