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  1. Period correct parts; but potentially mixed with 7745 at one point or other.
  2. Picked up another 7735. Has a black type 3. 50 5.
  3. Grrr

    LEGO The Building Toy Made In Great Britian

    It's tricky - there aren't too many collectors in NZ who are prepared to pay top dollar, and several I know aren't necessarily actively looking at Trademe and the likes. I've found the most successful way to sell this sort of thing is by placing them directly in front of other AFOL collectors who aren't actively in the market; as once they see quality items, they can rarely say no. But yeah, if you $1 reserve them, odds are I'll buy them well under par value.
  4. Grrr

    When Should City be Cancelled?

    The "City" brand is fine. But agree with your point, City has followed the same format for around 10 years now, and as an AFOL I wouldn't mind a change; though I'll always be more loyal to classic Town all the same. They key thing is that I still find a handful of City sets to buy each year, alongside modulars, Creator houses, Winter Village and a stack of other stuff, I've got plenty to work with. I'm happy to leave variations on Police stations on the shelf. But, I do look with some envy at the ever expanding Friends line, and think some of those sets would make great City sets. Hopefully some cross-polination of those ideas is in order (it feels to some level as though Friends designers are prepared to take more risks, whereas the City theme has in my opnion the hallmarks of a group who are fearful of making mistakes given past excellence). In that regard, the current line up feels a lot like circa 1995 - slightly worse than previous years, but nothing wrong yet.
  5. Grrr

    LEGO The Building Toy Made In Great Britian

    Are these going to go on Trademe as part of your big sell-down too @AllanSmith
  6. Grrr

    Exxon Version of 6371

    I suspect some sort of situation with the agreements with Shell and Exxon. I note that 6378 Shell branded set was released in the US in 1986, so if this license was already in the works, it's likely the life of the Exxon set (assuming it would've released in 1984) would've been a very short two years - would've made more sense to keep producing 6375.
  7. Grrr

    Exxon Version of 6371

    I was flicking through some classic US market catalogs and noticed something unusual in one of the photos of a 1984 catalog (106517/106617-US). Notice the Exxon gas station in this layout. I'd always presumed this to be set 6375; but it's actually not. It appears to be an Exxon branded version of the European market Shell set 6371, with some minor differences (see subsequent photos for picutres of sets 6371 and 6375). My question is; did this particular service station ever go up for sale; or is this a prototype that somehow wound up in a catalog image? The earlier catalogs I have all show 6375.
  8. Those flags are made of a different type of plastic to regular Lego; and weren't especially strong even when new. They are stressed slightly when clipped onto the flagpole or other Lego parts; so if the model has been built for years, then it's likely to break when next touched.
  9. Grrr

    Lego technic yellow train bridge from 1993 ad

    At 17:14 in this epic video you can see that same bridge used in a Lego World Show model. Unfortunately it's in the background, but nevertheless, it's a pretty clear view:
  10. Grrr

    Airport terminal and monorail station

    Looks really good. I love it. If I were building this though, I'd be inclined to extend each side by another 16 studs, possibly even 32 (probably 20 ish, enough so you get four pairs of windows), mainly to make the outside of the building look in proportion (I think of Airport terminals as long and low, this looks more the proportions of a train station) - the interior details could just be repeated (eg two baggage carousels). Even so, awesome build.
  11. I strongly suspect 7727 didn't sell at all well as it's very similar to 7730. It's much the same as AFOL's not buying new City Police stations which are similar to prior versions, and would've been exaggerated given the premium 12v price point. People who were into steam trains at the time probably had already picked up 7727 and 7750, so wouldn't need another similar train. Moving the Steam Trains to 4.5v made a lot of sense as it reduced their price point, and secondly, opened the Steam Train possibility up to a new range of fans. As for 7755, I suspect it may have stuggled with the removal of the 7862 remote decoupler set, given that these two make a nice match for a playability.
  12. OK, I was slightly wrong; it's 27 / 2. Pics (sorry, not embeded as they're way too big):
  13. Grrr

    2018 Lego Trains

    Also it's likely a matter that they'd like the PF transition to be complete by say 2020, which means that today's trains need to transition as will still be on the shelf then, but Technic sets won't be.
  14. It seems that the majority of 12v Train sets at the time sold in the D/F/NL markets; the UK and US and many other markets had lessers selections, or no 12v at all due to limitations on electrical chidren's toys. Combine this with the very high prices at the time, and it makes the sets all the more rare. For these sorts of sets, they do come up on Bricklink in low volumes at high prices, but I've had more luck with various local sites internationally buying from people who don't quite realise how special the things they've got are.
  15. Grrr

    2018 Lego Trains

    And people will need to buy them, whereas they're not going to need to sell us (or likely even kids) extra yellow tiles to do colour detection.