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  1. These vans deliver Lego to me most days. A beautiful rendition, though our postal/courier service ones are yellow :).
  2. Love these classic ads. Remember them from european comics in my childhood. Now that I'm at 80% on my completionist goals; I can re-create a great many of these images. As someone who routinely searches for these ads on eBay etc, it's awesome to get whole batches like this in good quality. If only a high resolution copy of this could be found, as I'd love to do a remake at some point (though I might swap cypress for pine trees) :
  3. Grrr

    Planning 12v Layout for LUG display

    Thank you - this is the conclusion that I was starting to come to myself and you've helped cement my thinking.
  4. So I'm planning to display a layout for a LUG display soon, and my ambition is to have four 12v trains and a few other trains running concurrently on 12v tracks. As this is a display, I'd like them to just run without micro management, which is a bit different from what I'd do at home where I'd be using the remotes and careful timing to route them to different parts of town and avoid crashes/etc. My question therefore is; for those of you who do such layouts, how would you recommend setting things up to make the whole lot run without having to continuously monitor it to ensure nothing goes awry? I'm somewhat inclined to set up several distinct circuits each and power/control each seperately, but will it be dull for viewers if several trains are simply doing basic loops without really interacting with one another? I have ample 12v track, 3 transformers, and would run the 9v trains on PF motors for the day. The only thing I'm really short on is Signals (I only have three to stop trains).
  5. Grrr

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    That would be even better of course :).
  6. Grrr

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I note the promo video talking about the new sustainable green elements mentioning with regard to the new plant based plastic elements that "In November, one of the new elements will appear in an exclusive Lego Creator Expert set"... I'm imagining it will be a pine tree for the next Winter Village set. (would love for them to have brought he cypress tree mould back though).
  7. Grrr

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    2018 is the year of the Pizzeria if you ask me...
  8. Period correct parts; but potentially mixed with 7745 at one point or other.
  9. Picked up another 7735. Has a black type 3. 50 5.
  10. Grrr

    LEGO The Building Toy Made In Great Britian

    It's tricky - there aren't too many collectors in NZ who are prepared to pay top dollar, and several I know aren't necessarily actively looking at Trademe and the likes. I've found the most successful way to sell this sort of thing is by placing them directly in front of other AFOL collectors who aren't actively in the market; as once they see quality items, they can rarely say no. But yeah, if you $1 reserve them, odds are I'll buy them well under par value.
  11. Grrr

    When Should City be Cancelled?

    The "City" brand is fine. But agree with your point, City has followed the same format for around 10 years now, and as an AFOL I wouldn't mind a change; though I'll always be more loyal to classic Town all the same. They key thing is that I still find a handful of City sets to buy each year, alongside modulars, Creator houses, Winter Village and a stack of other stuff, I've got plenty to work with. I'm happy to leave variations on Police stations on the shelf. But, I do look with some envy at the ever expanding Friends line, and think some of those sets would make great City sets. Hopefully some cross-polination of those ideas is in order (it feels to some level as though Friends designers are prepared to take more risks, whereas the City theme has in my opnion the hallmarks of a group who are fearful of making mistakes given past excellence). In that regard, the current line up feels a lot like circa 1995 - slightly worse than previous years, but nothing wrong yet.
  12. Grrr

    LEGO The Building Toy Made In Great Britian

    Are these going to go on Trademe as part of your big sell-down too @AllanSmith
  13. Grrr

    Exxon Version of 6371

    I suspect some sort of situation with the agreements with Shell and Exxon. I note that 6378 Shell branded set was released in the US in 1986, so if this license was already in the works, it's likely the life of the Exxon set (assuming it would've released in 1984) would've been a very short two years - would've made more sense to keep producing 6375.
  14. Grrr

    Exxon Version of 6371

    I was flicking through some classic US market catalogs and noticed something unusual in one of the photos of a 1984 catalog (106517/106617-US). Notice the Exxon gas station in this layout. I'd always presumed this to be set 6375; but it's actually not. It appears to be an Exxon branded version of the European market Shell set 6371, with some minor differences (see subsequent photos for picutres of sets 6371 and 6375). My question is; did this particular service station ever go up for sale; or is this a prototype that somehow wound up in a catalog image? The earlier catalogs I have all show 6375.
  15. Those flags are made of a different type of plastic to regular Lego; and weren't especially strong even when new. They are stressed slightly when clipped onto the flagpole or other Lego parts; so if the model has been built for years, then it's likely to break when next touched.