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  1. MCNwakeboard

    In Congress, July 4th, 1776

    A little early, but I wanted to share a small project that I worked on. Happy Fourth of July, Ameribricks!
  2. MCNwakeboard

    [Cuusoo] Age of Empires II

    I agree, a 3 in 1 set would be awesome, even if it cost 150 or so. I think Microsoft would be willing to license the rights since they killed off ensemble studios.
  3. MCNwakeboard

    [Cuusoo] Age of Empires II

    After you build this up to a couple sets you should put it on Cuusoo, AOE still has a pretty large fan base. By the way, I like it, simple but very distinct.
  4. MCNwakeboard

    10243 Parisian Restaurant

    Happy to pay an extra $10 for printed pieces. Looks nice.
  5. MCNwakeboard

    Lego Bag End [MOC]

    Very nice job and the interior shots looks great.
  6. MCNwakeboard

    [WIP] Landscape

    Great job, the wall looks very fluid and natural. Just keeps improving. Thanks for sharing.
  7. MCNwakeboard

    Suspended Lego Train Track

    Yes that is an option similar to the one that msx80 suggested with a triangular support. Most of the stability issues are related to the track connections that don't have a wall support as those are only used every two tracks. Using the reverse slopes is an option but would require quite a few pieces. A diagonal technic cross arm would be a good option, just not something I had in the initial planning and but probably something I could test out to see how much it helps.
  8. MCNwakeboard


    Wow! this looks great. I thought the first picture had been through photo shop to get that first picture.
  9. MCNwakeboard

    Suspended Lego Train Track

    Thanks for the comments. It has been up a week and I haven't noticed any flexing plates, but it is very possible over time. From the screws that I have tested, they seem to be hold up well. I usually stop the train in the corners since there a bit more support there with the Lego plates. I did consider using long plates to support the straight tracks but since the wall supports are 10 inches apart (two tracks) it would be fairly expensive to purchase long plates. Clearing the corners was challenging for the Emerald Night, specifically for the blinders in the front as you might have noticed it was changed in the film. I have to switch the battery on and run it for the most part, mostly be design since he is 10 months old.
  10. MCNwakeboard

    Suspended Lego Train Track

    Thanks for the comments and suggestions. I created a shorter movie with the Maersk Train that shows the track from a bit further out.
  11. MCNwakeboard

    Suspended Lego Train Track

    Yes, there is some movement for sure since they are held up by 2x8 plates with only one side anchored in. I've had the large wheels come off a bit with the Emerald Night but haven't had problems with the Maersk Train. The corners were by far the hardest but I just built a base with plates and it seems to hold up well.
  12. MCNwakeboard

    Suspended Lego Train Track

    I finished building a suspended rail in the kid's room and thought I would share.
  13. MCNwakeboard

    Back wall for Orthanc

    Looks great! Love the design and the idea to add stairs. Hope it fits well.
  14. MCNwakeboard

    Lego 7946 Kingdoms Castle - Modified

    Wow! Very nicely done, I always have a hard time getting the buildings to blend into the large baseplates, but you did an excellent job. Keep it up.
  15. MCNwakeboard

    BrickArms Musket and Flintlock Pistol

    I picked up some of these at Brickfair this weekend and I really like them.