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  1. jyves


    WOW, fantastic
  2. Sade but I'll not be there, I’m working all the weekend :angry: . I’ll be happy to see pictures of the event
  3. jyves

    New Lego 10223 Kingdoms Joust Exclusive

    I just ordered mine yesterday. I should recieve all around mid next week :wub:
  4. Wonderful , beautiful , you did a real great job on this. This is exactly the style I love. Perfect layout, well organized. Thank you to provide us such a beautiful result.
  5. jyves

    Which Official Pirate LEGO Sets Do You Have?

    You should never 'tell' that buying Lego is 'waste of money', my wife can read it and she will use and re-use this argument
  6. jyves

    Which Official Pirate LEGO Sets Do You Have?

    Hi, So, why the 6290 when I have the 6289, why the 6291 when I have the 6280 and why several times the same sets???? Simply because I want to 'have them all' . A lot of people will say that a collection is not complete if one set is missing .
  7. jyves

    Your first Castle theme set?

    My first Castle sets, it was in 1984. It started with and Just after that, and Thery're still my favorits with 6040
  8. jyves

    Which Official Pirate LEGO Sets Do You Have?

    Hi all, I have them ALL from the beginning till now except: 6250 6277 (that is not complete) 6281 I generally dont have the boxes (except new collection that still sealed and small sets as 6244 and 6236) In total I have 13 boats (yes, with 2 or 3 exemplars of some), including the 10210 Imperial Flagship (not sealed anymore).
  9. Hi all, I have now a store on Bricklink with all my sets 'for sale' : "JYVES Bricks". Not so original for a name but that's one of my daughter choice. I will continue to prioritize 'deals' with Eurobricks members Thanks
  10. + 10 to JimButcher, it's was also a plaesure to 'deal' with you.
  11. jyves

    2010 Community Build-VOTING

    My vote goes to exotrator for his Cannon foundry I like it for the choice of colour, the 'simplicity' of the building.
  12. Hi all, small update on the list (first page)
  13. Hi all, During the 'unpacking' of my sets for some pictures, I noticed a difference between one of my falcon torso and all the others Is anybody already noticed this difference on Falcon torso print?? The color are mirror on the torso of one of them. I took some pictures to compare. To see on this link 'as soon as public'. http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=424454 Thanks
  14. jyves

    The Untouchables

    'Just' SUPERB