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  1. Hi, I really like this and similar solutions and used it with great results, but I have a follow-up question: Has anyone found a smart way to fit the metal axle to a train wheel with axle hole? (Bricklink part number 55423c01)
  2. HenrikLego

    Brick Train Awards: The Entries Gallery

    I entered in Europe with my Dovregubben-model :)
  3. HenrikLego

    [MOC] BB-8

    Nice! How cool to see another one :D Yeah, I know the LDD-instructions are really, really painful to use... And I also know there are ways the parts usage could have been way more efficient... But for me it was a matter of how much time to use on it. But really glad you managed to complete it. I placed my model on 4 32x32 baseplates where I used some tan brick and plates around it to keep it from rolling away. I also tilted the body and the head a bit so it looks a bit more like he is rolling. You can see an example on it here: My model is currently standing in the office where I work. I have been moving it around a bit and it is certainly a bit of effort to put the sides together, but once together it is pretty stable and it hasen't broken on me yet. :)
  4. HenrikLego

    NSB Type 49 Dovregubben (Mountain King)

    Yeah, that was because of a part of the carriage was placed incorrectly and had trouble when going out of the curve. It was fixed and ran smoothly after the video was shot. :)
  5. HenrikLego

    Motorization question

    Hi again! I got the side rods to work as I wanted, and the motorization as well, kind of... During the first event I was on this weekend the motors got really warm after an hour of operation and it actually stopped and wouldn't go anymore. After some time it started up again. When I got home I started to think about the gearing at the motors. I currently have this configuration (with more parts holding it together of course): Thanks to Sariel's excellent Lego Gear Ratio Calculator it seems this produces the following output: The theoretical output speed will be 346.7 RPM at 7V and 453.4 RPM at 9V. The theoretical output torque will be 3.89 N.cm. But is there anything that would prevent me from swapping the gears here? If I understand Sariel's calculator correctly this will give me the following output: The theoretical output speed will be 124.8 RPM at 7V and 163.2 RPM at 9V. The theoretical output torque will be 10.8 N.cm. Could this cause less stress on my motors? I understand the engine will go slower, but that's no problem.
  6. HenrikLego

    (moc) 9F 2-10-0 Black Prince (Crosti boiler)

    This looks really nice! A lot of very nice details here! Good work!
  7. HenrikLego

    NSB Type 49 Dovregubben (Mountain King)

    Thank you for that! Here is a little video from the first event I attended with Dovregubben. Mountain Brick 2020.
  8. HenrikLego

    NSB Type 49 Dovregubben (Mountain King)

    HI, visited the last of the real engines today. It is exhibited at the National Railway Museum in Hamar.
  9. HenrikLego

    NSB Type 49 Dovregubben (Mountain King)

    Man with a hat: Thanks, the windows are just fitting exactly in there between those door rail plates and the curtains are build using the same structure that holds the wall together. I was quite happy when I got all that to fit together. :) monai: Thanks! Yeah, it's BBB Large wheels that are painted with red hobby paint.
  10. HenrikLego

    NSB Type 49 Dovregubben (Mountain King)

    Thanks to you all. Video: Yeah, I am going to an exhibition this weekend, so I will be posting a video of the set it in the layout we set up there. On my way to the exhibition I will also drop by the Norwegian Railroad Museum at Hamar to get some pictures of the model together with the real engine. :) I can also add a little bit of a back story to this: The Dovre Railway is celebrating 100 years in 2021, and the building of this model was planned to be a part of that celebration. As well as building four railway stations that is found on that railway. Me and three other builders are going to create one station each and a layout together with it that will be ready for the 100 year celebration next year. Maybe there will be time for some more rolling stock as well! A Nohab Di3 would be next on my list if time allows it.
  11. HenrikLego

    NSB Type 49 Dovregubben (Mountain King)

    Thanks a lot. I see I have something to improve on the decals! Will try to look into that. I updated the original post with a photo of the original and some images of the four carriages I have built.
  12. For about three and a halv years ago I started thinking about a model of Dovregubben (the name translates to Mountain King and is named after a troll that rules over Dovre in Henrik Ibsen's Peer Gynt). Dovregubben was the last (and biggest) steam locomotive on the Dovre Railway in Norway. In english the locomotive also goes under the name "The Dovre Giant". Now the model is finished in 1:45 scale. This meens a model on about 49,5cm long, 7cm wide and 9,66cm high. The model consist of about 1.200 parts. It is motorized with two PF L-motors that is inside the boiler. It uses a sBrick (which also sits in the boiler), while the battery box is placed in the tender. It's been a fun and educational build! Here are some pictures, there are more pictures on Flickr if you want to see details:
  13. HenrikLego

    Side rods on small BigBenBricks wheels

    Thanks for all these nice suggestions! Will test them out and come back with a reply once I have tested :)
  14. HenrikLego

    Side rods on small BigBenBricks wheels

    Aha, so like this (just the idea of it, can be better executed of course)?
  15. Has anyone done or seen pictures/video of anyone adding side rods to small BigBenBricks wheels These 17,6 mm wheels. I am building a Lego-model of the Norwegian steam engine Dovregubben and need a way to add side rods to the wheels under the cabin. If anyone has any ideas on how to do this, please share :)