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  1. [MOC] Type 33.01 4-6-4 locomotive

    This looks amazing! There is a lot to digest here, and I might have several questions later, but one pops up right away: How did you do those stickers? I meen the printing/cutting of them. Edit: Ah, I understand now... It's 3D!
  2. Are there anyone who has created a TIE Fighter at about the same scale as the UCS Millennium Falcon? If my calculations are correct the UCS Millennium Falcon is about 1:40 scale, while the 75101 First Order TIE is 1:31,5. The UCS TIE (75095) is about 1:20. So the TIE Moc should then be about 15,75 cm long (back to front on wing) to be 1:40 in scale. I am asking because I am going to build a layout with TIE Fighters together with the UCS Millennium Falcon, and if anyone has done this before it would be great to get some inspiration before I start.
  3. I have tried this out a bit on mac now and really like the way to set up steps from an LXF-file. Brilliant. But is there a way to export high-res, transparent images of the steps themselves? I want to create the instructions using Adobe InDesign, and I can't find a way to export high-res pictures of the step.
  4. [MOC] BB-9E

    Thanks, I haven't fully decided on how yet, but I will make instructions for this. Probably more high quality than last time, and I am taking pre-orders on full kits (more info).
  5. [MOC] BB-9E

    It's been about two years since I made the BB-8 model (large and small version), now I've made a small version of BB-9, and then time will show if I make a large version of this as well. Here are some pictures: There are some more pictures on my Flickr-account (and better resolution). I hope you like it.
  6. This was not the case in the full box I bought. I opened them all up, and found no system in the way they was stored in the box.
  7. [MOC] Boba Fett buildable figure

    Thanks to the both of you, and yes, I agree that the proportions are a bit off with the body and the head. Right now my mind need a bit of time away from the model, but I will look into this in the future and remember your ideas for improvement. Thanks!
  8. Earlier this year Jeremy Bulloch, who played Boba Fett, visited my hometown Fredrikstad (Norway) for a sci-fi festival. I found out I wanted to build a model of Boba Fett and show it to him when he got here. Unfortunately I underestimated the task so the model wasn't 100% complete when he was here (and not at all stable!). But I brought the model anyway and showed it to him (I even got the stand signed!). Here are two photos from that day: Bulloch was really nice and the cinema manager wanted to send him a copy of the model once it was complete. Talk about giving a Lego-builder performance anxiety! I got back home and decided to redesign the structure of the whole model. I got a lot of inspiration looking at other builders way of solving figures like this. Finally, after a few months of testing and trying (hey, I got two small kids), I feel done! Here are some pictures of the completed model: The model is now packed carefully down and will be shipped to mr. Bulloch next week. I can't wait to hear what he thinks of it. My own copy (with the signed stand) will stay in my shelf together with my BB-8, which is the same scale:
  9. [MOC] The EMPIRE STRIKES BACK - Rebel Fleet

    This is absolutely amazing. I love this project!
  10. [WIP] Bricklinking and Building Henrik's BB-8

    I see this is an old thread, but I didn't see it before now. I hope you managed to build it now that you got all the parts. Would be great to see an update.
  11. MOC: The House of Literature - Fredrikstad

    A long time since my last update here, but I am finally done with the design of Storgata 13 and the park next to the House of Literature. Next up now is to gather parts to build it.
  12. New Bricklink Format

    I've used Bricklink since 2008 and I have gotten used to the old way of doing things. As many others here I use the Wanted List option a lot, and after a few days with the new design/workflow I am 100% sure that the changes will make me spend less time ordering parts, and I will probably spend more money on Bricklink. The LDR-import and the auto-find parts from wanted lists in stores is going to save me a lot of time so I can have more time to actually build mocs. I think the update is great!
  13. [MOC] BB-8

    It is so cool to see that you actually finished building the model. We talked a bit before Christmas. I think it is absolutely amazing you finished this. I hope you enjoyed building it. And good luck with the sale!
  14. [MOC] BB-8

    Okay, it took a while, but here is an update on my BB-8 model: Read the full story here (with building instructions): https://medium.com/@hensolberg/my-lego-bb-8-story-10e5dd6be63c#.b19jwq32t Video of the build: