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  1. indyman09

    Expand the Winter Village Contest Voting Thread

    2 points to: Twigman 2 points to: Nieks 1 point to: Jansued
  2. indyman09

    [REVIEW] 7868 Mace Windu's JSF Se

    Thanks for the review. A great set with awesome minifigs.
  3. Well I don't think so, I have an account for almost a year now
  4. indyman09

    12 Days of Star Wars Christmas

    Wonderful. Could you post some pictures of everything separate?
  5. indyman09

    Atlantis non-diving

    Great, just like in that atlantis movie! I love it
  6. indyman09

    The Emperor's Christmas Arrival

    WOOOOW. All minifigs? That's amazing, it looks brilliant
  7. indyman09

    Teutonic Knight

    Wow great fig . The cape is magnificant!
  8. indyman09


    Yeah let's do that. Maybe he's so nice to give everyone who bought something for him one single piece of the set Just joking.
  9. indyman09

    Strike Me Down ...

    Wow great!! The light sabers look like lava sabers because of all the bubbles
  10. indyman09

    The Good The Bad and The Ugly

    Great figs, they are good bad and ugly. Can you give us better pictures of all the separate figures?
  11. indyman09


    It looks good. I think the bad quality picture, it's not bad , give it a very nice space look.
  12. indyman09

    Best 2010 City set?

    The small car. Everyone can afford it + it looks good in everything, not only city's.
  13. indyman09

    Merry Christmas!

    Is he praying for all the bad things he did? Nice scene!
  14. indyman09


    On one day, I had nothing to do, sorry guys . I entered that survey for 20 times, never heard something. Not even a thanks for competeting.
  15. I absolutely agree with you. Well I'm 14 and only my family knows it. My friends knew that I still played with it when I was 12, but after that I always clean up my room before friends are coming. It's not really that I am ashamed for it, I just know people are going to bully me cause the already did that when I was 12. I also don't like to call it playing with Lego, It's just collecting and building with it. But I think if you're 21, like you, you can be open in it. Not everyone has to know it, but your best friends understand it on that age in my opinion. Just try it, and if they don't understand you, maybe they're not the bestest friends in the world By the way: I don't really play with it anymore, just building. Yesterday I bought battle of Alamut, and than you just play a little bit. Fighting with minifigs is always good!