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  1. Hi. I write Ramblingbrick. Just seen the chat here made me realise that I had not confirmed the difference between the carrots and the Unikitty horn here is the carrot (left) next to unikitty horn (Right) it might not be new, but it’s not a unikitty horn.
  2. gasdoc

    BIG LEGO Pirates News!

    This one from jays brick blog was pretty brutal… goats in the build a mini station at the local certified store
  3. The recent LEGO House History Collection tours were extremely popular, and it left me wondering if a fan event dedicated to LEGO History (That is, history of the LEGO Group, bricks, themes, storytelling, etc) would be worth developing. RLFM The Rambling Brick, in conjunction with, is currently investigating what people might want from such an event - probably in 2022: Looking for presentations by Fans - posters, show and tell of artifacts. And is there anyone you would like to hear speak? You can fill in the form until 30th September 2020 here: thanks for your time.
  4. gasdoc

    Vibrant Coral under Blacklight

    Wow! That’s interesting. It looks like different pigments are used in those different elements.
  5. gasdoc

    Vibrant Coral under Blacklight

    The interesting thing with dragon dance is that they are all buried on the inside the model, and hidden from view: its really just a way to get the parts out into the world! I should clarify my statement: by "weird" I am referring to the slight fluorescent glow which it exhibits in sunlight, which I find difficult to capture in a photo. This may, in part be due to my perception, rather than solely related to the pigments used. I agree that it probably has similar pigments to the trans neon elements ( which also meet my definition for looking a 'little weird' in the sunlight.) As for its place in the LEGO palette, I think it is great. As you said, both harmonious and complimentary. It occupies a space on the colour wheel that has not been taken by any LEGO elements in recent years. I was more surprised to see an opaque colour exhibit the fluorescent qualities in the way it does.
  6. The new colour "Vibrant Coral," seen in the 70828 Pop Up Party Bus, and also the 80102 Dragon Dance,looks a little bit weird under natural light. I put it under ultraviolet light to see what would happen. It seems to fluoresce, just like the trans neon colours. Has anyone put the party bus under UV lights?
  7. gasdoc

    REVIEW: 76112 App-Controlled Batmobile

    Thanks for the review: I think this is one I could put on my 'to get' list, especially if the rumoured 'programmability' gets up and running. I love the way that this looks a bit like the Mighty Micros, but at a giant scale: A Mighty Macro! I could see a flotilla of these customised (even modified tracked racers) chasing around a course at an event!
  8. Great overview and exploration. Thanks for sharing your experience
  9. I am late to the party: the use of Red Cross was established at the Geneva Convention to denote medical facilities /personnel/ transport as forbidden targets. This symbol was last used in LEGO sets in 1988. The LEGO interpretation of the Star of Life was first used in 1994. In between, there were some vehicles that just had the words ‘Emergency’ and ‘Ambulance’ written on.
  10. Jim, thanks for a great review. It's now on my 'to get' list. I believe issue you have with glue can be avoided if you use the ebook, rather than the paper version :)
  11. I love the way you took this. I ultimately had this ship fall through a portal and land in Elvendale...
  12. I picked up the Zeppelin, but was a little disappointed with the lack of brass, and well it felt like it should be a little more steampunky. So I got the dragon to add the pearl gold elements (I'm in australia, where the sets have been available a little bit longer) I'm hoping the image magically appears below... Modified #lego ninjag#ninjago #raidzeppelin extras from random #legoelves and #jayselementaldragon to make it a little more #steampunk #toyphotography by Richard Jones, on Flickr
  13. I get what you mean here... I have some alt designs going around in my by actual piece availability...
  14. This is the MOC I created for Brickvention 2015, in Melbourne, Australia. I have used forced perspective, with foreground figures in Miniland Scale, and the background in microscale. The biggest challenges for me were working out how to make Vitruvious' cape (until I found an old belville set in my daughters collection) and to make the sun and flower in the background rotate, and swing back and forth. This was my first technic creation since emerged from the Dark Ages. I do not apologise for the amount of color... but it turns out I used at least 8 different shades of blue! Child's eye view at the Expo Parent's eye view Our heroes The Whale The Duck Microscale Super Secret Police Dropship Microscope Masterbuilder's Submarine
  15. gasdoc

    The Sperm Whale and the bowl of Petunias

    Just the thing for towel day: well played sir!