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  1. Legocityfan

    Fire Truck with Fire Brigade?

    The truck from 60003 will fit; just with some minor modifications. (Moving the plates used for the rotating mechanism two studs forward)
  2. Legocityfan

    Post pictures of your pets!

    First, here is Edward, a six year old cat. Edward was named before we found out here gender (she used to live outside) Secondly, here is Robyn, a 8 month old Afghan Hound puppy. she came from a Puppy Mill in Quebec. She loves bowling pins (we had to get her a set of plastic ones), LEGO, water, and balls (if they bounce)
  3. Legocityfan

    Chipping Faces?

    I recently got one of the PoTC sets and noticed Jack Sparrow's head was chipped, which made me wonder if this happens often in sets? I have circled the area. Sorry for bad photo.
  4. Legocityfan

    Bathrooms and toilets?

    Well here Is the toilet instructions from 10218 if you have the parts that might work
  5. Congratulations the all the winners! It was awesome looking through all the entries!
  6. Legocityfan

    MOD: Sporting Goods Store

    Yeah, I think I might have to try that because I wasn't actually able to find anywhere for baseball bats, ice skates, and hockey sticks. That was my main problem, I couldn't find anywhere for the bikes, so I might make the store wider I will defiantly try that since the red bike actually had to go one stud in front of the rest because of the handlebars. Thanks for the comments everyone!
  7. Legocityfan

    MOD: Sporting Goods Store

    Well I got 7641 in 2009 and last week I decided the Bike Shop might look better with a second floor, so Here it is! The Exterior: Interior: First floor: Second floor: Second floor without minifigures: Additional close-ups:
  8. Legocityfan

    how much time do you spend on LEGO?

    Well, for me it's about 1-3 hours building each day, about 15-20 minutes on Shop@home, anywhere from 2-4 hours on Eurobricks each day, and about 2 hours sorting bricks.
  9. Legocityfan

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    It appears to be from 4853; Spider-Mans Street Chase link
  10. 13/ Attack on the Nile - 3 points 4/ PQ Chess - 2 points 32/ The Final Ruins 2 points Amazing job everyone!!
  11. Legocityfan

    You know you are a fan of Lego when...

    When you see someone mentions getting a new set you instantly go to Wal-mart/LEGO store/Toys 'R' us etc. (Me)
  12. Legocityfan

    LEGO City 2012 - Possible new Fire Truck ideas?

    I would even like to see an investigation vehicle in LEGO like Kingston Fire Rescue FP201: Maybe even a service truck (I don't think this one would ever happen) like KFR service 271 But, the one I mainly would want to see in LEGO is a rescue (KFR rescue 271 used as an example)
  13. Legocityfan

    LEGO City 2012 - Possible new Fire Truck ideas?

    I would personally like to see some like this: But that's just me.
  14. Legocityfan


    Looking at the back of 7498's instructions, I think the new Moon Buggy loks like an Impulse but, it might just be my eyes.