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  1. Hello, I'm planning to go to San Jose in Costa Rica for the wedding of my brother in law. There are 3 LEGO Stores around the city. Which store deserve a visit? I have a LEGO passport I would like to stamp too :) Thanks
  2. Hello, Oh, it's exactly what I want to achieve, but with Java language :) I've already implemented Control Lab (JControlLab : ), then I'm currently working on the PoweredUp Java implementation (JPowUp) All my Java libraries integrate together, included the LEGO Dimensions Toypad (JToyPad ) Nice to see that there are other guys with the same goals ! More information :
  3. brickerik

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    I observed once the same behavior. I'm following with interest this topic, because I'm currently developing a Java-based solution for Powered-Up. I have already a working proof of concept. Thanks to @Mr Hobbles for the job regarding the PUP protocol.
  4. brickerik

    Review: 10233 Horizon Express

    That's already done ;) (HD Video too)
  5. brickerik

    French Comicon.

    Just to add some links ;) - our Pirates diorama last year : - Hogwarts : And for the SteamPunk, we will have, maybe for the first time, real floating rocks ! Looks like we will have lot of fun this year !
  6. brickerik

    City 2010

    A picture for the LEGO Truck 3221 Comes from the shop Le Lutin Rouge
  7. Hi, The page is no more available, and I forgot to download all the Xmas instructions. Did someone keep them or have a direct link to download them somewhere ? Thanks
  8. brickerik

    Xmas instructions (Holiday Shop)

    Great Thank you very much !
  9. brickerik

    Xmas instructions (Holiday Shop)

    You're right. Now I have to wait you find a way to share them :) Temporarily, you may try to upload a zip containing all the pdf on a place like
  10. brickerik

    Fana'Briques 2009

    In French after the English version It's time for the 4th edition! Fana'briques, that's LEGO in all its forms, meeting fans like you, sharing experiences, shopping parts and sets, enjoying your time, snacking and more! This event takes place in Rosheim, Alsace, East of France, the 27th and 28th of June. By passing by and exhibiting, you will find all this but also a public attendance. FanaBriques 09 is organized by Fanabriques association (newly founded) with help from FreeLUG and Ritte Ritte Ross. Event organization is heavy and we might ask you for some (gentle) help. We are trying to offer hosting for exhibitors but there are also hotels, B&B, camp sites all around Rosheim. We offer meals expect for Saturday evening (we are asking 10 euro for adults, 6 for kids) Everybody's welcome, we have 1400 m² exhibition space for you We are advertizing the event and we hope to got 3000 admission fees. This 4th edition is under the basketball game theme. We will place 10 basketball LEGO playsets at public disposal and hope to get BasketBall player sculptures from LEGO company. So if you have ideas on this theme, do not hesitate ! Of course, all other themes are welcome too. Please note that you have to register before the 15th of May. Information and registration at (French, English, German) ------- C’est parti pour une 4ème édition ! Fana’briques, c’est du Lego sous toutes ses formes, des rencontres, des échanges, des magasins, du plaisir, de bons p’tits plats, et plus encore ! Fana’briques se déroule à Rosheim, en Alsace les 27 et 28 juin 2009. En venant exposer, c’est tout cela que vous trouverez mais aussi la rencontre avec le public. Fana’briques 2009 est organisée par l’association Fanabriques (nouvellement créée) en partenariat avec FreeLUG et Ritte Ritte Ross. L’organisation de la manifestation étant gourmande en bonnes volontés, nous vous demanderons peut-être un petit coup de mains. Offrir le gite et le couvert est aussi une des particularités de Fana’briques. Nous pouvons héberger gratuitement une cinquantaine d’exposants (en chambres d’ami, dans la salle d’exposition ou sous votre tente chez l’habitant – choix établi en fonction des demandes de chacun et de nos disponibilités) D’autres possibilités de couchage aux frais de l’exposant sont disponibles sur Rosheim (Hôtel, chambres d’hôtes mais aussi Camping municipal). Côté restauration, tous les repas sont offerts hormis le repas du samedi soir (Prévoir 10 euros, boissons comprises par adulte et 6 euros par enfant) Venez nombreux, nous avons 1400 m2 à mettre à votre disposition ! Nous essayerons d’axer nos efforts aussi sur la communication afin d’atteindre les 3000 spectateurs. Le thème choisi pour cette quatrième édition est le basket ! Une dizaine de terrains de basket Lego seront mis à disposition du public. Nous essayerons d’obtenir de Lego, deux basketteurs taille réelle. Alors si vous avez des idées de réalisation sur ce thème, n’hésitez pas à vous lancer, que ce soit minifig, gbb, technic, etc…. ou même bionicle ! Vous voilà informés de toutes les bonnes choses à découvrir à Rosheim. N’hésitez pas à faire passer ce mail à vos copains afols. Il ne vous reste plus qu’à vous inscrire avant le 15 mai mais le plus tôt est le mieux. Tous les renseignements sont disponibles ici : Partageons notre passion !
  11. brickerik

    Captain's Cabin Contest Voting!

    - Guss : 2 - 74 louloute : 1 - I Scream Clone : 1 - Infomaniac : 1 - Dr Steve : 1 - LegoJoe : 1
  12. brickerik

    Bag building

    Not a set but quite challenging : the link treads from the bulldozer 8275
  13. brickerik

    My Free LEGO has arrived!

    Same here. My sister who lives in UK is still waiting for them.
  14. brickerik

    Pillaging and Liberating (Final)

    Lots of activities in this small part of village ! It's bad that the 6 pics limit doesn't allow to show all the details. However I like the way you did the smoke of the canon, and the brick-built bird too. There are of many other details, but lots of entries with lots of details, it's too difficult to comment everything !
  15. brickerik

    Finders Keepers, Loosers Bleeders (Final)

    Hum, too bloodish for me, but the micro BSB is so cute.
  16. brickerik

    *Finished* - The Pillaging of Neptune's Noggin Lagoon

    Very nice buildings with different building techniques, the "rockhead" is very well done and I like the way you made the pavements. This would be a very cute place for holidays, if those bad pirates were not present !
  17. brickerik

    Die for the King!

    Wow! The ship is really huge and full of nice "skeletal" details. The seamouth is quite horrific, I don't want be at the place of these poor soldiers But I think that a picture of your lovely beach/coast is missing in your selection pics, because you made a wonderful job on this too.
  18. brickerik

    We pillage, we plunder, we rifle and loot...

    It's not frequent to get a "moc by night", so you offer an original creation :) The light and fire effects are really well done. The un-straight harbor is also a nice touch. I like when the things are not always straight in LEGO. You also made a great selection of minifigs. Now what is missing is the music, the cries and laughters, and smell of a strange mix of rum and smoke
  19. brickerik

    Shark Attack!

    I really like the waves as it's a real improvement of the now traditional flat snotted sea. The use of the tails for the stairs is also a really nice idea. Well done !
  20. brickerik

    We want the amazing 4999 Vestas Wind Power Plant!

    Count me in
  21. brickerik

    Pique-nique AFOL le dimanche 5 ao

    (in english at the end) Les beaux jours arrivant enfin sur la r
  22. brickerik

    Golden C-3PO Contest

    I won one too :'-) My entry : I want be gold too
  23. brickerik

    Fana'briques 2007

    Hi everyone, An other event FreeLUG organizes with a local association for bilingualism is Fana'briques, a LEGO exhibition and also an AFOLs meeting. With around 30 participants from France, Belgium and Germany, for the second year, we hope to have a new great success. This event takes place in Rosheim, Alsace, France, close to Strasbourg and the German border, the 30th June and 1st July Opening : Saturday, 30th June : 1.00pm 6.00pm Sunday , 1st July : 9.00am to 5.00pm Bonjour, FreeLUG et Ritte Ritte Ross organisent pour la seconde ann
  24. Hi every one, FreeLUG (the french LUG) organizes its fifth annual summer event. It will take place from the 13th to the 15th July 2007 in Auvergne near Clermont-Ferrand, center of France. You can find more informations about planned activities and location on the dedicated website : [en]. You are welcome to attend and feel free to drop me a line if you need more informations. ------------------------ Bonjour
  25. Hi, FreeLUG members were to the french Toy Fair. We wrote an article (in french) on our website Among the new sets, we can spotlight : the new electrical system with IR remote control, for the Technic bulldozer and the Creator Dino. The electrical plugs are a new system (neither the classical 2x2 nor the new NXT one). A remote control can control 2 motors at the same time, and has 4 different channels (so we can control 8 motors). There is an IR receiver, with also the 4 different channels. the StarWars line : the MTT is really impressive ! The new Jedi Kit Fisto : the castle line : the new arms of skeleton and weapons : Ferrari : the new Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano 1:10 Creator : a new truck EDIT : Due to heavy traffic, please use the following links : North America : Europe : Thanks to people who are mirroring the pictures. Erik