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    MOCs to Move

    My land Rover discovery and RV?
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    WIP buidling

    Something new from me. Didnt published anything in a year, so here is for the first time wip topic.
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    WIP buidling

    Finnaly finished.
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    MOC Advent

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    WIP buidling

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    WIP buidling

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    WIP buidling

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    WIP buidling

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    [MOC] RV

    Hi, a project that stand almost half an year in different closets. Its finished now. I dont know what to say or where to start, so there are few pictures for a start. Gonna post some later. Just ask if u are interested. Sorry for the quality of pictures. Lack of time, camera and space! :) Its kinda, emm... big?
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    [MOC] RV

    Its history now... 14,3 kg 43 studs wide, 40 height, 118 long 18.640 pieces
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    [MOC] RV

    And video, created by my friend, also AFOL (alenvprekrsku)
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    [MOC] RV

    And in nature* IMG_4936 by Andrej Kuzmin, on Flickr IMG_4935 by Andrej Kuzmin, on Flickr IMG_4934 by Andrej Kuzmin, on Flickr IMG_4929 by Andrej Kuzmin, on Flickr IMG_4927 by Andrej Kuzmin, on Flickr IMG_4921 by Andrej Kuzmin, on Flickr IMG_4918 by Andrej Kuzmin, on Flickr IMG_4912 by Andrej Kuzmin, on Flickr IMG_4910 by Andrej Kuzmin, on Flickr IMG_4906 by Andrej Kuzmin, on Flickr IMG_4899 by Andrej Kuzmin, on Flickr IMG_4894 by Andrej Kuzmin, on Flickr IMG_4891 by Andrej Kuzmin, on Flickr IMG_4888 by Andrej Kuzmin, on Flickr IMG_4886 by Andrej Kuzmin, on Flickr IMG_4770 by Andrej Kuzmin, on Flickr
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    [MOC] RV

    Interior: I forgot feel up the fridge!
  14. Chapachuk

    [MOC] RV

    @tibivi; no way anything works! Its kind a display model with as much details as possible. I thing i didnt forget much stuff. This pic tells a lot, why nothing cant work :) And it was only half way build. It weights 14,3 kilos. @Milan; yes , i am not very technical type of person. So the motor and everything else around its my imagination. As is it RV itself. And few more exterior pics: IMG_5042 by Andrej Kuzmin, on Flickr IMG_5043 by Andrej Kuzmin, on Flickr IMG_5037 by Andrej Kuzmin, on Flickr IMG_5030 by Andrej Kuzmin, on Flickr IMG_5026 by Andrej Kuzmin, on Flickr IMG_5022 by Andrej Kuzmin, on Flickr IMG_5019 by Andrej Kuzmin, on Flickr
  15. After few month i finished my largest Model Team creation so far. As i am not very good with technic bricks, this is one of a kind, special edition, only rear wheel drive Land Rover :) Its motorized, working steering and lights, but cause of the weight i didnt connect IR receiver and cables, but its ready to do that. Weight with batteries is over 5000g so it hardly stands on wheels, for that reason there are 16 shocks absorbers, 8 didnt hold the vehicle up. Weight: 5000g Lenght: 553 mm, 70 studs Wide: 264 mm, 34 studs (including mirrors) Height: 260 mm, 33 studs Stickers are temporary, must find better font. More photos and details. A small vignette with the car:
  16. Chapachuk

    MOC Land Rover Discovery 3

    Little late, but, 5100 pieces.
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    MOC Bazinga!

    5 minute creation :)
  18. Hi, the biggest Lego steering wheel is way to small. I need one in diamether about 6-7 studs. Please help with some ideas, i havent any. Thank You
  19. Chapachuk

    [HELP] Big Steering Wheel

    Thank you. Will try to build some decent steering wheel.
  20. 16: 10 1: 6 9: 4 14: 3 11: 2 15: 1
  21. In dark, deep space some lost pirates found abonded Blacktron spacebase. They rearrange the underground and main tower in their unique way and build a ship. The thought the aerodynamic is important in space, so what would be better then a bird? Their main bussines is smuggling rum, at least those two barrels they didn't drink. Pirate uploading rum. There are leftovers of Blactron base in the crater. The pirates use their helmets for a sober up walks in the space. Whats a pirate without a skull?! Driver, using only mind and rum to control this ship. No computers needed. And some rum-bucket gun defense... Laser claws and F.A.R.T. land off motor. Peek in underground. And the only "window" in a captains room. Main elevator tower with sniper guards. It controls every way. (but one hinge is broken, so its needs help from some big extra terrestrial) Control for an elevator. Are you afraid? Low tech elevator to the main "man cave". Underground. Good look in the crater. There are some uniforms of Blacktrons in the boat. And its all messy... Room with a view. Sophisticated wooden toilet There are some visitors now and then... Check the link for some more details: Pictures arent great with that sheets of papers. Sorry. Half of creation fall from a cabinet and it was preety destroyed. I try my best to repair it, there should be much more details and better solutions if this accident didnt happen. Comments welcome. Thank you for your time.
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    MOC Ludo

    I made my own version! More photos:
  23. Its a baseplate with craters from old classic space sets. Mine from 6987.
  24. Chapachuk

    Motorized Bumper Cars

    This imust be great fun. And awesome MOC. Supported.