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  1. RXBandit

    Review Review: 60016 Tanker Truck

    great review, as always. i'm curious why you call one of the other models a "1950s throwback recovery truck". do they not have flatbed wreckers in Europe or am i missing something else?
  2. RXBandit

    Set Review: 6416 Poolside Paradise (34 Pics)

    great review. i had this set when i was little but i always assumed it was "for girls" haha. loved it anyway. i like your dolphin blanket, by the way.
  3. calling all intellectuals and other traitors; rousers of the rabble and the instigators...

  4. RXBandit

    Why don't European boxes have the piece count?

    sorry about that like i said, i searched but i wasn't quite sure what to look for. searching "set piece counts" didn't show me this topic. thanks for the redirect!
  5. RXBandit

    Canadian Eh?

    while i'm sure they are there i've never actually seen a TRU in Saskatoon. my girlfriend's sister lives near one in Regina but i haven't been. i've been in Indigo quite a few times and i've never seen any LEGO there. if it's like the selection at Barnes & Noble here in America, well, that would be sad haha. the only Zellers i've been to is the one in Prince Albert and i didn't see any there either; though it may have just been buried under all the canned goods that expired in the 50s. i love Saskatoon but the lack of LEGO is depressing haha.
  6. RXBandit

    Why don't European boxes have the piece count?

    not sure if this has been discussed in other places (i searched but didn't find anything) or if it's common knowledge that i'm unaware of but i was wondering why some regions/countries have the piece count for a set printed on the box and some do not. is this a legal thing, i.e. governmental regulations dictate that they must clearly state it? is it cultural, maybe some places are less likely to buy without knowing the amount of pieces? maybe LEGO just like to confuse me? and in the places where it doesn't say the count on the front of the box like it does here in the US, is it stated somewhere else; either on the box in fine print or maybe in the instructions? edit: this post made more sense when i posted it as a topic haha.
  7. RXBandit

    Canadian Eh?

    i think i asked this over a year ago and didn't really get any responses but is anyone here from Saskatchewan? my girlfriend is from Prince Albert originally and i spend quite a bit of time in SK, including the entirety of this summer aside from Wal-Mart i don't think i've ever seen LEGO sold anywhere in any of the malls or other stores i've been to there.
  8. RXBandit

    REVIEW: 4644 Marina

    wow! what an incredibly detailed and enormous review. i wish they were all even half as good as this. i honestly don't usually get much satisfaction from City sets as i'm mostly a Technic/Star Wars (and lately Harry Potter) fan but this review has really piqued my interest in this set and i think i'm gonna pick it up next time i go to Target if they have it. anyway, thanks for the fantastic job.
  9. RXBandit

    Stilzkin Bridge Launcher

    just... wow. one of the best i've ever seen.
  10. RXBandit

    Heavy Assault Vehicle/wheeled A6 Juggernaut

    great review! don't think i'll get this, but i don't have any ground vehicles from SW as is. and btw, if you use Firefox and have a few tabs open this review is labeled as "Heavy megablocks"... as i'm remarkably immature (apparently), this amuses me greatly.
  11. RXBandit

    REVIEW: Indiana Jones 7199 The Temple of Doom

    i just wanna say that this is, hands down, the best review on all of EB. oh, and it convinced me to get this set.
  12. RXBandit

    [MOC] Kenworth W900 Rotator

    incredible. simply incredible. i could gust for paragraphs here, but it wouldn't matter, that's almost too amazing for words. i could only wish for that kind of talent.
  13. RXBandit

    2010 Winter Olympics Thread

    what an incredible game that was. i spend a lot of time in Saskatchewan and i wish i was there right now cause i would be bustin balls left and right. fantastic win, i'm quite proud of America (which is rare for me).
  14. RXBandit

    never seen the movies...

    well, i went back and watched again (third time now) and there's a ring when it explodes. my girlfriend wants to watch the next two with me, as she was so surprised at how much i liked A New Hope; if we don't wind up watching it tonight though, i'm gonna watch it by myself or with whoever else will join me.
  15. RXBandit

    [Review] 7191 UCS X-Wing Fighter

    fantastic review. i wish i could justify the prices BrickLink wants for a new version of this. maybe my girlfriend will justify it for me for my birthday (or my next 5 birthdays haha). could you post a huge version of this pic for me, if you get a chance? it'd be much appreciated: thanks again for the great look at this set.