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    LEGO Plan for 2014

    While in the midst of tidy up my lego boxes and polybags...I noticed that i have these as 2013 season scene: 40052 - Spring Time scene 40054 - Summer Scene 40057 - Fall Scene In between there were valentine, Halloween, thanksgiving...But, what about Winter scene? Any clue? Some said it's 40082 or 40083... but these are box set. Or is there NO winter scene polybag?
  2. Birdbird

    Sarlina's Cottage

    Beautiful cottage! How did you manage the angle? Any tips?
  3. Birdbird

    Hello from little red dot...

    Thank you. That's great info! Thanks all... You fm sg too? Maybe shd can consider to meet up for kopi!
  4. Hi all, Thought that the membership was full and had totally forgotten about this site till today...Finally, I can login! Thanks to admin... I had never had any lego set when I was young due to poor family (...beginning of old grandmother story...) when my wife bought her first Lego set from Germany during her business trip for my son beginning if this year... Suddenly, the suppressed beast of AFOL was released! Though, I did not build much, mostly, enjoying watching my son playing with it, I had been collecting many sets since... Help.... I cannot resist! The dark side is too string... I need to get more... My wish list for this year... 1. Winter toy shop 2. Winter bakery 3. Ucs r2d2 4. Ucs XWing Big dreams... 1. Ucs MF 2. Ucs Imperial shuttle 3. Tower bridge 2014 wtb list 1. Modular Persian restaurant 2. Singapore mbs 3. AT-OT 4. Grand Emporium 5. Town hall 6. Pet shop 7. Ucs AT-ST 8. Ucs tie interceptor Btw, my wife is heading down to Berlin next week... Any recommendation where to get lego? (Hoping she can help me to complete my wish list for this year, so I have early Christmas and there is no backlot for 2014) What is the min to claim vat in Germany? Thanks in advance!