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  1. izorn

    Effe's MOC Corner

    I love this one!
  2. You should swap m motors with l ones. M are weak
  3. izorn

    Lego Technic WRX

    I'll show this to my brother, he is in love with Subaru Your moc is really good designed, keep doing good job !
  4. I've counted 12 LBG 5x11 panels D:
  5. This cab is awesome! i really like the lights, keep going
  6. Do i see well, that they're bigger wheels than these in 42009?
  7. The first z20 will slip, because the "frame" is holded by only 2 pins. The pins will go out and you'll have no drive.
  8. izorn

    Go Pro going gone?

    In my opinion, only product that i'll buy is iPod classic. Only worthy product. Everthing else s*cks. Ok that's it for offtopic, I hope they'll make good camera that will cost at least 250-300$ Cuz if more i'll preffer buying GoPro which is really good quality and makes awesome videos
  9. izorn

    WIP Oshkosh 10x10 PLS

    OMG! 200+ minutes ?! What's in this video?
  10. izorn

    WIP Oshkosh 10x10 PLS

    This monster is amazing! Looking forward for progress. Anyway, where is giveaway video ?
  11. If i use 2 outputs for drive (1xl per 1 port) does it count like 2 functions? Because i want to deliver more power to motors.
  12. Why?! I wanted to build the same type of vehicle, like you. Damn. So i need to place one more function to my tatra :D
  13. But You can have 4 functions in your model, no more, no less. Read the rules.
  14. Anybody can tell how to create my own profile? I'm on Android
  15. Here is MacPherson strut suspension for my new project, Subaru SVX. lxf Please tell me how to make pics in LDD w/o background