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    70701 Swarm Interceptor

    I'd thought of doing a video review for 70701. Click on
  2. Hey guys. Here is my very first post on Eurobricks. It is about the set 6864 The Batmobile And The Two Face Chase. When I first got this set, it was by mail. I found myself a HUGE box for the whole set. It's actually pretty awesome. Now, I didn't get to do an unboxing, so I'm just going to do a review. First off this set contains 531 pieces, 5 minifigures, and it costed about $50. But $50 for a box this big is so worth it! The set contains 4 numbered bags and 2 instruction books. Here the minifigs are all together. ( from left to right: Guard, Batman, Henchman #1, Henchman #2, Two-Face ) Here is the safe. Much like the money inside it, it is green. Here is the epic Batmobile and down there is the two-colored armored truck. This was built with bags #1 and #2. This is the bag #3 build. This bank was built with bag #4. Guard: Come on. Let's move it. Two-Face: LET ME GO! @#$#%#$! Batman: Colorful language will get you nowhere, you criminal scum. Here, Two-Face steals the safe on his two-colored armor truck. Here is the missile shooter. Red is a great choice of color for the tips of these missiles, isn't it? However ( below ) it seems that these missiles are uncoordinated. Batman: Seriously? Two-Face: DANG IT!! Here's Two-Face's little coin. ( It has a decal printed on it, but my cruddy camera wasn't able to show it. ) The two images below Batman in front of his Batmobile, then inside his Batmobile. Below are the missiles of the Batmobile. Transparent orange is a pretty good color as well, right? Sorry, the correct answer was "Not as much". The front-and-side views of the exhaust flames: Let's see the front view of the bank...: ....and the inside: ...then there's the side of the bank....: ....the side of the bank has this switch. Let's see what it does: and *POP!* goes the windows, enabling Two-Face to steal the safe! This set also contains a brick seperator! It was very useful for building the Batmobile. OVERALL: 12.5/15 Minifigures: 4/5 The minifigures were pretty awesome, and I liked the Two-Face minifigure, but I really think that the original 2006 Two-Face is better. Build: 4/5 Good for a need for many black and beige pieces. However the build for Two-Face's truck was not as great as the 2006 build only because of its coloring. This is orange-and-purple, meanwhile the 2006 build is grey-and-white. I did not have trouble applying the sticker decals. But when I opened the box for Bag #4, I found that the big grey plate was a little bent. Pricing: 4.5/5 The price, $50, is pretty reasonable for a set with a box as big as this! But the bags, instructions, and stickers, however, could fit in a slightly smaller box. I also think that splitting the instructions into two parts was a good idea because I think that printing it all as one book would have made the entire set cost more. That's all for now!
  3. I'm sorry but I can't see the images
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    Review: 70701 Swarm Interceptor

    I have this set too. You didn't apply the stickers, but I did, like I do with all my sets.
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    MOC - Black Velvet Cafe and Accountant's Offices

    That's actually pretty cool. Nice job!
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    6864 The Batmobile and the Two-Face Chase

    oh. Okay. For my next Super Heroes set, I'll put it there.