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  1. Hey everyone. Amazing post and amazing blog. I am in Italy and I have discovered at my girlfriend's house a full Barracuda set. The only thing lacking is the box, so I wanted to make sure I have all the pieces. Obviously I am leaving everything intact and selling it for a good price, since, although I am a Lego fan, I'm not a pirate system fan. I always prefered to build spaceships and cars. Now I design them with the app. Anyway my quesiton is, does any one have an idea of how many small packages came in the box ? In the European version all the small pieces are divided and contained in small transparent plastic bags or packages with tiny holes. I don't want to open them since they are proof that the brickset is new, so I can't count all the bricks to make sure it's full. Does anyone know, then, how many plastic bags come in the box ? Thanks for your answer, and I can ship the boat to the US if you're interested ! It has shooting cannons ... ; )