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  1. Hi guys I’m interested in finding 2-3 AFOLs who are also professional translators from EN > DE. Are you one? Or do you know any other AFOL who is? I may have a very interesting project in the works and need some professional input and participation. If you are interested, please contact me here on the forum - I'm sure you won't be disapointed :)
  2. LarsBjerrum

    [MOC] TIE Interceptor (UCS size)

    Absolutely beautiful build!
  3. LarsBjerrum

    Episode V - Carbon Freeze Chamber Diorama

    Very nice mock! Keep on building!
  4. LarsBjerrum

    Scale 1:1 Facehugger

    OMG it is awsome! Great work!
  5. LarsBjerrum

    Police "Rabbit"

    Devid, your rabbit is AWSOME!
  6. LarsBjerrum

    Any musically talented folks on here?

    Hi all :) Nice to read that so many other LEGO fans play music, too! I am the bass player in the Danish cover band FOR THE RECORD. I've been playing bass since I was 12 years old and with For The Record we play at office parties, weddings etc.
  7. LarsBjerrum

    Members on the map

    Aarhus, Denmark :)
  8. LarsBjerrum

    What to do when bored?

    I guess I'll see if any interesting teams are playing in the Premier League or go plays some music...
  9. LarsBjerrum


    Anyone else have a great passion for Football Manager? I guess you can call this PC game one of my hobbies... I've been hooked at this PC game since 1999 :-P Hi, what kind of music do you play live? Is is original or cover music? I play cover music myself (bass) :)
  10. LarsBjerrum

    What are you listening to?

    I LOVE music :) At the moment one of my favorite songs is Hey Love by the Danish band Quadron. Absolutely stuning single with a great mix of that old school soul feeling and the more modern electronic sound. I hope you like it :)
  11. LarsBjerrum

    Greetings from Denmark

    Thank you for the greeting and the advice, Eurotrash - I will create a post in the community thread :)
  12. LarsBjerrum

    Greetings from Denmark

    Hello everyone! My name is Lars and I am all new in this forum. I have a very special agenda for being here - which I hope is allowed in this forum, since I couldn't find anything about it in the guidelines. Please, inform me, if I am out of line :) I am interested in getting in touch with AFOLs with an interest in the localisation / translation business. Preferably, I am looking for 2-3 AFOLs who are working as professional translators from English (EN) to German (DE) I may have a very interesting upcoming project... sounds interesting, right? If you are interested, please contact me here on the forum. Kind regards Lars Bjerrum