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  1. Members of DixieLUG are starting to build MOCs of Atlanta buildings for our public displays. This is my contribution. And here is the window design, it doesn't matter that the brackets are two studs deep since it won't have an interior. The most interesting thing about this build is the amount of color variation in lime green; it's all over the place. LOL
  2. gotoAndLego

    [MOC] Contemporary house (modular)

    Hilarious, love it.
  3. gotoAndLego

    [MOC] Once upon a book

    Obviously it's all good, but a great use of jumpers and tiles to achieve small depth increases and I like the stacked 1x1 plates on either side of the windows. Curious why you used paint brushes instead of short axles to reverse the 2x2 round plates under the roof top.
  4. gotoAndLego

    Can you make a Tie road plate into a straight? 60236

    Have you checked the price of straights on Bricklink?
  5. gotoAndLego

    Does Bricklink have this Brickowl feature?

    Thanks. All this time and I've never clicked on Items for sale. LOL
  6. This came up as I introduced someone to BL and she immediately had this issue; admittedly I might not know how to do it on BL. On BO, once you are on the screen for a specific part there is a list of actual prices for stores; from there a single click gets you to that part on that store to which you can add to cart. Does BL allow you to easily compare real (not price histories) prices and quickly buy?
  7. gotoAndLego

    Themes LEGO should discontinue

    IMO, the last big cool spaceship was 5974 Glactic Enforcer in 2009, but I liked the Same Police 3 sets not to mention the Alien Conquest stuff was super cool.
  8. gotoAndLego

    Lego is dropping behind dragon designs

    I think what's being discussed is, in Star Wars set terms, the desire for a UCS dragon set vs a playset dragon. I agree that would be cool but I think Ideas is the only avenue a UCS dragon would be produced through; just look at the upcoming Medieval Backsmith Ideas set vs Next Knights.
  9. gotoAndLego

    Attachments -- and how to delete them

    Thanks. Yeah I uploaded those before I realized how little space there was. Been using Flickr since.
  10. gotoAndLego

    8-tall brick built windows and door.

    Why use a few parts when you can use a lot. :D
  11. gotoAndLego

    Attachments -- and how to delete them

    It says they are in these two posts. minismall.jpg No... my attachments.
  12. gotoAndLego

    Attachments -- and how to delete them

    Wherever Eurobricks keeps them.
  13. gotoAndLego

    Attachments -- and how to delete them

    It does seem kind of ridiculous that you can't delete attachments from the attachments screen.
  14. gotoAndLego

    Attachments -- and how to delete them

    I've tried deleting my two attachments by clicking on their post links, but here are the issues I have. 1. The photo doesn't appear in my actual post so I can't delete it. 2. The thread is closed so I can't edit my post to delete it. I authorize any mod to delete all of the attachments in my account.
  15. gotoAndLego

    Ballabreek 2020

    Cant wait for the next update.
  16. gotoAndLego

    [MOC] The Village of Southwestishshire

    I like all the angles and levels you have. The worn steps leading to the gate and church/castle are great.
  17. gotoAndLego

    Ballabreek 2020

    Great little story.
  18. gotoAndLego

    Is 8w or 9w closer to minifigure scale?

    Just rebuild to the scale you want to match, or make a second one at that scale.
  19. gotoAndLego

    [MOD/MOC] 75172 Y-Wing "Comet"

    I remember Anakin’s Y-Wing from Clone Wars was modern and clean looking.
  20. gotoAndLego

    Custom Lego city NO MODULARS: Soltown

    Nice update, thanks for posting.
  21. gotoAndLego

    [MOC] Department store

    Just looked at some photos of the real building, you did a great job recreating it.
  22. gotoAndLego

    Custom Lego city NO MODULARS: Soltown

    If the plug is cool to the touch when behind it then you really don't need to worry about it.
  23. gotoAndLego

    [MOC] Big Blocks Fine Autos

    Your 240 is very nice.
  24. gotoAndLego

    Custom Lego city NO MODULARS: Soltown

    Was going to say that hiding the outlet that way was great.
  25. gotoAndLego

    [MOC] Department store

    Fantastic building, nice and modern without being a cube.