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  1. [MOC] There's a new family owned pizzeria in town.

    It would probably work better on the end of a row of big modulars.
  2. Another steam engine which is visually different beyond a color change would be cool, but I don't want something which is just a re-release of the EN. I would prefer a new Santa-Fe style engine utilizing the newer techniques as opposed to just a re-do of the old set. Imagine it with the metallic silver color instead of just grey.
  3. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    The Sanctum looks to be in scale with the smaller, regular Creator 3-1 buildings like 31065 Townhouse. Not the bigger Creator Expert buildings.
  4. I hope not. I would prefer a new Creator Expert train compared to just redoing the old ones; a Mallard instead of an EN. Even if they released EN, for example, I doubt it would have the same green printed tiles which means you might as well Bricklink one with a different color. You would also run into an issue with only having a single car so to get a longer train you would still need to buy multiple sets which gives you multiple engines and tenders. Even older legacy trains are simpler designs and therefore easier to BrickLink. A Power Function version of a 9V train wouldn't even be the exact same model so it wouldn't even be an accurate recreation. What I would like Lego to do is make it easier to buy individual cars like they did with Santa Fe.
  5. French Empire models

    I think the Petite Malmaison is my favorite. The enclosed garden is very well done and I just like the asymmetry of the two sides.
  6. My take is that it fits. Lots of towns have Christmas festivals with things for the parents and kids to do. The carousel is part of the festival/event, and the rest of that set works with the concept; there is no reason why it needs to be in the center of the town, but rather in a side open field area. If you are going to argue that it is not realistic for a village to have a Carousel, then how many towns have a frozen pond in them and how many towns actually have Santa's workshop in them? The workshop could be modified into a "Take a photo with Santa" booth, which would fit better with an actual town. IMO the Cottage is the set which doesn't fit because it doesn't match the scale of the rest of the buildings. When compared to the other buildings, it is too large to be a cottage. But this kind of thing doesn't bother me because I don't want the winter village to be realistic like I do the Modulars; if I did all the village residents would have frozen to death due to their houses being open to the elements.
  7. [MOC] Brick CIty Brewery

    I like it. The interesting, irregular shape really adds to an otherwise squarish town.
  8. Lego 10260 Downtown Diner XL MOD

    Doubled up like that, I think it would look good as an end-cap, taking the place of two corner modulars (like Brick Bank and Grand Emporium, for example) placed at the end of a 64 x ### row of buildings. Of course it would need to be centered on two 32x32 baseplates. You could mod the back so the tan apartment build touched the sides other modulars.
  9. [MOC] Mr. Groove's Pet Shop (Modular Building)

    I think it looks really good and would fit in scale with the smaller Creator 3-1 buildings. I particularly like the ladder pieces which separate the floors on the blue house.
  10. [MOC] Modular Florentine Steakhouse & Butchery

    I have to say that's beautiful.
  11. Don't Understand Brick Bank Hate

    In my photos you can also see that I increased the height of the DO’s Blue third floor by one brick. I didn’t like that it looked shorter than the blue second floor.
  12. [MOD] Parisian Restaurant full 32-width

    Looks very nice; the increase size is well done. I think your BrickBank is going to need to be taller.
  13. [MOC] St. Peter and St. Paul's Church

    How many people would spend the $1000 to $1500 to buy a set? The Falcon has way more of a cult-following and the general reaction is that it is borderline too expensive.
  14. Don't Understand Brick Bank Hate

    Nope. I didn’t change the roof or door. Besides the windows and textured column bricks, most people should have the bricks required for this mod in their collection. What’s funny is that I bought the extra windows before I even got the set because I knew I’d want to make it that much taller.