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  1. gotoAndLego

    [MOC] 21st Century Man

    Great job on the jacket zipper.
  2. gotoAndLego

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    There was a Boutique Hotel video which discussed the inspirations for it and its design process, but I can't find it anymore. For a while our LUG incorporated the NC sets in our public displays. We have water tables which sit lower than our regular tables and those sets integrate well if they are on the lower tables with their second level walkway being level with the modular baseplates. Even if there is a little height difference, you can just build some steps that lead up to the NC walkways.
  3. gotoAndLego

    [MOC] Midi-scale Republic Gunship

    Looks great and I like how you have piles as well, very clever. I also like how your wing guns don't look like they can hold soldiers; its a mistake the sets also make. I made that mistake when I made mine years ago, making the wing guns and side guns identical.
  4. gotoAndLego

    [MOC] barneius industries M-68 Hot Rod

    I like the paint rollers for spark plug wires.
  5. gotoAndLego

    [MOC] The Meguro river with cherry blossoms

    Very nice. I like everything about it.
  6. gotoAndLego

    [MOC] Pizza Taxi

    Perfect for getting the Pizza there on time otherwise the CEO has to come apologize in person.
  7. gotoAndLego

    Modular Pizzeria & Post Office (MOC)

    Looks good, but I think the Post Office needs a sign. Maybe perpendicular to the facade so it's different forms he Pizza sign. I like the Photocopier/Xerox in the Post Office. What is the dark gray thing with curved sides on the light blue counter?
  8. gotoAndLego

    [MMM] Mr. Walley Ices

    Super cute, love it.
  9. gotoAndLego

    [MOC] 84 - a winning train deserves a bridge at its height

    Really nice, Like the the foot bridge down below and the ladders.
  10. gotoAndLego

    [MOC] The french Grand Hotel

    Fantastic work, very grand indeed. I like the 1x2 ingots for the rear balcony floor.
  11. gotoAndLego

    [MOC] Bookshelf Library V3

    I think I fiddled with version 2 for a little less than a year.
  12. gotoAndLego

    [MOC] Bookshelf Library V3

    Thanks. the dome is removable to show this:
  13. gotoAndLego

    [MOC] Bookshelf Library V3

    Its primarily made from 1x2 plates to create the shape.
  14. Good job on the dollar sign.