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  1. gotoAndLego

    [MOC] AT-TE and LAAT/i in 1:125 scale

    One suggestion I’d make is that the wing ball laser-turrets didn’t hold a person so they shouldn’t be be transparent.
  2. There are plenty of photos, you should try building it yourself using all the available images. Parm might even take some additional photos of parts you cant figure out. Great model by the way.
  3. gotoAndLego

    [MOC] AT-TE and LAAT/i in 1:125 scale

    I did the same thing around 10 years ago; I ended up building a midi-scale LAAT/c after building both an LAAT/i and AT-TE. But yours is excellent.
  4. gotoAndLego

    [Opinion] Review of the new road plates system (2021)

    MY only problem with new road plates is that there are no curves.
  5. gotoAndLego

    Updates to my LEGO City

    Great updates, keep posting them.
  6. I hope they can secure it during rough seas. 😁 Very true, you cant get better if you never start.
  7. gotoAndLego

    [LEGO Ideas] Crown Dominion Fortress

    I think it’s a really cool design and the first Lego version of this fort I’ve seen; I like it in the traditional white, yellow, and red colors. Most are variations on the squarish set forts and outposts. On the sloped ramp, did you try raising the last 2x2x3 slope one brick?
  8. gotoAndLego

    MOC Intrepid 375 at the scale 1:40

    Both ships are great, can we see more shots of the helicopter?
  9. gotoAndLego

    [MOC] Reinhardt

    Very cool. The wedge plates are a great way to cover the open knee joints. What are the shoulder pads and how do they attach?
  10. I picked up a damaged box set from my Lego store with a big enough hole in it. Does anyone have the complete box contents so I can request replacements from Lego if necessary?
  11. gotoAndLego

    [MOC] Small Art Gallery - Modular

    Looks good with the Book Shop set. I like the lights by the front door. Interior is great.
  12. gotoAndLego

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Sure but so is a boat. Neither would make a good modular building set.
  13. gotoAndLego

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Not sure why people want an inverted corner set; the front facade would be very small and you would have a lot of bland exposed sides and back.
  14. gotoAndLego

    Ballabreek 2020

    Happy Christmas Greg, great updates as always.
  15. gotoAndLego

    WIP: 33 Thomas Street aka Titanpointe

    Really great job I think you've captured the architecture well.