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  1. -GZ-

    MOC: France

    Nice thing made with respect and love for the country. The 'stereorypes' look beautiful and nice, and the whole MOC has its own style. The best variant for an Embassy competition!
  2. -GZ-

    MOC: Steampunk trio

    I've just seen these ones (probably because I had no access to the Internet when you posted them), and they are perfect! Even the faces are wonderful (though they are very simple due to the size), not to mention everything else where new connector parts are used instead of bionicle things.
  3. Great review as usual, WhiteFang! I was really happy to read another episode of your CMF\MF Review Series. Unfortunately I'm not really familiar wih the Simpsons, though I see some episodes occasionaly (but have no opportunity to do it more regulary and so I have no real opinion of them). As Lego things, these minifigures are beautifully detailed, they have the same fascinating style as other recent series. Not sure wheter I'll go to buy them all (well probably no, if only I won't face a box of them in my local store occasionally). But I'm going to get Itchy, Scratchy, mr Burns and probably Bart or Apu simply to own some of these new unusual parts.
  4. -GZ-

    Tribute to Exo-Force

    These would be perfect set for new Exo-Force collection... I remember it was one of my favorite LEGO themes.
  5. -GZ-

    MOC: Modular Coffee bar

    There're lots of wonderful details and decorative elements, I just like how you made all the pediments using racers pieces and Bionicle hands)) Also the outdoor cafe is very beautiful.
  6. -GZ-

    MOC City of Copenhagen

    Very beautiful, detailed and I believe accurate map\plan of a city! That's simply great, one of things I always wanted to see in bricks. Unbelievable!
  7. -GZ-

    My CMF display

    I love your display - very creative use of lots of these "collector's lists"! I tried to display my figs in much the same way using a large baseplate, but it all looked very plain because I haven't got the sme background idea. Now my nearly-ful basic collection (withough mr.Gold&Olympics&yet not all from TLM) has its own shelf inside a large bookshelf with glass doors.
  8. -GZ-

    MOC: Avde

    Wonderful psychodelic thing and the story. Though I haven't really understood whether this thing appears as one creature with a kind of a matoran-shaped-and-talking organ (the idea I like), or the matoran is a kind of hallutination made by the black monster? Anyway, Matoran's construction is clever, and black creature is simply fantastic. I can't speak Finnish at all to find out more about the real story, but it seems to me that Klaanon is a kind of new spin on an old Bionicle universe (which unfortunately 'ended' for me, but now I see somebody still add new dimensions to this world, though they're quite odd))
  9. -GZ-

    Nordana Castle, Great Hall

    The Great hall building with all the deails is both lovely and magnfigent! The shape of the gothic house with a red roof is beautiful, and I especially like these windows!
  10. -GZ-

    EB Xmas Raffle 2013: Now on!

    I can't believe it, but I've finally got it! The wonderful Prize D with Max Rebo and some other rare SW figs! Thanks to CopMike and whole Eurobricks community! By the way, I also want to know why there's a picture of a funny chicken on this great box.) It was a bit late\too early for Easter))
  11. I'm not a fan of teddy bears, but that bunny looks really cute!
  12. -GZ-

    EB Xmas Raffle 2013: Now on!

    Now I'm among the winners with my odd-looking horse pictured inside Day 10 'box' and Prize D! I'd be very happy to get Max Rebo as long as other SW figs. Many thanks to CopMike and the whole EB community for this wonderful raffle!
  13. -GZ-

    [MOC] Small Siheyuan in Beijing style.

    I remember visiting old streets of Beijing last year - that looks very realistic! I particulary adore the roof and traditional Chinese ornaments - they're amazingly recognizable for such a size!
  14. -GZ-

    Review: 79011 Dol Guldur Ambush

    I still have no LOTR orcs, no red leaves, I obviously have no Beorn... By the way I have neither spare money nor place on my shelf, but this set looks too nice after all... Thanks for the review!
  15. -GZ-

    MOC: Terracotta Army

    Great idea for an official Architecture set - well-known, recognisable, monochrome and contain lots of similar parts. Though it should be smaller to fit a box) Remember visiting Xi'an last year... The only thing the MOC needs are some broken statues, some 1x1 round plates and so on to imitate them.