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  1. Mmm okay... Maybe you should use a few more emoticons for us thick Klingons who take everything seriously. But Riker hasn't played at all. He never started the game. Regardless of his alignment he will probably be replaced at the end of the day, because neither Town or Scum should be punished for him not showing up.
  2. Why would you be worried about being associated with Beverly, if you're pretty sure she's Town and we'll know her alignment by tomorrow, at this rate?
  3. Ok... what have we learnt so far?  Captain Jean-Luc Picard - Kristel Super sensitive to actual or perceived suspicions directed at him or in his general direction. Voted Geordi because couldn't see his eyes, then Bev because she's acting scummy. Commander William T. Riker - Lady K Number One, where are you? Could be scum or town, inactivity isn't a real tell. Lieutenant Commander Data - Trekkie99 Voted Riker to wake him up, never switched since. Oh wait, he just did. Switched to Beverly because he's a dick. Can't blame him. Is this bandwagoning or working towards nailing a lynch? I guess only time will tell. Lieutenant Commander Geordi LaForge - KotZ Voted Wesley to wake him up, then switched to Riker. He's really our champion alarm clock. Of the opinion that we should get rid of Riker because he's a useless commander. Lieutenant Commander Beverly Crusher - mostlytechnic Poke vote for Picard, then switched to Riker because scum try to fly under the radar. Lieutenant Commander Deanna Troi - Hinckley Went from laid back to uber active. Voted Geordi mostly because of metagaming, then switched to Bev because I'm persuasive and she secretly loves me and we're going to have a romance in a few seasons. Lieutenant Worf - Fugazi Voted Beverly because she doesn't make much sense. He also loves himself because no one else does. Ensign Wesley Crusher - Pandora  Still waiting for him to save the day. Voted Worf because Worf gets no break, then switched to Picard because unrequited love he's being super sensitive.
  4. PM one of the Staff instead, I don't believe the message box is monitored on a regular basis.
  5. In a game with no night actions whatsoever, how is a no-lynch ever going to help Town? There's no new information to be gained by stalling. Of course, a no-lynch wouldn't help Scum either, unless... unless they already knew that they would get a night kill as a reward. If Riker is Scum, sending him out the airlock would put Scum at a serious disadvantage. I think the role would be passed on to someone else. On the other hand, if Riker is Town voting for him when he's no longer in the game anyway means giving up on the information provided by the alignment reveal tomorrow. How is that useful?
  6. You too? You would rather lynch someone who's not showing up, probably for personal reasons unrelated to the game, rather than Beverly "who is acting scummy as hell" ? How does that make any sense?
  7. Are you looking for a substitute host?
  8. Totally so, Mr Scummypants! Now that you're acting natural again, I just can't keep my vote on you. Deliberately bad logic? Wut? OMG it was a trap! You're right, it wasn't needed. Aren't you being overly careful here? Like in, making sure you don't stick out from the pack... Don't worry, everything is random and character bios don't have a bearing on player alignment. This must be your first game here. Yes, always a winning strategy. We all know scum don't really pay attention to the game and are so afraid to slip up that they would rather not speak at all. Ok, this is all really fishy. Unvote: red shirt (Hinckley) Vote: blue shirt (mostlytechnic) Nah, the show is actually called "Star Trek: Nobody Likes Klingons With Bald Heads And Four Nostrils". But I digress.
  9. Wait a minute, can we extend the day by 24 hours once every day, or once in the whole game? I thought the former but I see how it could go either way.
  10. We need to lynch a red shirt, because red shirts are expendable. Uh wait, wrong century, this is the Next Generation. I will vote: Lieutenant Commander Deanna Troi (Hinckley). She's way too laid-back today, she is probably plotting and scheming on the scum board as we speak. And then she kind of has a red shirt too.
  11. This is a silly game. When this Q returns, I'm going to slice his head off and send the rest out of the airlock. With your permission, sir. Maybe he's immortal, but that won't stop me from trying. In the meantime, as head of security I say we get started on this investigation. The sooner we find the scum the sooner we put an end to this stupid child play and get back to our actual mission. Now everybody, get talking. We won't get anywhere without the cooperation of all hands.
  12. Lieutenant Worf ready for action. Death the the Q scum, they have no honour.
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    @Toastie I'm trying out a little update for the old timers tag, let me know which one you like the most!
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  17. I love Trek. I don't really have the time to play mafia. Count me in.
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    Any old Lego store display photos?

    Man, those top photos are ... Shelves full of brand new Classic Space, Castle, Fabuland... <faints>
  19. Wow, thanks for the extensive recap with all the crunchy details, Hinck! I'm working long hours these days so I won't have time for a long post until tomorrow night but it's nice to read more about what was going on behind the scenes and what people were thinking. Me investigating Tameekys while Marwyyn was protecting him was just a bit of lack of coordination on our part. Marwyyn used to send in his actions right away, and if we had a different plan we would ask him to switch his target and protect someone else. That night I just didn't have the time, it was sloppy of me but I just let it go. Like the day we allowed Zandder to lynch himself while Eeyara kept her vote on him. In the end, it served us well because a no-lynch would have sunk Town. But we should have been able to lynch Luxxon instead. Oh and there's one night action missing there: on night 4, I tracked Marwyyn using an invention. Because the Town block had been built not on investigation results but basically on blind trust, by day 4 we had to double back and solidify our bases, because paranoia was starting to get at us. At me, anyway! Up until almost the very end I couldn't bring myself to fully trust Nancy or Eeyara, expecting something bad to happen, even though they were the two people I had claimed to right after I investigated Coralaaze! Eeyara was busy/unwell and couldn't reply to my PMs quickly enough, and I had to choose a second confidante just in case Eeyara turned out to be Scum/Traitor after all.
  20. Good thing you did! What were the roles scum chose to start with?
  21. So... what did happen on night 1? Did someone block me, or was it something else?
  22. Ha, that explains a lot! Changing the win condition was only fair to Kristel, but I don't think anyone would have believed her trying to explain a rule change in the middle of the game. I'm happy with the inclusion of the role, it added more dynamics to the game and a challenge for Town to figure out what this role was about and whether the Traveler was an ally or not.