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    How to find UK LUG?

    Great, thanks ILikePi! I kind of assumed it would be called UK LUG
  2. Fugazi

    Prince of Persia 2010

    Indeed, the image is from the back of a 2010 catalogue that came with the January LEGO Club magazine in the UK, possibly elsewhere as well. The minifigs are CG but the palace is definitely the real thing, brick-built. The style is so different from the other announced sets that I can't believe it will be an official release. Besides it's so full of stickers it's disgusting! The expected sets seem to be pretty much devoid of stickers. There is no other mention of PoP sets in the catalog though, so this ad seems to be intended for the release of the sets themselves? Some random trivia: I don't know if it's obvious on the scan but the right tower in the background has been raised on a non-LEGO white cylinder, to improve the picture.
  3. My dark age started maybe 15 years ago, when I left my parents house to live with flatmates and at I the time I (probably rightly!) felt they would laugh at me for having LEGO bins in my bedroom! And well, I also thought I had exhausted the potential of the bricks. I was young and naive! Still for the next 15 years I kept ordering catalogues, pestering about the uninspiring new sets, drooling at the better ones, indulging in the occasional McDonalds promotional set... Until recently when I stumbled by chance on the Neo Classic Space website and was amazed at the levels of intricacy and realism of what could be done when talented people put their minds and heart to LEGO building. It really was an eye opener for me, and lightning struck on that day! In all truth, I'm not totally out of my dark age yet, as my bricks are 5000 miles away at my parents place, and they're not coming here anytime soon. However I do plan to buy some new sets this year and start MOCing! I look forward to sharing all of that with you guys and gals.
  4. Fugazi

    Is your member number a set number?

    Yeah thanks :) It seems like it's the only way to find out!
  5. Fugazi

    Is your member number a set number?

    So I'm no set at all... yet! Hopefully the way TLG are numbering sets now (ie randomly filling gaps) I will have a set real soon. I predict Power Miners or Agents 2.0, but it could turn out to be something completely different of course.