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    Lego Grand Emporium 10211 - Time Lapse

    Excellent video, very enjoyable! I'm amazed at how you managed to build whole floors without moving the base plate even a slight bit, I know I couldn't!
  2. I think many people are worried about plastic quality, there have been a few disappointments in the recent past. I for one won't bother collecting the new minifigures if the plastic feels like 6-digit set number stuff. I certainly won't buy a whole box before sampling one or two individual minifigs, or reading early reviews from people here on Eurobricks!
  3. Good analysis! It will be very interesting to see if the rarity factor will help or hinder army builders. Will the army-building minifigs be easier or harder to find than the average? If for instance the Greek Hoplite were also harder to find than the other minifigs, it would reach unbelievable Bricklink prices. I believe they were taken at the Nuremberg Toy Fair.
  4. Fugazi

    Review: 3177 Small Car

    Awesome review for a great little set! Too bad it can't be built-in-a-bag! But I must say this minifig wins the contest for 2010's most unfashionable outfit. A businessman with white/blue hoodie and green trousers?
  5. Parts/price ratio is foremost for me... as I don't really play nor keep sets in their original shape, I always keep in mind how a specific set of parts will help me in my future town/train layout. So usefulness of parts and good price come first. Also, minifigs and accessories are a selling point for me, as new torsoes and hairstyles are difficult to MOC myself! Accordingly, playability and building techniques matter very little to me.
  6. Yeah, I understand this increases collectability (is that a word?) but IMHO they're shooting themselves in the foot. Will they have to create new slightly different molds if they ever want to bring back say the cheerleader pom-poms in the future? Anyway, is it truly confirmed that the accessories won't ever be brought back?
  7. Mime? How can you tell? Compliling all the previous posts, we have: - 70s like guy with black curly hair - singer (F) - weightlifter - vampire - Ancient Greek soldier - Mexican with Sombrero - skier - Baywatch life-guard (F) - mime?? - ringmaster And those we haven't seen yet: - judo fighter (with a great detail: a mini-trophy that looks like a mini-figure) - witch (F) - Pharao - surfer - thief That makes 15, almost all are accounted for! However a very low ratio of feminine (F) minifigs so far
  8. True, although they may eventually reuse some of the molds within the collectible minifigure series... For instance, clown's hair and afro hair look like the same part. Personally, I think it's a shame if they restrict the new accessories and prints to collectible minigures, regular themes would benefit so much from a little more variety! Perhaps over time TLG will change their mind, after all there's no written promise anywhere that they can't do it.
  9. They all look great, I hope so much that the quality will be on par with regular minifigs! I wonder if the maracas are painted turkey legs?
  10. Fugazi

    My afternoon...

    I'm impressed... It looks like this rare and very wide windshield makes a comeback in Grand Emporium -- used for the skylight I presume. It hasn't been seen in a set since 1999!
  11. Fugazi

    My afternoon...

    The mannequin minifigs have printed heads! Two extra pairs of trousers!
  12. Well this gives me hope that the quality of the minifigs may be better than what I expected! This also means that pictures of the second batch could surface pretty soon on the Internet!
  13. This sounds like a great selection, thanks for the details! Do you have any details about the quality of the plastic, do they look like normal minifigs or keychain Chinese quality?
  14. Fugazi

    My afternoon...

    140GBP for Grand Emporium??! I hope it's a joke, some sort of pre-introductory price or something! Can't imagine they would charge 40% more for less pieces than Green Grocer or Fire Brigade! Were the other Cafe Corner series as expensive at first?? Oh and thanks for the review though, I look forward to it!
  15. Argh... Must get insurance for my Lego collection
  16. Likewise, I love all the parts in non-standard colours (ie not the colours of my youth). Especially the earth tones that allow for great landscaping and realistic building colours. And this plant:
  17. Fugazi

    Average age on EB

    Going through the User Pictures thread, I started feeling very old! I don't mind having lots of young AFOLs around, even some TFOLs, but I was wondering, are there any older AFOLs here as well? Being curious, I thought that someone with the authority to do so could start a poll about the age of the members, and it would be totally anonymous of course. It could be something like this: What's your age: Less than 18 18-20 21-24 25-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60+ Any interest in this? Maybe it has been done before, I checked through about 20 pages of community threads but couldn't bring myself to go through the whole list of 77 pages!
  18. Fugazi

    save £30 uk discount code

    Could you please let us know when you get your sets, whether the transaction went smoothly and they didn't end up charging you for more? Also, I wonder if the code works twice.
  19. Fugazi

    Average age on EB

    You're right, now that you mention it I just found one such thread. I thought that doing it in the form of a poll would keep things anonymous and it wouldn't put some of the younger members in danger
  20. Fugazi

    MOC: V202 Locomotive of Rurtalbahn

    Love it! Your MOC really captures the lines of the prototype very well. I don't know much about German railways, but it's a nice model.
  21. I don't have any problem with breaking up sets and mixing parts, I usually build a set only once for fun then it all goes into the Great Vortex Of MOC Potential. But I rarely mix minifig parts, for some reason I like to keep them as is to remind me of the sets they originally came with. I do remember though of modding some of my early astronauts with torso stickers from my 6000 Idea Book (back when I was younger!) when their Space logo faded away.
  22. Fugazi

    save £30 uk discount code

    It may work for you, but it would help to know how (where) you found out about your code (newspaper, web...?). From the Terms and conditions:
  23. Fugazi

    MOC: Lusitania Trenhotel (Talgo)

    Well done! I'm still trying to figure out how the articulation works (I'm really a beginner at this) but it seems to serve its function very well. The whole train together is very impressive.
  24. Fugazi

    EB Advent Calendar Raffle 2009

    Amazing prizes! I'm getting a head start on my Christmas MOC for this year right away!
  25. Fugazi

    9 Year Old Suspended because of "LEGO" Gun

    Wow, talk about an overreaction! Imagine if it had been one of those replica life-size Lego guns... the poor lad would have been sent to Guantanamo by now!