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  1. Legeaux

    Lateen Rigged Corsair 'Adroit Main'

    You did? From my first post in this thread:
  2. Legeaux

    Lateen Rigged Corsair 'Adroit Main'

    That's the colour they come in! 8-( (From the 4894 creator dragon set)
  3. Legeaux

    Armed Sidewheeler 'Guerre de Roue'

    A bit. Although the analogy is not quite right, as the car almost certainly generated the power for the battery in the first place. Possibly more like coasting downhill, but again, not quite right either. A bit new? Definitely. For me too. I built it primarily as something interesting to do with the narrow hulls, it certainly doesn't fit the the timeline or 'story' of Port Brique. I even wondered if I should post it here! And the Guerre de Roue certainly provides a contrast to the other vessels in port at the moment.
  4. Legeaux

    Armed Sidewheeler 'Guerre de Roue'

    Yes. There is two studs clearance between the guns - I would have liked smaller guns, but didn't have any 3x2 wedges in red. :( Originally, I had armed her with only one gun each side (one forward, one aft), but I decided she looked better with pairs, despite the clearance-for-recoil issue. I based it on the memory I had of a model I saw at the Australian National Maritime Museum (in the USA Gallery). I am embarrassed to admit that I don't even recall her name. I'll see what I can do. ;) Thanks! Thanks for the compliments. As for sails (which Captain Roger suggested too), a vessel like this, if on a short voyage (or one dominated by headwinds), would likely sail with bare spars. However, a set of furled sails would probably add to the appearance (even brick build Constitution-style sails might look okay). Definitely. They may not even be on the spars, but they would definitely be carried. A vessel like this may even spend time under both steam and sail, given the right conditions.
  5. 29c Ahoy all, A little advanced technology from the shipwrights of Port Brique, the Guerre de Roue: More pics here, post moderation. The Guerre de Roue was built out of parts on hand, and you can probably tell a few areas where I was scraping the bottom of the parts barrel... I find narrow hulls a bit of challenge to build well with, but a mid 19th century sidewheeeler can use the narrowness of the hulls well. As always, comments and criticisms welcome.
  6. Legeaux

    Lateen Rigged Corsair 'Adroit Main'

    Keep them until the urge overtakes me to build something new with the parts. The oldest vessel in Port Brique is about five years old now... but some don't last nearly that long.
  7. 29a Ahoy all, A new vessel in the waters of Port Brique... and not a friendly one this time! The lateen rigged corsair, the Adroit Main, has been raiding merchant shipping... More pics here, post moderation. A bit of an experiment with the 10-wide hull sections, a traditional style on a small vessel, an exotic rig, and a pair of dragon wings as sails! As always, happy for any comment or suggestions. (This one definitely doesn't float ;-) )
  8. Legeaux

    Merchant Brig 'Nonlibre Billet'

    Yes. But you can get pretty piratey without... I was seeing how far. (And I think you can go a lot further, but probably not with that hull ;))
  9. Legeaux

    Allied forces (all against Napoleon)

    If you're in need of cheaper headgear for Napoleonic soldiers, there's always the car-tyre busby: (I haven't met a LEGO fan yet who doesn't have a few spare tyres...)
  10. Legeaux

    Merchant Brig 'Nonlibre Billet'

    Simply put, I hoped it would look better (more 'piratey' I guess) than it did. It's too long, too narrow and too tall. I really hoped to be able to widen the hull a bit, but the hull geometry doesn't match standard LEGO geometry very well (eg the sides of the hull are off-vertical, but they are far more vertical than a tall slope). The design limitations I used were simple - no pirate parts. (Just to see if it could be done). It is... I borrowed the calico sails from l'Ambassador Rouge for the pics, but didn't have a gaff sail/spanker to suit (and didn't want to modify one either). That's the one! And the fireboat set provides a reasonable number of 2x2x2 tall slopes - a most useful piece for ship building. No, it just means the superstructure is way too heavy for the bouancy of the hull. Not directly, but things can be attached by way of a technic axle and parts - the motor that comes with the fireboat set attaches to the hull via a technic axle included in the motor moulding. Well, that is the nature of speculations ;-) Um, no, not the least because I don't have a bath tub. :-D However, I have observed the performance of the fireboat model in a swimming pool, and I can compare how much the Nonlibre Billet weighs compared to the standard model, and I can conclude to my complete satisfaction that it is too heavy to float, in any reasonable way. Bouancy is about mass and volume - what the Nonlibre Billet needs is more volume, not more mass.
  11. Legeaux

    Merchant Brig 'Nonlibre Billet'

    I don't think more weights would make the Nonlibre Billet float, but they might make it sink the right way up. ;) Thanks for the welcome back, too. I'll have some more vessels to share soon.
  12. Legeaux

    HMS Charlie

    I like the way you used the fences on the stern gallery windows... so often when fences are used they look like, well, fences. Breaking them up into smaller panes with the 2x1 (with 1 stud?) plates works really well.
  13. 20a Ahoy all, I've been absent from these waters for a while, but the shipwrights have been busy at their trade, so I present the merchant brig, Nonlibre Billet: More pics here, post moderation. It didn't quite turn out as well as I hoped, but I did impose some fairly tight design limitations... anyway, I'd be pleased to hear any comments or suggestions for improvements. (Incidentally, I haven't tested it, but I'm reasonably certain it doesn't float - at least, not the right way up ;))
  14. Legeaux

    Need Help on a Bomb vessel.

    I think the airport engine is too big, but YMMV. The mortars on my two current bomb ketches are garbage cans. The most recent is the Bloviator. My first bomb ketch, the Fantine was originally armed with a 4x4 round mortar, but has since been rearmed with a pair of 2x2 mortars (sorry, no pics available of the new configuration).
  15. Legeaux

    Pirate LEGO Hulls

    Cool then! I've never used hot glue with Lego... but if it's not damaging, and is easy to remove from Lego, I think I might try it sometime. (I don't think you can beat hot glue for speed of cure combined with removability).