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  1. Faron

    [MOC] Bastion Nerdly

    For this year's Nerdvember Contest I decided to build Bastion from Overwatch styled as a Nerdly!
  2. Faron

    Submerged Ruins

    This MOC is was inspired by the flooded ruins scattered across the Zelda Breath of the Wild map.
  3. Built for the 2017 Summer Jousts' Homestead CategoryThis build was heavily inspired by The Champions Retreat from "Forge of Empires". I took lots of artistic freedom to make it fit my aesthetic.
  4. Faron

    Concerning Hobbits

    This is very nicely done! I like the splashing fish effect
  5. Faron

    [MOC] Hammerhead Garage

    Hammerhead is a popular rest stop for those traveling west from the Crown City, Insomnia. Unfortunately for Prince Noctis and company, their car didn't quite make it forcing them to push it the rest of the way. ~~~~ Thank you to everyone who helped me finish this MOC up. Your input was invaluable.
  6. Faron

    [MOC] Wall-E Nerdly

    My entry for the Nerdvember 2016 contest on Flickr. Hope you enjoy!
  7. Faron

    Cerulean Chapel

    My contribution to the InnovaLUG #YeOldMerryBattleground display at BFVA this year. Check out the https://innovalug.com/ tomorrow for a display overview.
  8. Faron

    Hostile Takeover

    The peaceful people of the Otawa have never been much involved with regional politics. But when their small town proves a strategic location for a group of bandit's new hideout, a massacre commences...
  9. Faron


    Thank you! Thanks! it was a pain to build. Yes, they are LEGO fiber optic cables Thank you so much!
  10. Faron


    I've never heard of FMA, so any similarities are not intentional
  11. Faron


    Despite losing their license years ago due to malpractice, this family of alchemists continues to conduct business under the table, with orders up to their eyeballs. Their most recent endeavor is to create the magus opus, colloquially known as the philosopher’s stone. Although there have been several failed attempts their hopes are still high
  12. 16) Series 8 - Cheerleader Entry (Build by Leopold) - 1 Point 41) Series 12 - Fairytale Princess Entry (Build by soccerkid6) - 1 Point 46) Series 12 - Video Game Guy Entry (Build by Graham Gidman) - 1 Point
  13. 15) Clumsy Guy Entry (Build by tornado) - 1 Point 27) Kendo Fighter Entry (Build by Artizan) - 1 Point 60) Frightening Knight Entry (Build by Graham Gidman) - 1 Point
  14. Faron

    Zunari's Shop

    I do plan on doing more Windfall building and environments based off of the entire game. Im happy you noticed the safe! I knew I had to include it despite only fans knowing the reference.
  15. My second entry for round 1.5 of the ABS Challenge The seed part, the lime green telephone is used 11 times in this build for the toes, feet and eye sockets of the mama and baby chameleon. Also the body of the butterfly. Hope you all like it!