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  1. Sorien Guard

    Community Build: Dark Seedy Riverside Alley

    ooo rats! I didn't even think of that great call
  2. "Wait what's this," Scarlet queries as she looks over a newly place wanted poster. Jonathan ignores her more interested in the Dark Seedy Alley, Riverside no less, to his left. FREAK-OUT! "Um Jon," Scarlets voice starts to rise, "That man's twin must be a pirate because he's on this poster." (That's right Jon, your sister's hair isn't naturally Auburn) Sergeant McPlate alway knew the deal - and he never was one to shy away from one. (Bribery shmibery, its just part of the free market) Even the pirates have to watch out for pirates. Theft from above! This Alley is pirate turf, right underneath one of the towns many flags flies another more sinister flag, marking a hoard of booty and gold. And with Sergeant McPlate in their pocket for a few coins tossed his way this is one treasure trove the redcoats may never find. Dark Seedy Riverside Alley indeed! And the aerial shot for the map Until next time -Sorien
  3. Sorien Guard

    The Eurobricks Reviewers Academy

    Sign me up for this! I need all the help I can get when it come to photography skills (or lack there-of) -Sorien
  4. Sorien Guard

    Tribute to Yukiyú

    Very nice! I love the rock under the bridge white band - ingenious! The man kneeling is spot on as well - Sorien
  5. Sorien Guard

    MOC: Monkey Hook Island

    Yeah I've just got back into Lego collecting and it's the one set from the pirate line I have 2 of. I'm trying keep at least one of every pirate theme I get together. As for being busy, yeah I'm still trying to find the balance between enough figs to tell a story without hiding the build itself The crocodile is as Tereglith said on his own side. Monkey is after all a delicacy in these parts. The hook could prove painful though.Over all I'm pleased with it as a beginner MoC as I build my collection. Just ordered my first Bricklin order today! so I can tryout some SNOT water! Thanks for the feedback guys -Sorien
  6. Sorien Guard

    2010 Community Build

    I'd like to take a stab at 45. Dark Seedy Riverside Alley
  7. Sorien Guard

    MOC: Monkey Hook Island

    Taking the duo less then seriously was the first mistake. Ignoring the Monkey with a hook for a hand climbing the outer wall with a stick of dynamite was the last mistake. And so the moral of Monkey Hook Island will forever live on in the minds of red coats across the Spanish Main. Because to ignore a band of pirates with guts enough to attack a fort with nothing but a tub and a gimpy monkey is stupidity at its finest. Any pointers would be more them welcome. I realize a number of things including the photography is not the best and I was limited to what bricks I have (notice the gray stud under the imperial's foot) but none the less I'm anxious to learn.