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  1. KringlesBricks

    My Lego Town Layout Neu-Brickstadt

    Very, very, very nice build and layout. I'm sure A LOT of time and bricks went into it has lots of cool details. Really love the way the park looks and the path is unique and different. You made me want to get back to building up my city...which I have been neglecting for a month now. Build-on!!
  2. My advice would be pick a theme and go from there. I set limits for certain things. I am currently building up a Lego City layout (in a 12ft x 10ft room) and a majority of my bricks are coming from Bricklink lately. I only stick with the City Theme. If I don't stick to that one theme, then I'll blow my budget and have "useless" sets that sit and collect dust I cannot incorporate into my city. 2 Types of Budgets 1. Bricklink and PaB Wall: I try to keep it at $100 per month on average combined. If I go over that month, then I'll cut it short the following month (and vise versa) 2. I only collect the Creator/Expert Sets that fit into a city layout. So, on average with 1 new modular city building and one Expert Set per year my budget is $500. For Bricklink and PaB Wall pieces it's about $1200 per year. I've been doing more Modding then set building lately.
  3. KringlesBricks

    Modular Corner Neighborhood

    Very clean looking. Nice job! I know what you mean by off and think of more ways to add more detail and to tweak...and then having places to buy bricks doesn't help either with the addiction of MOC'ing haha.
  4. KringlesBricks

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Just went to my local Lego store this morning...and they currently only have the blue plane out for the model. They have to wait for the plane to sell out first...then they can put out the elephant pieces :sad: I was really wanting to grab a bunch of those stud on the side brick. I did get a bunch of the 2x2 white slope piece.
  5. KringlesBricks

    So Did Anybody Else Skip Their Dark Ages?

    Ever since i was 7, I've been playing and building Lego. I started with DUPLO...and then went into Lego with the smaller sets my parents got me for taking naps and doing well in school. Then, it was mostly buying and building the 2,000 piece plus sets and putting them on my shelf in my room once I got older. I never went through a Dark-age, and don't plan to. I didn't have a lot of sets when I was between the age of 7 and 13, cause my parents only allowed us to get a number of sets a year. It's when I starting working at age 14 is when I started buying my own sets...and building my collection. I'm 32 now and still building. My very first building experience was this fire engine my dad got my for my birthday at age 7 in 1990ish. He sat on the floor with me putting it together with me...memories. The Blue plane was given to me by my grandparents at age 8,9.
  6. KringlesBricks

    What was your first major City/Town building?

    Those were my favorite sets!! Something about that little plane I was so attached to. I flew that little blue plane all over the living room and on road trips, ha-ha!!
  7. KringlesBricks

    10251 Brick Bank

    Added into the city square...the Town Hall has a neighbor. The Brick Bank actually helps blend in the Town Hall now Went back to the original arches; but, led the 1x2x2 arches on the side with the big window.
  8. KringlesBricks

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Anyone check out and get the new pieces yet?? I haven't had a chance to hit my store today... I went last week and they haven't received the instructions yet to put the pieces out
  9. KringlesBricks

    MOC: Train Station - the Musee d'Orsay in Paris

    Wow...that's one huge station! Are you going to fill it with details??
  10. KringlesBricks

    10251 Brick Bank

    LegoSjaak....I really like the look of 3 windows on both sides...and that's a big bank! I'm curious what the second floor is going to look like... You have plans what you are going to fill that open space with between the 2 vaults? I switched the arches back to the original arches that came with the set...was not feeling it after a few days.
  11. KringlesBricks

    10251 Brick Bank

    Brick Bank 95% complete. Now it's to tackle the Laundry Matt...but, that's for a little while. I need a small break as this was a bit of a challenge. I used A LOT of my own bricks on top of the 2 sets to make it come out like this.
  12. KringlesBricks

    My Tree House

    Amazing!! So B-e-a-u-tiful!
  13. KringlesBricks

    10251 Brick Bank

    Progress on combining 2 sets: It's been a bit of a challenge for the first floor. I made a Vault Manager Office in place of the Laundry Matt. Still a ways to go Looks like I'll have to get 2 of these 1x2x3 arches in Light Blue Grey to make the larger window on the side work... with the other arches...{}
  14. KringlesBricks

    10251 Brick Bank

    Just picked up 2 of these at my local store. I am, too, going to build the laundry matt as a separate modular and expand the bank on the 32x32 baseplate. The lady at the store gave me a weird why are you buying 2 of these, ha-ha! Then I told her my plan. On a side note, they have all the new pieces for the wall...for the new mini-builds. They are just waiting on the instructions
  15. KringlesBricks

    10246 Detective's Office

    I finally got around to putting my Detective Office together this past week...did one floor each night. I tried something a little different and flipped the design to match up to the side of the Fire Brigade.