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  1. [MOC] Lady Vader and her Femtroopers

    I am terrified but also really intrigued... please continue...
  2. Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    I would want another arc 170 (original) that fighter was absolutely golden.
  3. What does everyone like to do with the Lego sets they buy?

    I have a few younger siblings around the ages of 10. They love my lego collections and they get kind of sad when I rip apart anything to make/design MOCs. The ones I have kept assembled are certain jewels I find like the LAAT/c gunship and AT OT (though I really don't like the AT OT much but my sisters find them a nice play set. I kept the republic attack shuttle but modded it to have more seats at the expense of the flick fires. I've also kept the sith infiltrator (new one) simply because it looks cool. Mainly the reason I keep the models assembled is so I can play lego with my sisters. They really enjoy it since "I'm tall and I can make space battles fun". The one model I cannot see myself disassembling though is the republic frigate. I have modded it to be longer and slightly wider for play but it's a jewel I think I will never want to take apart. I recently took apart my clone turbo (the first edition). I really didn't like it much and I don't think my sisters were too interested in stuff that has wheels.
  4. Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    I figured they had something to do with the head. I was seriously thinking it was some sort of knife clones put on their heads.
  5. Which set should I buy?

    Thanks for the review bro. I think I'll buy it
  6. Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    In the republic attack frigate, there are two pieces in the set that look like small-ish bullets. At first I thought they were commando knives for Wolffe but I realised no one in the GAR carries knives. What are these magic little pieces?
  7. Which set should I buy?

    I'm thinking of buying the Umbaran 75013 set but I don't know if it's worth the price. It's about 500RMB (~81 USD). I might be lucky and find it at the some Lego stores here in town but usually they are much higher than the website I use. I'm still not quite sure if I really want it though. The minifigs that come with the set look awesome and the vehicle looks pretty sweet. Can anyone shed some light onto what I will be buying? Pros, cons, that kind of stuff.
  8. Favourite Minifig of all time: Obi-Wan My least favourite is not necessarily a minifigure in particular but the Phase 2 trooper design. I find that the phase I trooper armor looked better because it had a kind of classic/grand look.
  9. What're your favorite and least favorite Star Wars sets?

    My favourite set has to be the Republic Attack Shuttle. Although the minifigs were a bit random, would have liked to see Rex and/or Ahsoka instead of Windu. It was overall by far my favourite set all around. My least favourite has to be... the original clone turbo. I just found the build and the entire model a little overrated.
  10. LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    these sets seems pretty mediocre. I was really hoping they'd do a remake of the venator or some other capital ship. Would've been awesome and really fitting for the opening of the new year and like EP 3, the opening scene.
  11. Show Your Army, Navy, and Collection Display

    I think they are the same thing. The LAAT/v can be suited towards carrying smaller vehicles such as speeders and whatnot but otherwise they function the same.
  12. Why no official LEGO store in Asia?

    I can't exactly say I know what the difference is but I am pretty sure they are legit Lego stores. Afterall TLG is opening a new office in Shanghai soon so there's bound to be official stores popping up all over. Just a curious question. I always order my Lego online over at Amazon or Taobao (Chinese Ebay), I was wondering whether buying from an official store would be any cheaper?
  13. LEGO Cuusoo projects of interest

    I supported Torsenfreund's Harrower-class Dreadnought recently. I thought it was really well planned MOC that could show TLG a thing or two about making appropriate cruisers and capital ships. In all honesty though, even if it were to make it to 10,000 supporters I don't thinking TLG would publish it because it doesn't fit with the current vision of star wars lego. If anything, I would want TLG to notice the avaliable space on the inside while still being able to make a grand exterior.
  14. I would of liked to see a more Y-wing kind of design on the engines. The flick fires stick out a bit and that really bugged me so I removed the launch ability keeping them there just for decoration. I thought the green transparent studs near the engines were a little strange and off colour so I switched it around with a blue stud. All in all, it's a pretty good set. I liked the minifigs and unnamed republic trooper that's probably supposed to be Jace Malcom.
  15. The Old Republic (SWTOR): Views on current and future sets

    I have the 9497 and I have to say it's pretty great. I've been thinking whether or not I should buy the Defender because Lego really didn't do a great job on it. The interior is seriously lacking and it just seems a bit dull.