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  1. Hello,this is my first post on Eurobricks , so don't expect it to be too good. Today i made an off-road chasis with the following things : >1 piston engine >suspended chassis >sorry but no steering cause i don't have the required parts to make the front wheel also drive >4WD no pictures because it wont allow
  2. even i have have tried to use LDD , its a pain in the back
  3. nice cars i'm a lamborghini fan so great
  4. Lego Hydraulics

    cool idea of the brick-built cylinders
  5. looks like a cool offroader
  6. 8880 blue pneumatic hose connectors
  7. i am still in my 'dark age' i'm ten years old and have been waiting for a lego set for more than 5 1/2 months the set i got was 4430 it was before this darkage
  8. How to AWD Steering?

    you can use a rear live axle and then make a front steering using the u-joints
  9. they are made that way "were"
  10. Scania R560 V8 'Black Pearl'

    what will happen if it falls down ? still, great model
  11. 9395 Tow Truck

    you also have to move a few axles actually you have to move a few bricks to make a tandem axle this is to TechnicFreak