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  1. is buying rather than building. Help him stop!

  2. Review: 3849 Orient Bazaar

    Excellent review and great help for deciding what to buy (this is going to be two boxes or more).
  3. MOC: Kowe'on Sanctuary

    Great model! You manage to make it come alive as well as being very detailed. I would love to see the inside as well although I've already seen your answer on that topic
  4. New MOC: Peligrad Castle

    Excellent work. Everything is great. Both the overall look and feel of the model as well as the attention to detail. Very nice photos too! I acctually thought the first thumbnail (outdoors, looking up) was from the real castle.
  5. Great tip, thank you!
  6. How innovative are LEGO users?

    Survey completed. I hope you get a lot of input!
  7. Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Great tips. Instead of acctually sorting I spend my time here reading about the same... I've just begun sorting my bricks and taking sets apart. I've got some of the 30 drawer cabinets from Clas Ohlson for storing and a bunch of ice-cream and cookie boxes for sorting and storing larger bricks. The smaller parts are quite simple to store in the above mentioned cabinets or tackle-boxes. My concern however is how to store bigger parts and parts that you end up with a lot of (like, say, 1x4): wings, plates and so on. I'm thinking about sorting according to what kind of MOCs I would like to build ATM. Must say that sorting is quite a fun part of the LEGO hobby too, even though it causes a lot of unnecessary brooding...
  8. The Eurobricks Reviewers Academy

    I would really like to join the Reviewers Academy too. I have quite a few sets laying around, many of them brand new. I also now some about handling a camera (I own an SLR as well as a tripod for it). Thank you in advance, sweMezza
  9. One point each for: 24) Robot Entry (Build by alex54) 27) Wrestler Entry (Build by Diidy) 35) Robot Entry (Build by Колпак) But everyone did a real good job!
  10. What did you buy today?

    Today I bought 5522: Golden Anniversary Set. Didn't think you could find those anymore. Also picked up 2 3182: Airport and 1st 7195: Ambush In Cairo ordered from S@H. 3182 because it has been very cheap for a while (for us in sweden at least) and 7195 because I didn't have any sets from Indiana Jones. This set has some great figures in a reasonable cheap set (also, I think it might disappear soon).
  11. LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    I really have been looking forward to see more of the SD. Loved the Midi-scale falcon and will get this as well. I agree with the rest about the shuttle, looks quite amazing! I know what to wish for this christmas
  12. What did you buy today?

    Bought 7948 and 7950 from the new Kingdoms series. I don't have all the sets in the series but aim to. This will be the first series I really try to complete!
  13. REVIEW: White Boba Fett polybag

    I attended the very same event CopMike is talking about (yes, as one of the AFOLs from swebrick). It was great to receive the White Boba but I do admit it looks quite boring. I'm more curious about why a white Boba Fett was made in the first place. Seems more like a test of the mold than anything else.
  14. Very useful, thank you for your hard work!