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    8296 - any opinions?

    Makes me think of set 854, one of the first sets i owned
  2. schermvlieger

    [LDD Idea] Spinning Gyroscope

    The discs will spin in their own plane because one of the axles is fixated to the disc, while the other is fixated to the frame, or to the bigger disc.
  3. schermvlieger

    What did you buy today?

    The postman brought me Parisian Restaurant today. Now i am trying to decide whether to open up the box or to keep it in storage to sell on in a while..
  4. schermvlieger

    Review: 10679 Pirate Treasure Hunt

    My 3 year old son and I played for an hour straight with this set yesterday, and he was having such a great time. And, he can take the rowboat with him when he takes a bath... What else than top marks for that, especially considering the price.
  5. schermvlieger

    Review: 70413 The Brick Bounty

    Thanks for the nice review, Dreamweb! I do like this ship, but then again this is my first pirate set ever, and have only the online reviews of its predecessors to compare it with. I did however find it odd that the jolly roger is attached to the stern instead of flyingg from the highest mast, and placed it up there instead. There"ll be some other small modificatios to make, especially to the sails and the rigging, but for the rest i think this model is pretty good. I don't mind the open cabin so much and the problem with the cannon sticking through the ports and keeping the shutters from closing completely was easily remedied. I'm looking forward to your next review, hopefully of a still to be released complementary set in this pirates wave that will blow everybodies socks off :-)
  6. schermvlieger

    REVIEW: 60014 - Coast Guard Patrol

    Great review! I've been eyeing this set ever since you posted this review and it convinced me to buy it today :-) Can't wait to put it together with my son and see him play with it in the bath!
  7. schermvlieger

    EB Xmas Raffle 2013: Now on!

    Thanks CopMike for the excitement and fun of this raffle and for the prize!
  8. schermvlieger

    Pneumatic Clamp Excavator 42006

    That looks very nice indeed; I'd love to see some more pictures of the whole thing now it has the clamp on it; like action shots :-)
  9. schermvlieger

    Random quick car question for the Europeans amongst us...

    interesting to see the americans are not adapting to the downward trend seen in the other countries on that graph
  10. Yes it is one of these; the second one.Thanks for finding it! I whish i had the other one as well to make a proper airplane with it :-)
  11. I have a single white wing piece that is 4x8 and has a rounded corner (3x3 studs) area. The bottom has square holes, only located directly opposite to the studs; there are no center holes like you'll find in normal plates these days. I have no idea where this piece comes from and could not find it in the brickset database. I also have a large yellow 21-tooth gear that is 8 studs in diameter, and some printed parts from an old space-themed set, including something that resembles a large tv-screen with a rocket about to be launched to the moon. That space-set is almost complete but i did some nasty things to the base-plates when I was in my early teens and the minifigures are not in very good shape either, unfortunately. [edit]yes i am that old haha[/edit]
  12. schermvlieger

    MOC: PF Pannier Tank Engine

    I think it looks marvellous! It would be such a nice companion to my little shunter; would you like to share the instructions in an LDD file or series of pictures? I'll do the same with my engine...
  13. schermvlieger

    Linear Actuators VS Pneumatics

    I prefer pneumatics too, for all the reasons mentioned by twentyleggedhen
  14. schermvlieger

    EB Xmas Raffle 2013

    Here's my little Christmas angel, hanging from it's own tree
  15. schermvlieger

    MOC: PF Pannier Tank Engine

    Looks very nice! Are you going to run the wire to the over the roof? I think the windows are cute!