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  1. j3tang

    FS: Lego 10177 Boeing 787

    I've totally forgotten about this, but this set is still sitting in my basement .. still sealed. Maybe now is a good time to purchase it as a Christmas present! SOLD!
  2. j3tang

    FS: Lego 10177 Boeing 787

    a bit late of a response, but yes I am still selling this. I don't check in the thread too often, especially when it's no longer on the first page :) Always best to PM me instead. And as mentioned before, I'd consider trades as well, but I'd prefer to do this locally with cash.
  3. j3tang

    Modified 8264 Alternate

    I know of Han's drawbar trailer, but I would love to see this come to fruition as well. I also find my 8258 incomplete without a flatbed :) On a slightly different note, has anyone come across MOC/Instructions removing the PF from the 8264 A or B? I've got use for the LA (and might as well remove the M-motor as well) and want to salvage it from this model.
  4. j3tang

    FS: Lego 10177 Boeing 787

    Any other offers, I'd really like to move this. I get the feeling people are expecting a huge price tag on it, but I'm not intending to make a killing on it, otherwise I would have listed it on ebay :) I just want it sold for a reasonable price as long as you can cover shipping.
  5. j3tang

    FS: Lego 10177 Boeing 787

    I've gotten inquiries from a couple interested board members, but nothing settled. Shipping will be crazy expensive because I'm in Canada, so I'd like to keep this open to North Americans only. I'm willing to trade for Trains stuff too. I'm interested in Santa Fe cars (preferred 10022), TTX 10170.
  6. I've got a set of the Boeing 787 (set #10177) that I purchased years ago. I've been buying more and more Lego and I don't have the room to even store these sets anymore, let alone build and display it. I'm anal about my toys and packaging so the box is in as mint condition as can be! It's still sealed, unopened. If anyone is interested in it, please PM me. Feedback: Cybertron | Heatware | RedFlagDeals | HowardForums | Ebay | Head-Fi | KidRobot
  7. j3tang

    Custom Bogey/Truck for Santa Fe?

    Sorry for misleading you (and anyone else in the process), what I had originally typed in that edited post was another question about locating parts list and instructions for James Mathis' El Capitan cars. I've since found that information in his Brickshelf folder. No, I haven't actually found a good solution to the OP. I would definitely share it if I did :)
  8. j3tang

    Custom Bogey/Truck for Santa Fe?

    I've used those only on the undercarriage and have accumulated enough of them over some time at much less than the $2 they're at now. I've also substituted them with 1 x 2 x 1 1/3 with Curved Top bricks for the roof. They are 1/3 higher than the original ones, but there are a few areas where you can shave 1/3 off from the height of the train. At the moment, the concern are just the wheels. I see a few that are slightly more than what you've found them for, but I'm just not sure if they are worth that kinda money. Hence the search for an alternative design :D edit ... nevermind, found what I was looking for :)
  9. j3tang

    Custom Bogey/Truck for Santa Fe?

    I am aware of what's in railbricks. thanks like I said, I'm not crazy about replacing the grey with the black wheel holders. I've done some searching before on brickshelf and MOC pages, but nothing jumps out at me. i'll keep trying those though. railbricks has actually featured some of what's found on BS and MOC. Not sure why I haven't thought about this before, but I do remember seeing a lot of neat stuff form the Flickr train pool. Thanks everyone, but it appears there isn't something that's really been tried and tested yet I guess. keep the suggestions coming :) Cheers!
  10. With sets/parts for the Santa Fe trains crazy expensive, does anyone have any ideas for custom bogey/trucks? I've seen numerous bogey/truck from other designers, but I don't think I have come across something that would fit particularly well for the Santa Fe? I'm talking about the engine or the B-unit. I'm not crazy about substituting the light grey wheelholders with black ones. I own an original Santa Fe Super Chief and one of the luggage cars and recently pieced together parts for a B-unit. The only thing I am lacking are those grey wheelholders (if that's what they're called) for the bogey/truck. It would be perfect if there was just a substitute part (which I don't think there is), or custom build design that would fit where the original wheel holder would go keeping the remainder of the bogey/truck the way it was designed, or lastly, a total redesign. One last thing is, the Santa Fe Super Chief comes with 2 side pieces for the bogey/truck that were meant to attach to a 9V train motor. If there are designs (other than building a black chunk to mimic a 9V train motor) to incorporate those pieces, I'd be interested in as well. Any help is much appreciated :)
  11. LoL .. thanks for the clarification :) now for Megatron, Rodimus, and Starscream in LDD ............ :)
  12. Welcome to the boards Chris! with the new-found Lego Universe mode in LDD, can we expect to see more of your creations modeled :D I would soooo love to have a whole collection of your Lego-formers, i'll for sure keep checking your mocpage. I'm still waiting for some more parts to build Prime
  13. j3tang

    PDF Files

    Thanks for the links above :) Also, there is the Tora no Maki book on gears, vehicles, walkers here: http://www.isogawastudio.co.jp/legostudio/toranomaki/en/
  14. j3tang

    8258 Crane Truck Availibility

    Tried PMing you but doesn't look like it's allowed since you're still a rather new member? Anyways, email me (j3tang [at] gmail) and I can direct you to the store that has it (i'm not affiliated with the store whatsoever, I just happen to go there much too often for my wallet's sake). By the sounds of it, if you're 5.5 hrs from TO, I'm gonna guess you're in Ottawa? :)
  15. j3tang

    8258 Crane Truck Availibility

    actually, I just recalled, there's a local store here in Toronto that's selling it. they still have stock i believe.