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  1. Legorski

    Big-Toe Omni-Mech

    An Assault Omni-Mech with dual Mortar Class Heavy Cannons, and two Med-Range Lasers with dual Gauss Rifle attachments. Meant to act as a mobile long range artillery piece, the Mech utilizes two large pivotal toes for stability, hence it's name.
  2. I would absolutely be down for that.
  3. The Knight of Embers pledges his allegiance to the Black Spire.
  4. Any words on when anything is going to be announced?
  5. Legorski

    Morholt Keep - Dark Isle Saga Chapter 2, Part 1

    Fantastic build, I love the work around the gate, simply stunning.
  6. Legorski

    Nocturnus Tribes - Deno'naba

    I had my contradiction pointed out to me above, where I also tried my best at smoothing it out with an explanation. I would like to blame the error on midterms, but hell, it's probably me just getting older and forgetting what I wrote... What did I write... WHAT YEAR IS IT?... Dam kids, get off my lawn!
  7. Legorski

    Nocturnus Tribes - Deno'naba

    I like the way you think...
  8. Legorski

    Nocturnus Tribes - Deno'naba

    Haha, I did (Poor story-telling on my part). Lets just keep it at they're immortal but they get weaker to a tangible limit equivalent to death.
  9. Legorski

    Nocturnus Tribes - Deno'naba

    They die. But their death creates sort of a mini paradox, they die in a world they were never born in while they are born in a world they have never died in. This Paradox would wipe their very existence, and they would cease to exist in both worlds. EDIT: As it was pointed out by Lord Duvors I called them immortal. My memory needs polishing. -.-
  10. Legorski

    Mini-challenge Nocturnus: The Tribes

    Wait, wait... Since when are we posting links to the entries here... I feel so outta the loop... Here goes me succumbing to social norms!
  11. Stories tell of a age long forgotten, where the joint races fought against a Demon Invasion. The Demons came from a parallel world using Portals scattered across the continent. Victory was almost assured for the Demons, if it were not for the Winged Angels. Sacrificing themselves the Angels captured a Portal and going through, mounted an attack on the source of the invasion. They destroyed the red ruby that powered the Portals, and the once endless army of Demons creased to flow in. Remaining Portals were destroyed or deserted, and the Demons hunted down. But there remains one guarded by the remainder of the Demon Army who now call themselves the Deno'naba. They have made their home by a Portal in the Siccus Badlands. Standing watch they protect it, hoping that one day their brethren will return for them. They require no sustenance, they are immortal, though every year they live in our world their strength dwindles. Many an adventurer or traveler that has strayed too close to the Portal has faced their wrath.
  12. So we've talked about beards and beers... There seems to be another word starting with B that we have forgotten to discuss... Its also something men like to talk about... It's on the tip of my tongue! Oh, right! It has two O's after the B! Of course. Its Books. We forgot to discus books!
  13. There's so much trash talk here it might as well be a dumpster.
  14. Legorski

    Lone Wolf OmniMech

    Heavily inspired by the BattleTech Timber Wolf Heavy OmniMech (AKA MadCat). This Variant carries dual Gauss Rifles and Detachable LRM Pods. I'll use it in a MOC sometime in the future with more angles and such.
  15. Legorski

    Nocturnus Tribes - Ro'Jaw

    That's weird, let me look into that. EDIT: They should work now, let me know if they there are any more issues. Sorry for the trouble, I'm not sure what went wrong there.