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  1. Sarg_Kulo

    Midi scale escort corvette

    A larger engine section was something I worked on in my follow-up ship, the Candescent
  2. Sarg_Kulo

    Midi scale escort corvette

    Thanks. I designed with quite simple geometry and then stuck to certain 'rules' with the colour scheme and I think it turned out quite nicely.
  3. Sarg_Kulo

    Updating Your Minifigs

    'Brown' is the old, now discontinued colour that was replaced with 'reddish brown' around 2004 time. 'Dark brown' is a relatively new colour and is actually the colour of the hairpiece there.
  4. Here's another I made a while ago. it's undergone some slight tweaks since I took this photo though.
  5. I apologise that the pictures are a bit rough.
  6. Sarg_Kulo

    Updating Your Minifigs

    I really like the concept of it but I am tempted to go back to the drawing board to be honest. The mismatched grey arms and skirt to the blue on the torso is just bugging me too much, which is a shame as I think the technique itself is perfect. I could get over the dark bluish grey colour if it wasn't for the torso printing. I tried it with just a regular guard torso (which has the tiniest bit of yellow printing as you can see in my other picture), but that didn't look great either. I think I just need to wait patiently until Lego releases a sand blue skirt piece which could be a while.
  7. Sarg_Kulo

    Updating Your Minifigs

    ideally there would be a blue skirt piece available for the captain but unfortunately dark bluish grey is the closest i could find. I still think these figs resemble their on-screen counterparts far more then the official versions do though. Very happy with these.
  8. Sarg_Kulo

    Updating Your Minifigs

  9. Sarg_Kulo

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Can I suggest taping over the print you want to keep and then using a q-tip and nail varnish to remove the rest. I've had a lot of success with this method. Out of interest what did you use that damaged the plastic so much?
  10. Sarg_Kulo

    [MOC - WIP] another AT-ST

    Thank you but this is the original version. I am asking if such a thing exists for the newer versions with the redesigned legs.
  11. Sarg_Kulo

    [MOC - WIP] another AT-ST

    Kudos on such a fantastic build. I am very interesting in building one of these for myself as others have done in this thread. Is there a parts list and instructions for the updated versions or does it only exist for the original? I prefer the new legs and would rather build it with those.
  12. Sarg_Kulo

    Munificent-class star frigate

    I wonder if you could achieve a better effect using click hinges to achieve the angle and plates to build the fins.
  13. Sarg_Kulo

    Munificent-class star frigate

    Very nice work. Is it to scale with any other ships? I think you've captured the shape of the nose very well and I have seen quite a few customs of this ship struggle to do that. This ship takes me back to Battlefront 2, they were the weak ships that got taken out after two minutes of battle. One thing that does stick out is the radar and antennae pieces in the centre. I don't know if they are accurate to the official ship but they look a bit like Peter Griffin plunger nipples and are a bit of a distraction at the moment.
  14. Sarg_Kulo

    Homing Spider Droid

    Hello again :) That's an excellent idea thanks very much for your recommendation. I have slightly new design that would need me to rework some of the connections to the leg but should end up stronger. Only 6 years after I started I should finally have this model finished :D