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  1. yellost

    Middle Earth Contest Voting Topic

    Category A: #2 #3 Category B: #2 #4 Category C: #3 #4
  2. yellost

    The LEGO Movie Sets News and Discussion

    Do we know if they will eventually release some material with details ont the actual sets designed specifically for the moie ? I got quite a few of the sets and I know they have some differences from their movie counterparts, so it would be awesome (as everything ^^) if we could get some way to modify them to match more closely the originals. Or even better, get some detailed pics to build those that don't exist as sets. Man, that DVD better have the mother of all Making Of... LIke, on par with the extras on the Lord of the Rings Extended Editions... (Hey, one can dream, right ?)
  3. yellost

    LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    forgive me for not going through 200+ pages but now that the Sandcrawler is out (great set, by the way), I seem to recall there was a second UCS set for this year. Did I dream it or is that true ? Any idea what it could be ? (also, is anyone going to update the first post ? It's missing a lot of pictures for sets I'm sure I've seen around for quite some time...)
  4. I know those outfits are made up by tlc and I certainly don't mind, far from it. It's that they haven't done a complete set of each type that bothers me. What if a kid wants to have an adventure underwater (god knows I don't play with mine, I'm in my 30s ) ? He'll have to find a reason why mikey can't follow or has to remain in the sub... ... damn, that is a metal suit... From the face plate on the small pictures I thought it was another scuba suit... sad... Well, I hope they plan on releasing more of those...
  5. Amen to that, I'm tired of having to tone down the hate of people evey time we talk about it. I mean, I don't expect it to be an amazing piece of art, considering who's involved but it certainly looks like a lot of fun. On topic I got the Turtle sub yesterday and I absolutely LOVE it. It's my favourite TMNT Set so far (I got all the previous wave but I have to admit this new one doesn't excite me as much). That set has a great look, a nice little detail (pedals on the seat ) and a really simple mechanic that makes the fins go flap when you roll it on the floor. It's awesome. I'm a bit confused by the minifig line up this time around, though. the turtle sub and mutation chamber have three turtles in scuba gear then the T-rawket has two in warm clothing and then the last three are in their basic look with just a belt. Are they going to release new set to fill in the missing ones in gear ? (Mikey is missing a scuba gear and Leo and Raph are bound to get cold, aparently)
  6. While discussing the parts used in the Ghostbuster's Proton pack, we noticed that the handle of the straight whip (part 88704) seemes unfinished : it's lacking the ridges that the coiled one has. Just a visual bug, though. It didn't block anything from being slid around it and such.
  7. yellost

    Ghostbuster pack help

    Well, I'm going sound like a stubborn idiot now, but the other one is exactly like the one from indiana jones, except not coiled. But ultimately, I think you're right : in the pic, the whip does make a sharp angle right at the end of the handle where the straighter one probably wouldn't. But you do point out an error in LDD that might need reporting, though. Although it's funny, because you can clearly see that the geometry for the ridges is there on the model. It just looks like the modeler forgot to do the last step in actually digging them XD Nice one. Are you using Maya ?
  8. yellost

    Ghostbuster pack help

    here you go : 1 SLIDE SHOE ROUND 2X2 (Black) 1 LAMP HOLDER (Black) 2 PLATE 1X2 W. VERTICAL GRIP (Black) 1 PLATE 1X1 W/HOLDER VERTICAL (Dark Grey) 1 PLATE 1X2 W. STICK 3.18 (Black) 1 PLATE 1X1 W. UP RIGHT HOLDER (Black) 1 ROOF TILE 1 X 2 X 2/3, ABS (Black) 1 PLATE 1X1 W. UP RIGHT HOLDER (Black) 1 MINI FIG. BACK PLATE W. KNOB (Black) I attached the LDD file if you want to look at it. I think it's more likely the uncoiled whip, which came with the Ostrich Race from the Prince of Persia line. Although it's never been in black either. But I think it would be less of a pain to pose in the minifig's hand without having it springing back in its original position. proton_pack.lxf
  9. yellost

    Ghostbuster pack help

    that's my guess too. And a red stud with a hole in the middle attached to a lightsaber hilt for the actual shooting part (does it have a name ? I can't remember)
  10. yellost

    Ghostbuster pack help

    did a quick sketch in LDD from what I could see :
  11. Set Title: MetalBeard's Sea Cow Set #: 70810 Theme: The LEGO Movie Pieces: 2741 Minifigures: 6 Year of Release: 2014 Price at Release: USD 249,99/ EUR 249,99 /GBP 169,99 I had the joy of receiving this giant box yesterday and since noone seems to have done a review of it yet, I thought it'd be a good opportunity to do my part for this little community of ours ^^ So here goes. I admit, I shamelessly ripped off Clone O'Patra's structure to help me out in organising my thoughts. BOX this thing is massive. But I'm happy to say that it isn't needlessly so. The content actually takes most of the space inside. The art depicts a really nice dramatic night scene of the ship sailing the sea in the moonlight. Although the LEGO Movie takes a little too much space to my taste. And on the bottom right corner, we have the regular call out of all the minifigs included. Those figs are also better shown on the side of the box Then the back shows many of the features included in the set. CONTENTS obviously, 2700+ pieces count for something. They come in multiple bags numbered 1 to 9 (two or three per number) plus an extr aone containing the mast and sail pieces and the hull pieces were loose in the box The instruction book is a massive 287-page volume. this comes with the standard pieces call out before each step and was prety easy to follow. It even has the 1:1 image of some of the more confusing pieces when their length matters. Unfortunately, the set also comes with a sticker sheet. I was quite disappointed to sea the treasure maps on it too. BUILD The whole build took me around 7 hours to complete (since I'm a junkie, I did it all in one go) the first bag contains a first set of minifigs and a mini MetalBeard (which I counted among the minifigs but since he is brickbuild, I guess it's a matter of opinion ) A few pieces I'd never seen before : some miniature version of the ball joints and a different grapling hook Part two comes with the other figs, the micro managers and the famous double decker couch. And part 3 begins building the ship proper, starting with the hull and the gun deck Part 4 then adds more guns on the sides It also came with an interesting piece I'd never encountered : a 2x2 round tile with a hole in the middle Part 5 builds the round parts of the front and back of the hull, using the same technique as in the Imperial Flagship (another favourite set of mine) Then we build the rear cabin which contains the armory and some sort of engine. I assume it's for all the propellers at the back 7 adds the captain's cabin and one of the mast. This is where the sheer size of the ship starts making taking pictures a bit tricky. Also it was getting late and the light didn't really help... Bags 8 contains the rest of the masts and sails that are directly attached to the ship And finally, we build the middle deck and the steam engine. All in all, that was a very enjoyable build with quite a few nice surprises hidden here and there. MINIFIGS The set comes with Benny, Wyldstyle (are you Djing?), Emmet, Vitruvius, Queasy Kitty and MetalBeard (I'll get back to him in a minute) Since I don't have any other movie set, I assume they're the same (Emmet is from the promo polybag). Except for Queasy Kitty. She has a nice sick shade of green and her face is a printed piece. Also, I have to admit I'm a little disappointed in Benny's helmet. I realise they can't really break every model they make for the sake of accuracy but that mold still looks kind of weird. All the regular figs come with variant back printed head. Although I had to look really hard to spot the difference on Wyldstyle's (the bottom of her eye dots look like she's slightly squinting or something) Now Mini Metal Beard on the other hand, I really like. The ymanaged to capture his look in mini form pretty well. It even comes with an anchor on his peg leg and a shark on his right hand Although admittedly, the back is a little bland and he is rather hard to set in any sort of interesting action pose Then come the two micro managers The big one comes with hidden flick fire missiles on the sides an a radar dish that folds down from his back (the stand isn't included) And the smaller one is a cutesie that spits a net from its mouth SET And now for the actual set. Let's start with the really important part : the double decker couch, of course. This is where I must be more of an Emmet than a master builder, because I actually find the idea pretty nice (it doesn't come wit hidden compartments, though) And the ship That thing is huge. I called Benny to help me give a sense of scale The front view And the back. There should be a few stickers on there but I'm still on the fence on whether I should apply them or not... A few pieces of interest : the machine gun attached to the front mast. It looks really nice, although a little impractical since it cannot swivel left or right. The figure at the top of the highest mast reminds me of the head of one of those white parrots with yellow feathers on the back of their head. I don't know if that's what they were aiming for but I find it a nice touch none the less. The place where MetalBeard drives the ship looks like a giant armchair but I could'nt make him fit in there. As I said, his posability isn't too great although they did it on the box art, so it's obviously doable The shipcan be separated in three parts for easy access to the captain's cabin and the gun deck below The central piece even has some hidden gems tucked in the beams At the back of the top deck, there is a nice looking telescope, too And then just below is the captain's cabin. All those 4x4 tiles are supposed to be treasure maps and blueprints but I haven't applied the stickers. Tere shold also be a portrait on the 4x2 brown tile on he wall. Also, I have no idea what that thing along the window is supposed to be. It sort of looks like a morse machine or a stapler. It confuses me a little. But the other side has an inkpot and a ship in a bottle and some rhum on a shelve Finally, there is the armory/engine room with a nice candelbra hanging from the ceiling. It's accessible by the front or the sides that can be opened for easier access CONCLUSION I love it. It's big, full of nifty little details and the whole thing looks impressive while its proportions makes it a little cartoonish. Not an easy combination but they pulled it off anyway. It's definitely worth its value. I'm really glad LEGO started making those higher price ranges where the designers go crazy on the stuff they can include.
  12. yellost

    Review: 79103 Turtle Lair Attack

    cool review, thanks. The only gripe I have with this set is the stairs. I've never had those parts before so I don't know what their secret is supposed to be but for the life of me, I cannot find any way to lock them in place... But from your review, it seems you have the same issue, so I guess it isn't just me. As for the picture in the tv, I take it as an easter egg from the comic. It looks to me like the first full page illustration of the very first issue from back in the 80s Although now that I look at it, apart from the sewer grate in the middle, they don't have that much in common... Oh well.
  13. Here you go. I've never really managed to get the hinge align tool to ever work. What I always end up doing is building a temporary rig with pegs and such that gives me a better control on what to rotate and then do it manually with the rotation tool. (I don't know if that makes sense) Edit : erf, Brickdoctor beat me to it ^^ Brewery_fixed.lxf