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  1. Lord Voldemort

    MOC: Monorail Train Station with "Schweineschnaeuzchen"

    A very nice creation, Dirk. I love the little luggage rack on the train. I can't help but notice the grey clay in the last picture. Is it stuck in the brick or is it a way of connecting something?
  2. Lord Voldemort

    MOC: Small Sailboat

    A nice little sailboat. I love it, it is looking simple but I think it is not that easy to make. Lord Voldemort
  3. Lord Voldemort

    8095 General Greivous' Starfighter (Picture and Video) Review

    I think that the whole set a big mistake is from TLG! I mean look at that ship! And Grievous is just ugly! In any case thanks for the review. Lord Voldemort
  4. Lord Voldemort

    8683 Minifig Series 1 Photos...

    Thanks for the pictures, I really like the robot's face! And the zombie is lovely! Lord Voldemort
  5. Lord Voldemort

    WTB: Damaged Darth Vader from Rogue Shadow

    You can also get the parts from the LEGO site, if you have the numbers..... P.S. I can give you the numbers if you want. Lord Voldemort
  6. Lord Voldemort

    Is your sig-fig similiar to you?

    I really don't look like my sigfig, I hope....... Lord Voldemort
  7. Lord Voldemort

    LEGO Pirates - Part Requests

    I like the swivel gun and the small treasure chest. I hope TLG will use these ideas. Lord Voldemort
  8. Lord Voldemort

    Happy Birthday Captain Blackmoor

    Happy birthday Captian Blackmoor! I hope you get a lot of lego! Lord Voldemort
  9. Lord Voldemort

    LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    It's a pretty nice book but i don't really like those mini's that much. Lord Voldemort
  10. Lord Voldemort

    Now taking YOUR ideas for NEW PARTS - LAST DAYS!

    I do like your idea for that chest. I really could use that. Lord Voldemort.
  11. Lord Voldemort

    The lost city of Atlantis

    If i may ask, what is a Grindylow? Lord Voldemort
  12. Lord Voldemort

    Hello! My name is Lord Voldemort

    I'm gonna send a test picture here soon or later. Lord Voldemort
  13. Lord Voldemort

    Hello! My name is Lord Voldemort

    Thanks for al the nice reply's! I don't have al the good parts to make Harry Potter MOC's, but i will try to make some. Lord Voldemort
  14. Hi, i'm new at Eurobricks and i like it around here. I don't now how to post a MOC but i think somebody will help me with this.... I love lego pirate MOC's but also some other kind of MOC's. Lord Voldemort
  15. Lord Voldemort

    1762 Port Kingston

    Thanks for your help Rick! Lord Voldemort