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  1. Good idea. This is also kind of cool.
  2. I found this among the Daily Deviations today (specially selected images on deviantART), and wanted to share it with you guys. Check out his gallery as well; there are many other photos there.
  3. Wobo Ihi

    Modular Building 10197 Fire Brigade

    Holy bricks. That is a very, very impressive building. Love the 30's fire truck too.
  4. Wobo Ihi

    Space board game

    Thanks, Eilif. "The Hunt for the Lost computer"... well, that doesn't sound particularly exciting.
  5. Wobo Ihi

    Space Police:

    It's great that they decided to do a stop-motion film and not some silly 3D animation for a change. Looking forward to the next part.
  6. Wobo Ihi

    Space board game

    So I found this old (well, from 1991) Space board game a while ago, and today I finally decided to scan it for you guys. Here's a quick attempt to put the parts of the game together: CLICK ME! Scans of the different parts: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 I don't know whether the pictures of the sets are original, or taken from some catalogue, but I still think it's pretty cool. And I have no idea what the rules are.
  7. Wobo Ihi

    REVIEW: 5970 Freeze Ray Frenzy

    Great review. And FINALLY a good Space line, I'm definitely buying this set.
  8. Wobo Ihi

    Space Police 2009!

    Whoa. A new LEGO space theme that doesn't look like crap. Looks very promising. Looking forward to future pictures.
  9. Wobo Ihi

    Mystery FREE Raffle!

  10. Wobo Ihi

    Tesseract Square

    Yes, they are lamps. #6909 from the Insectoids theme.
  11. Wobo Ihi

    Indy 2009 Discussion Thread

    Zomg. I want those ganster torsos.
  12. Wobo Ihi

    Tesseract Square

    It's been a long time since i uploaded a MOC... well, here goes. Tesseract Square, some sort of plaza in an unknown Space City. A view Another view Corner Statue Pedestrians and a lamp A police officer Wall detail And finally, Tesseract Square without minifigs.
  13. Wobo Ihi

    Barnens Drömstad

    Jag skulle kunna leka barnvakt på Tekniska museet. Fast jag är inte 18 än, går det bra ändå?