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    Hello everyone! After i only read here this great forum i want to show you my army and btw some mocs in the background. overview line infantry and cavalry flagship, marines and sailors governor and generals, horseguards the band governor's house governor's guests governor's carriage and horseguards the armory and the outpost Regards dirk72
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    dirk72's Army

    Thank you for all comments and for welcomming me. line infantry: 280 soldiers + 14 officers band: 16 soldiers + 1 officer cavalry: 64 soldiers + 16 heavy cavalry marines: flagship 10 soldiers + crew + 1 officer + 1 admiral marines: small ship(nameless) 5 soldiers + crew + 1 admiral horseguards: 11 soldiers + 1 general guards around the harbor,house and outpost: 16 men carriage: 3 men artillery: 4 cannons and finally the generals and the governor on horse The wigs are selfmade. All redcoats. Made by me and my oven I found some pictures. Here can you see the work in progress. I really missed a wig in the pirate collection, so i made my own. The link gave me the reference. Sculpey Tutorial by tin7 @ZCerberus yepp you right. The house need a renovation. If i have more time and bricks i want to rebuild the house. Maybe not only the front of the house. @Captain Blackmoor & Big Cam I guessed the thumbs are ok? If not i fix it or feel free to fix it Regards dirk