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  1. If I was allotted 1400 pieces to make an F1 model it would be either beautiful or full of function. This is like a spork -neither a good spoon nor a good fork, it disappoints at both uses. For a display model, then just effing make it from system parts, put in the Creator category, and make it beautiful, like the 911 or the Mustang! But if this is supposed to be Technic, then dammit put some technical features and functions in it. I can't stand seeing stacks of beams or panels where some nice tiles or standard bricks would do wonders aesthetically. Or alternately where they could have omitted those panels and used the parts budget on functional items.
  2. jimmythefly

    REVIEW | 10279 Volkswagen T2 Camper Van

    Thanks for the review! I still wish Lego would make a decent round headlamp piece -I HATE the clear dish with the stud in the middle. Headlamps should be smooth dammit! That's the one spot that the T1 wins over this T2, (not to mention the Fiat, Porsche, Mustang, Mini, etc.). The other thing I'm not a fan of (and that the dish with stud headlamp doesn't help) is the slight look of extropia, the opposite of being cross-eyed. Otherwise what a nice set, hope to see the new tire show up other places too.
  3. jimmythefly

    Unreleased/Cancelled LEGO Sets

    Very cool, thanks for adding it! Almost looks like Technic big figure heads instead of homemaker?
  4. jimmythefly

    What's your oldest set?

    Once again I'm struck by how fun these older "simple" designs are. I'm sure a bit of the feeling is nostalgia, but that really does look like a fun set to sit down and play with. I like the newer 6 and 8 wide vehicles and everything, but this is a good reminder that simple can be fun too!
  5. jimmythefly

    Build my uncle's classic town sets and then some

    This is delightful! its' also a great reminder that a set doesn't have to be complex and "realistic" to have lots of play value -my kiddo and I could spend many days in your town playing all sorts of scenarios. Everything is accessible, vehicle doors open, cars fit on the roads, there's a lot going on.
  6. jimmythefly

    Unreleased/Cancelled LEGO Sets

    Add 60278 Crook's Hideout Raid to the list. https://www.brickfanatics.com/lego-city-60278-crooks-hideout-raid-cancelled-for-clashing-with-brand-values/
  7. jimmythefly

    Unreleased/Cancelled LEGO Sets

    I just read this whole thread and it's pretty fun to see the things that people were wishing for that have since shown up: centaurs! hammerhead sharks! Crocodile locomotive! I also don't see the V-22 Osprey set 42113 listed, but I guess it doesn't qualify for this thread as it did actually get released?
  8. jimmythefly

    [MOC] Mobile City - Time Travel Ep.1 Portable Play Set

    I absolutely love this! I've got a fairly large Micro Machines collection, it's fun to make some crossover toys like this. I always loved the Travel City playsets, and I really want Lego to do something like this with either the Disney Storybook adventures or the Harry Potter Hogwarts Moment books style cases. There is so much potential for self-contained little playsets like this.
  9. Thanks @Mylenium ! That's what I figured -the only legal connections are things that normally connect to a bar and do not keep the ears of the pin compressed. What I'm trying to do is use the new vehicle base with suspension and the associated tilting axle with pins in a MOC. I'd like to use a wheel rim not normally associated with that small pin type of connection, so I either 1) want to connect a second wheel or dish or disc onto a compatible wheel, or to 2) build perhaps a small armature onto which I could attach a single wheel or perhaps a pair of wheels at each end of a short liftarm (like on the back pair of wheels of the Creator space Rover Explorer 31107) If none of the legal wheels have any other connection points on them, it's looking like I need to go with choice #2, which isn't bad it just will use more parts and take up more space and alter my design a bit.
  10. jimmythefly

    What was your first lego set?

    The first set I specifically remember as receiving as a gift that was mine was Red Cross Helicopter 626, I can still picture where I was sitting at my grandmother's house when I got it and how I had to have help putting it together but how fun it was that the blades and tail rotor spun so well when you flicked them. I also know we (my sister and I) had the Police Boat 709, it's so awesome because it floats! I still have the parts for it though sadly the ballast weight is broken. Should probably grab one off bricklink at some point. My other memories of that boat is it had the cool macaroni bricks which were great for building other stuff, but also how annoying the "antenna" was on the front of it -it just relies on the technic bushing fit between four studs and was constantly getting knocked off. That era of construction set was so fun! Small simple sets but moving buckets and scoops and minifigs made them great to play with. Kinda jealous of that blue hardhat, we only had red. I don't know about you but this is also the era where my sister and I knew each and every part that we had in the old suitcase where our Lego lived. If you wanted to build something using (for example) the car doors, you had better be first to find them because we had exactly two left and two right! I kind of miss the simplicity of such a small collection.
  11. I'm searching for alternate connections to the small wheel holder pin, or alternately looking for a wheel that mounts to that pin which ALSO has some sort of legal system connection available. To be clear, I am working with the typical small wheel holder pin as shown in the pic in black. Question 1: Are there other parts or types of parts that will connect onto that pin nicely? I'm sure there must be some minifig accessories or other parts that I haven't tried yet. I have fit several different parts to it already: 1x1 round plate with hole, 1x1 round brick with hole, headlight brick, travis brick. Technic half bushing, the axle hole on Technic thin liftarms, the center hole on Technic link treads, thin Technic gears and pulley. I have also fit several technic pins which have an OK friction fit and sort-of allow other things to be used as wheels, but because there is no internal goove the fingers of the wheel holder pin don't snap securely and in general I'd like a connection that is more secure. Question 2: Are there any wheels that fit on this pin that ALSO have some sort of system connection point? I've tried wagon wheels, small train wheels, etc. Seems like Lego specifically does not want us to use anything more than their intended wheels with these -or did I miss something? The closest I have come is trying to fit the 2x2 dome lip inside the 14mm wheel (pics below). It just doesn't fit even with a fair amount of force. Thanks.
  12. jimmythefly

    [MOC] Strip Club

    This is pretty great! Based on the few I have also driven past the interior should probably be built from much older dingier bricks, not these nice shiny new bricks you show. :)
  13. jimmythefly

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2021 Rumors, Speculation

    I know y'all are aware but toy car scale is often way off and usually has wheels/tires larger than they should be (HotWheels, Matchbox, etc.). Lego scale is even more wacky. A real GT40 is about waist-height to a typical person, and it's tires are about knee height. Even for modern cars with 19" or 20" diameter wheels, they're not even close to sternum height the way most speed champions tires are to a minifig. (pic in larger size here: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/84/7e/67/847e67df9f1e0aadf6abcae0cfb0d2ce.jpg) I would have meant a total paradigm shift and a bunch of new parts, but I kinda wish they would have gone to 7-wide for Speed Champions. Would have been nice in terms of detail but also have a chance at still fitting on a city street.
  14. jimmythefly

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2021 Rumors, Speculation

    A Viper + Lil Red Express would be a fun pair, but I doubt they would put out a set without at least one current-production vehicle. What about Jeep? We've got the new 42122 Technic Jeep Wrangler, it would be nice to have a speed champions version.
  15. jimmythefly

    Lego City 2021 Rumours, information and discussion

    Well spotted. I'm thinking the top knob is for the rotors, which I believe are contra-rotating, based on what looks like some sort of gear mechanism between them (and in real life that's what those rotors would do). The knob at the rear might be fore retractable landing wheels -the wheels look like they are attached at a slightly odd angle to me, which suggests they are on a hinge or something for retraction.