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  1. Thought this was a real set at first. Really nice construction. Fantastic job!
  2. bort138

    Best Theme Ever?

    <----- Aquazone
  3. bort138


    Very cool idea. It turned out very well.
  4. bort138

    MOC: Atlantis Red Defender

    Sweet build. The world needs more Atlantis MOCs like this.
  5. bort138

    Shinkai 6500

    Really great review. I would really like to own this set. Keeping my fingers crossed for a US release.
  6. bort138

    You know you are a fan of Lego when...

    You know you are a fan of LEGO when you visualize how you would build things you see in your everyday life out of LEGO throughout the day.
  7. I really enjoyed this review and the great pictures. I received this set when I was a kid for my birthday one year so it has a nostalgia factor with me. This set is notable for containing a lot of cool new parts like the dragon and wizard that later became staples in later castle themes. I also enjoy the play features like the trap door and secret wall passage. I really miss the style of box with the flap on the front and the tray with the pieces.
  8. will have to see this in person. less rides, more miniland!
  9. bort138

    Pets VS. Lego

    When I came out my dark ages and was going through all of my LEGO my pug chewed up my Darth Maul!
  10. bort138

    MOC: 1:1 Ghostbusters Trap

    Awesome! I had the toy of this when I was younger. Amazing work!
  11. bort138

    Expand the Winter Village Contest Voting Thread

    brickcitydepot: 1 point brickzone: 1 point cecilie: 1 point kost u grlu:1 point Skalldyr: 1 point
  12. bort138

    Review: 7914 Mandalorian battlepack

    Seems like TLG dropped the ball on this one. Heads are hideous and the speeder and turret just look bland. However I will still probably pick this up and replace the fleshy heads with light bley ones. I would have liked to see a Pre Visla minifig in the set.
  13. bort138

    2011 Atlantis sets

    are those black hot dogs on the front of the drill sub canopy?
  14. bort138

    How many pieces do you have?

    You own 406 sets (334 different). We have piece counts for 297 of them. Using that data we have calculated that you own 61,000 pieces! I have about 2,000 parts not from sets. You own 727 minifigs.
  15. bort138

    2011 Atlantis sets

    At first I was pretty disappointed with the color change from lime green to yellow but then I realized that having more variation in color is better. Is it better to have 20 lime green atlantis minigures or to have 15 green minifigs and 5 yellow minifigs? New pieces in more colors = . Plus the trans yellow is perfect for Blacktron I MOCs.