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  1. escortmad79


    Having driven traction engines since I was 13, this is a very impressive interpretation. I have supported it
  2. escortmad79

    [Review] 10255 Assembly Square

    That grey haired minifig looks just like Carol from the Walking Dead... & she runs the florist! I seriously hope this is a designers in joke/reference. For anyone that watches the Walking Dead remember the line "Look at the flowers?"
  3. Cheers Whitefang, looks great, will need to Brasso off the upper print of the slope as that looks a little odd but I like the way it looks Looks good... looks even better with the straps removed but as it's on a white torso, would need to match the yellow
  4. escortmad79

    10251 Brick Bank

    Set's due out on New Years Day, set will be out before the official designer video! Same with Ghostbusters HQ, still waiting on the designer video that was promised by the set designer that was meant to be out last month
  5. Yep, wrong way around lol
  6. Can you put the ballerina torso, head & hairpiece on the brides wedge & take a straight on picture?
  7. This looks to be the greatest series for a long time. Farmer: Nice new pig printing, will be getting a few of them Astronaut: Like the printed flag, will get one of these Grim Knight: Nice helmet & shield, not keen on the tooth sticking out though, that looks a bit weird, will get one of these Clumsy Guy: Love this guy, he reminds me of me recently as I badly dislocated my ankle at the start of October & had to have a cast. Crutches will be useful for a hospital MOC, will get 2 or 3 of these Tribal Woman: I like the baby piece, will get a couple of these Winged Battle Warrior: Will get one of these for a museum exhibit Satyr: Leg piece looks odd, nice face print though, will get one of these Animal Ranger: Like the skunk & double face printing, will get 2/3 of these Janitor: Like this one, like the mop, will get one of these Ballerina: Love this one, will get a few of them, the torso could be used with a wedge to create another style of wedding dress, will get 2 of these Winged Mech Warrior: Meh! Same as the other two previous ones which I had no interest in so will avoid this one too! Zero of these for me! Kendo Master: Like the face printing, pity the headband didn't go all the way around, he could've made a great dojo master with the judo outfit from an earlier series or the karate outfit from the GB Olympic series, will get one Shark Suit Guy: Another character suit, will get one of these. Wrestling Champion: Mullet!! Will get a few of these Jewel Thief: Nice hair piece, the face print with the eyemask reminds me of those stylish 60s glasses, will get one of these Queen: Nice new dress piece, will get one of these
  8. The tutu looks as though it'll be the same rubbery material as the Shakespearian actors ruff The word Eskimo is also considered by Inuits to be offensive. Yes, should be available in Toys'R'Us etc White printing on yellow torso's can look seriously washed out which would give the look of a transparent looking top which certainly wouldn't be the most child friendly!
  9. Mullet!! Redneck minifigs for all! Not overly keen on the fauns legs
  10. escortmad79

    MOC: Church Interior

    Jesus droid!
  11. escortmad79

    Graphic Section?

    Is this what you're looking for?
  12. escortmad79

    75827 Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters Discussion

    Called it, just got the colour wrong, white would've looked better Although it would appear it was originally blonde... wonder what the final colour will be?
  13. escortmad79

    Is LEGO dying?

    Them being officially named the largest toy company in the world now states different
  14. escortmad79

    75827 Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters Discussion

    There will undoubtedly be a Stay Puft set in the future
  15. escortmad79

    MOC Bazinga!

    That is the greatest scene ever!