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  1. Minifigure: Sumo Wrestler Theme: Town In a sumo wrestling match one of the wrestlers is about to be thrown out of the ring onto the audience! See the image with the sumo wrestler included.
  2. Torham


    Four Indians who are ready for battle.
  3. My recent Star Wars MOC (you can see here) would fit this contest. Now I need to come up with a better idea.
  4. 1 point each 22) Vampire Entry (Build by lisqr) 32) Vampire Entry (Build by Cecilie) 23) Vampire Entry (Build by Darkblane) So many vampires, so many ideas.
  5. 2 points to 12) Diver & Surfer Entry (Build by squiz) 1 point to 3) Spaceman & Pharaoh Entry (Build by Optimus)
  6. Minifig Series 1: Caveman Minifig Series 2: Traffic Cop While driving in his foot powered car, the caveman is stopped by the traffic cop who wants to see his driving license. Poor caveman has no idea about what the cop wants but when he sees the handcuffs he smells trouble and reaches out for his club for a quick way out. Image with the cop included
  7. Torham

    MOC: Darth Vader in the Rest Room

    Thank you all for your positive comments. Reading them has been as much fun as creating the MOC.
  8. On a very busy day in the Death Star, Darth Vader had to use the rest room. But the line was long and Darth Vader had no intention of waiting. More Pictures on Brickshelf Enjoy...
  9. Torham

    We're all gonna be a lot thinner

    Thank you all for your very useful feedback. I will work on the walls and add some garbage to the garbage masher. I could not reflect what I had in mind due to lack of parts. Thus, I had to order some parts; I just hope they will arrive before the deadline. I know this scene deserves a better adaptation. :)
  10. This is the scene where they are trapped in the garbage masher in Episode 4. Luke is trying to reach C3PO while the others are trying to stop the moving walls. I hope you like it. Any feedback is welcome.
  11. Torham

    Tournament of Retribution II Official Signups

    Name: Torham Side: Redcoats
  12. This vignette is for the Deep Sea Diver when he discovers the wreckage of Titanic. But surprisingly he finds out more than he could ever think of!
  13. Torham

    MOC: Ski Guy

    Here is something small for the holiday. Enjoy! Our ski guy likes the skating girl and wants to take her attention by making some artistic movements... Oops! But luckily this drew her attention... But not for long. Better luck next time. Happy holidays!
  14. Torham

    Marrakesh Marketplace

    Great MOC indeed. I especially like the main building with its nice set of colors. I hope you can complete it soon and show us more of it.
  15. Torham

    MOC: Gunslingers

    Thank you guys for your positive comments. That was unintentional. I honestly did not realize there was another hole at the back. Well, the 'scene' was small you know, for a piano and a horse. More will come. This is something I enjoy doing a lot. But weekend is over, maybe next week...