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    Neo-Blacktron II Space cannon

    Just beautiful. This would make any Space Police officer regret joining the force.
  2. DLangRI

    The Microscale Gundam Wing Project

    Just beaitiful!
  3. DLangRI

    What happened to the Bow (weapon)?

    I never liked the original bow as a kid. The design felt awkward and the archers never looked right with the way minifigs are articulated. I would've prefered the bow by itself without the string and arrow.
  4. DLangRI

    Battle Pack Alternatives

    I was reading this topic earlier, and I suffer from 4 dropships (I like Imperial Stormtroopers and Shadowtroopers). I like the dropship, but 4 just is too many for me. Until now they were just stored away in their own container, until this thread got me thinking. I present (made from 3 Imp Dropships), the Imperial Delta-Landing craft! Lord Vader, if we're going to conquer this planet we need more troops! Very Well. Summon more forces! This is unacceptable. Y-yes, Lord Vader. SEND DOWN A DELTA-LANDING CRAFT! This will do nicely. Front Section Front Rear Side Cockpit Open Since I had three windshields I created a tri-bubble cockpit. Also, rather than use the original set's Shadowtrooper, I used an 'AT-AT' driver. The side boosters swivel and the landing gear move up and down slightly for a shock-type effect. One of the cockpit hinges from the original set helps to lock the rear compartment in. Rear Section (Troop Bay/Assault Vehicle) Front Rear Sides Unloaded For the rear compartment, I wanted to make something that just wasn't a troop bay. I struggled with a ramp (though it didn't look right) so I opted for an open back compartment. It holds 6 troopers comfortably with two on the wings/shooting platforms. I'm contemplating disassembling the 4th dropship to enhance the rear section, but I kept this as a three ship construction. Every piece was used. The only 'cheat' is a small technic bar I have free in the cockpit brackets that keep the side windscreens up. Link to the gallery with the full sizes.
  5. DLangRI

    Review: 8089 - Hoth Wampa Cave

    Nice review! I'm wondering, why did you say you recieved Boba Fett legs in the box?
  6. DLangRI

    Send in the Chromies

    So beautiful and so Star Wars!
  7. DLangRI

    Swiss Guards

    Nice soldiers. I think they're wonderful. They should have much more, considering if you're missing a piece they will send you bricks not on PAB. Hopefully that official survey will lead to something.
  8. I would definitely like if they had better accessories for the pick-a-minifig, but as previously said all of the torsos are rather generic and Chinese made. Chinese quality is slowly increasing quality, however the overall lack of selection is odd considering. The accessories (Hats and hand items) are also bland. The only interesting piece was a silvery (the new silver paint, not chrome) fireman's hat. Hand items are just push brooms, binoculars, and power tools. The heads are the only real thing of value since I've found many there of faces I enjoy. pick-a-minifig = $9.99 pick-a-brick cup = $7.99 WHY!?
  9. DLangRI

    MOC: The Last Supper

    Excellent! You should bring a Lego army-man minifig with you for luck.
  10. DLangRI

    [MOD/MOC] Stealth X-Wing

    AH! You beat me to it. I've been wanting to make an all-black one for the longest time. I'm happy to know the pieces exist to pull it off. Now, I have to make a Jaina Solo pilot for it. :D
  11. DLangRI

    Castle Sets 2010

    Weren't the third wave of Fantasy sets supposed to be released in August of last year? I remember picking mine up in May. It was rainy that day.
  12. DLangRI

    Rancor mecha

    It reminds me of a Mobile Suit Gundam Zeon suit, I like it. :D
  13. DLangRI

    Castle Sets 2010

    Don't go around throwing racism in a thread without thinking about what you are actually implying. Chinese factories have lengthy records of being fined by both their foriegn and domestic parent companies and government agencies, only to continue abuses of overall safety, worker rights, and material integrity. I think the consumers of any product (including Lego) have a right to hold these factories accountable for the materials they produce, and they are the ultimate responsibility for products released to consumers. It's not racism to imply these factories are run by less than reputable people, considering the same types ran American and European factories until social groups ended their command of the labor market. The deliberate action of cutting corners always extends throughout the produce to increase yield without increasing costs. That's why the factories moved. These leadership practices produce the quantities needed and sometimes human rights are sacrificed. China is the current hotbed of these factories. It has nothing to do with skin color, religion, or any other baseless construct. It has to do with human nature. Perhaps you should focus on that rather than just accussing someone else (be it passively) of racism. This is not a forum for that disucssion. That said, I do hope these sets do exhibit high quality. I was happier with more recent Chinese parts, and if these sets are 100% Chinese (or even partially), I would not buy the sets if the quality of some or all pieces are below normal TLG standards. That said, I do like the sets though the lack of certain elements (horses, civilian buildings, other common complaints) makes me hope the second Kingdoms wave doesn't mirror the fantasy line with a second and third release of less-and-less sets that are more-and-more expensive.
  14. semi-related, I bought the TIE defender from the lego Star Wars line and it was missing three bricks, with a large brick being extra. I filled out their form and they sent me the missing pieces within 2 weeks.
  15. My magnet Chrome Trooper's helmet isn't loose.