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  1. You are, to simply put it, wonderful. These, thingies: so cool. I remember a little bit about the Wonder Twins. Not all that much, mainly of what they looked like. These are certainly recognizable. Have you tried making your own neck capes so that it works with the pony tail hairpiece? Or sand the hair piece down so it doesn't interfere?
  2. Any Seers? Not sure if I'll be able to play, I'll have to think it over, based on my schedule.
  3. Goodness, so many teams! Sorry I couldn't pull through for the Not-Playing team I enjoyed following the game. It looked like fun and the presentation was great. It's an interesting concept and it'd be fun to give it a try
  4. Wonderful graphics, looks like this is gonna be a great mafia game :) ! [scouty rips up application into little pieces of paper]
  5. I think this is the most amount of sides I've seen in a mafia yet (including Not-Playing !) How fun!
  6. I was having such a fun time, too :c
  7. Ahahahahahahahaha. :rofl: :rofl: !! You're too kind. But I knew so much, I could've helped ! Thanks for the cameo , brilliant. It's a big cruise ship, after all ... Good luck to all the real players
  8. Welcome... Oh, wait, I don't have to do it, I have no fear of being mod killed !
  9. Yay! Let's start killing everybody!! !! Oh, fine, I'll stay in the spectating area. Fight!
  10. Oh, no. He'll never stab anyone in the back. Always Trust Shadows !
  11. Yes, I do love making random, pulled together roles out of nowhere in the vain attempt to keep things secret. That's toooooootallly how I would've done it if I were scum. No, picking something boring like protector or something typical would've not been enough, I had to make up such an oddly phrased role. I'm sooo out of the box like that. I'm a mafia hipster, you know Well, at least, out of that, I found myself to be more trusted among the town members and didn't really get killed until endgame, which was surprising. This is interesting. Of all the games I've played, my only power roles have really been protector or a scum killer (excluding others where roles were switched around). Nyarrr or protect? I've just noticed this I'll hush up now
  12. Well, the vig didn't really want his identity or anything spread around too much, so I basically told nobody else I was in contact with him. But, yeah, we didn't talk much after you were blocked, which is regrettable. Yeah, sorry about that Pm sharing went rampant in this game. Though it wasn't my intention for it to be shared in public . I thought posting the entire thing would prevent him from telling everybody everything. So, so, so wrong.
  13. Oh, yeah, I'd love to play this game again! Just call me the day killer protector next time ._. Oh, thanks to your death, my role was pretty much confirmed ^.^ . Thanks!
  14. I think, in some instances, that the protector prevents conversions, too. Am I wrong?
  15. If only. But the same can be said of my constant suspicions on JimB! !
  16. Shadows only night action this game was to night kill me. I'm so heartbroken
  17. Thank you You got excited about getting excited? Oh, myyy.I was close to suggesting Shadows to kill, but I still held reservations that he was town . Still, by the time you contacted me, our straight list of killing scum was too late to save the game. Fantastic that you got DP, though. A night sooner and you would've killed a townie, haha. Even more silly is that you were going to kill him based on his scummy behavior, just like in his past two games, when he was just town,and then you get him as he's getting converted. Brilliant ! Amy was second on that list, so either would have been just fine that night, too bad it was too late . Oops. Yeahhhhhh, I regret that I missed so much analysis. Though, CMP shared his pms with JimB with me and, JimB, that was super scummy of you there . If I had lived and had another day to discuss things out, I probably would've gone after you, finally . I just eased off after the Alopex ordeal...but anything I did would probably have done nothing to save us anyway. He was the Protector. If only he protected me last night .
  18. if the game hadn't ended, I hoped you would go to TPRU after I died and then work something out there. I guess there's no point to it now
  19. JimB, I knew you were scum But congratulations, nonetheless. To all the scum. The town totally screwed itself over. Not only did we just yell at ourselves, but we brought the scum team together. BigCam, I wish you had told me about Alopex first instead of going public with it. I was in contact with the vig that day and we could easily have taken him out without risking the scum teams getting together, leaving the lynch to other suspicions that the scum can't be too sure about. The town, wow, we did a fantastic job lining ourselves up on the firing line, huh? . Oh, well. Thanks def for hosting this unique game. It was a fun new concept and was certainly exciting to work through it, even if we did balls it up pretty badly. Despite some annoyances through the game (Banana Sphinx, so harshly stole my vote :cry4: ), it. Was a fun game to play and one that is very well structured and balanced. I knew there had to be more roles to the scum team than just killer and recruiter, I just wasn't sure which ones. Despite losing, this is one of my favorite mafia games here on Eb.
  20. Not to mention that I know the town blocker and he's been verified, so already off the bat I know he's lying, and thus a scummy scum scum
  21. Pfffft, poor role claim. Obviously scum. Vote: Alopex
  22. If you are the blocker, then care to share with us your night targets?? Oh, that's already been asked
  23. Probably. I wish I had seen that earlier. Oh, well.I don't know if the scum would be actionless. I saw badboy's "softclaim" to be a bit of misdirection. Wouldn't a scum side with only a killer and a recruiter role seem a little underpowered??