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  1. Oh, I forgot. Hey! Li'l Peanuts! You should do some weight training, how else are you going to bold your votes?
  2. Ha, I knew Li'l Danny's case against me was bull. Well, good for his death, then. I don't think this was mentioned, but it's possible both the vig and scum targeted the same player. But if a blocker did block the right person (or they blocked the vig, perhaps) I hope they deal with it properly so that we may get a scum, or not inadvertently lose the vig. Also not to mention that the recruiters might've been successful in their namesake last night. Hopefully not, but worst case scenario, we're equal numbers today than yesterday. Congratulations to the Mayor, Li'l Corny, for not dying on the first not !
  3. Yeah, that's right, I was just saying that on top of what you said earlier.
  4. Not only that, but they have to know that they outnumber the town.
  5. Overall, someone who is participating just enough without contributing all that much. Seems to only work off what others have said (Like on Corny's mayorship and a quick summary as his reason to vote for Trumpet). This is the kind of attitude I'd expect somebody who was scum to be in this situation. Reading Hinck's case against Trumpet, I can pretty much apply the same theory here: Not scum tells per se (this is day one, so any scum/town tells are not going to be as strong as later in the game), but rather posts that are in a scum mindset. But that's just my view, as of now. There may be others like this, I could just be imposing my view (which is a hard habit to beat), but I'm just feeling some pings ( ) on him at the moment. Has everybody said that they're town, or are there still some that have not said "I am town" yet? I believe that Trumpetking is the best candidate for lynching, today, but seeing as he has enough votes, I'm going to Vote: Li'l Boy Wonder (TheBoyWonder) We can continue this the next day and today (if there is any time to do so), if anybody wants to. Good thing we're in a school. When's Spelling Class?
  6. I was/am currently occupied, so I didn't have time to explain further. L'il boy I do want to analyze once I have time this evening. I didn't reply to you because L'il CMP said who I was talking about (him and Kiel), and the only two names I mentioned in that post, so "you two" shouldn't be a hard thing to figure out. To state it clearly, that post was more theoretical than accusatory.
  7. I'm tempted to do so, though I don't have time currently to structure a proper case against him, though I do think it's worth taking the effort to do so (which I wanted to do when I have some time in a couple hours). There's also the case against Trumpetking, which I feel is stronger than Li'l Boy, so I wasn't ready to place down a vote. From your post, I'd vote for Trumpet, just waiting from him to speak.
  8. Can't be vocal when I don't know what or have anything to say. Else I'd just be sputtering nonsense and fluff, which is just as helpless. Nor have I gotten into the game as much as I could (yet), either, so that's contributing to my low participation. Take of that what you will. Remember the difference of this game from the typical game we play in class. So don't assume based on any past game except EB Mafia I, which I feel is being done. Now I suggest you look for the other floaters you believe there are instead of choosing the easy one that a couple others have already voted for (which TheBoyWonder is one).
  9. I can agree with Pandora's accusation against Trumpetking, it's the strongest so far. Killing somebody because they might be convertible is not a good tactic, as it'll just leave you with dead townies. I can see how he is using this tactic to kill townies. I'll wait for anything he has to say before making a decision to vote.
  10. Look, if I appear scummy it's because I want to. If I'm selfish, well, there's nothing I can say against that. But still, it's not like everybody except me leapt at the chance to be mayor. I do, but I hope you don't tunnel vision me simply because its the first day. It doesn't always work, and you'd be wrong (if you're town). Well, I read what you guys said and it did (am I about to say this?) ping my radar (god ). I just saw the "scum perspective" of it, or at least I made the mistake of imposing it instead. Because I can? Is there any reason that I can't and or shouldn't emphasize it? For a role that I don't think that is even in the game, but did it anyway, it oughtn't really matter. Maybe I'm mistaken here. But I like my beaver tail (Disclaimer: I don't think I'm the animal ) Sooner, rather than later, is preferable.
  11. Obligatory? Now, now, I know when to tell a joke when I see one. The cafeteria joke was perfectly in line (it wasn't even "oh, BC's big behind explode, oh no!" Sort of post ). Obligatory, pah. Well, yeah, it's true, but you have to remember that this is the beginning. We have so very little to go on. So very, very few (and even nought) people to trust. So, yeah, I don't have much reason not to put my life above, since I only know who I am and nothing about anybody else. This is day one, I expect my attitude to be different day two and on when I get a grasp of things better. Also, "doesn't ring townie to me" congrats, you're getting the point of the game . I haven't had much reason to pip in today, though I do try to keep up, pop in from time to time, and spot anything suspicious in my eye.Which there are some that have been spotted. For one, I don't find Kiel's or yours cases particularly strong, yours especially. You don't even go so far as to accuse me of planting big behind explosives, more like a "I'm going to vote for you like a slap in the face to get you talking". Well, hi, how're you doing? . Kiel's case is stronger, but when I read it I can think of ways to debunk it. Then again, it's just day one, so such a case isn't too out of line. I keep chasing my tail in situations like this If I had to point to who I think would be scum, it would be you two, but honestly, it's only my gut talking and not my brain, but it's good to get such suspicions out. (Though that didn't serve me too well when a certain JimB was loose for so long before) Beaver out. I suppose I ought to do it. I'm not too sure if there is a lie detector around this time (especially with fewer numbers), but it's honestly just a couple pixels words to say, so: I am town. I am as town as I was when I was a Seer, which I'm not now.
  12. Well, this beaver Boy Scout has no inclinations toward anybody for mayor. No real opposition toward Kovacs being mayor, though it has been leaned that mayors don't have a long life expectancy otherwise I'd put myself for vote, since I know I'm good, scout's honour !
  13. Oh, cool. I was wondering what exactly it meant. I mean, with Sassy Cooter before...
  14. Well, once you're all alone in the forest, scum surrounding you and all your peons dead, don't come crawling to me
  15. I'm past my bedtime, but there's so much adventure beavering to do! We have to go chop these trees down, stickthemtogetherandstartbuildingadam!There'sjusttoomuchtodoIcan'tsleep,Ijustcan't zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  16. Scouty

    MOC: Hervi Pudding-Head's Pig Farm

    Hmm, I don't know, looks pretty scummy in there Lovely little moc. I especially like the ornamentation on the roof, that's cool. And I guess the only bed Hervi needs is the one next to his beloved oinkies Though, does Hervi live in the desert/beach?
  17. Oh, good. I'm glad things won't get started quite so soon, since I've got exams and stuff this week. Looking forward to it !
  18. Uh, sure, why not 1) lots, including most of your games 2) No, not really. Just no confusing role names 3) it sounds terrible, what an ugly word.