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  1. Scouty

    Great Find, Horrible find!

    I ordered from them a while ago. Got a lego AT-AT. the box was squished :-(. But that was the worst from him i ever got.
  2. Scouty

    Looking for a fleet?

    THe person relisted it for the Buy it Now for 500$. Yikes. In time it'll go down.
  3. Scouty

    Which is better: Castle or Pirates?

    Tik-tok-tik-tok-tik-tok_-_-_-time cast a vote! ANd a vote to ye pirates I did. :-D True the CC is good. But i got more from pirates :-)
  4. Scouty

    Has anyone been tempted...

    Hmmm. A Clone company set + a solar death ray with the power of 112 suns= Though it is pirateness, it was the only clone brand i found there on the site and it should prove something the bad quality of some clone brands, lego would probably never melt like it.
  5. Scouty

    Great Find, Horrible find!

    I would leave at least a neutral, for smokey lego, unless she said it came from a smokey home? Not sure what the substance was? Well, i'd not assume without further investigation. If you had kept it, you could take to police to check wether it was a drug or other substance.
  6. Scouty

    Great Find, Horrible find!

    Hmmm, i guess i have never had a problem with bad legos. the wprst is missing pieces. But the seller replaced:) i was happy :).
  7. Scouty

    Unpredictable changes..

    Nice. Looks a bit more realistic. In general, the entire ships looks pleasing. Also the mast lengthened looks good to as well. Just in my opinion :).
  8. Scouty

    The first ever Phes Vigentte: The Pursuit

    I like it. I mostly like the bridge; i would guess that it would be the main attraction of the moc. I liked how they were put together. For a moc done in a short time i'd say it was done well. :) ImperiaS
  9. Scouty

    The Black Pearl

    Im with oo7. It's nice and can't wait to see a finished version! Also like 007, i like the use of the fishes. Edit. New Pics of canons. The one on the left is the new one. (Incase you haven't noticed. This was photoshoped. I didn't have two canon bases so i seperated them and took away the background of one picture and just put the canon there, harder than it seems]. same with the guy, he's photoshoped too. )
  10. Scouty

    The Black Pearl

    I had two canons painted. No it's not the picture, it has a grainy feel to the canon.for a black flag, i just had a little fun with this one :-D. I have another one waiting to dry so i'll post a pic of it later.
  11. Scouty

    The Black Pearl

    Here are a couple. A cannon and a flag. Cannon+ Flag Other View The cannon used to be dark gray and the flag white. I scraped off the paint on the pegs so that it'd be easier to move.
  12. Scouty

    Lego custom cannons

    There is always Lcad and MLcad. those have many of the pieces for an anything.
  13. Scouty

    The +4 juniors ship

    That sucks. I hope you get money or legos soon. The 4+ ship would looke better with 2 hulls at the most, i think. Or else it's to big and bulky, IMO.
  14. Scouty

    "The big naval battle" 2002

    Wow. That is alot of sets and a nice collection. Also, the way you set them up was cool and also, so was the background.
  15. Scouty

    Lego custom cannons

    Cool! I like both of them; and I also like the good use of pieces. Als, you could buy lots of em' there for a cheap price. 20 for 10$
  16. Scouty

    Which Official Pirate LEGO Sets Do You Have?

    My, small, list :(. Yet, i am proud of it:) My List: 6235 Buried Treasure 6257 Castaway's Raft 6258 Smuggler's Shantly 6259 Broadside's Brig 6260( i know. incomplete) Shipwreck Island 6263 Imperial Outpost 6265 Sabre Island 6271 Imperial Flagship 6285 Black Seas Barracuda Pictures are worth a thousand words :-D If pics are a problem, please tell me.
  17. Scouty

    The Black Pearl

    There is one way to gain a black hull. It's modding a big piece. But, i would recomend black krylon spraypaint. I use it on some of my models and it works rather well. Just a suggestion if want to do it. Imperials
  18. Scouty

    The be ye pirate? or be ye ninja? Test

    Apparently i'm 52 Piratness and 9 ninja. I am more than 62% more pirateness than other people and 16% more ninjaness than other people. Whoot
  19. Scouty

    Fleet Listing? Army Listing?

    1) What is the name of your Fleet(s)? None so far 2) What is the size of your fleet (s)? (just the number of watercraft in your fleet (minus standard rowboats please, though if they are modified and you want to include them then go right ahead) 3 Ships 3) How many standard LEGO ships do you have in your fleet? 2 ships 4) how many MOC (my own creation) ships do you have in your fleet? 1 5) Please list your Non-MOC ships by type and number. Black Seas Barracuda Imperial Flagship 6) Please list your MOCs and tell us a relative size comparison. Small merchant ship. No mid-section added 7) number of sailors and officers (pirates have officers too!) in your fleet? 12 so far 8) your favorite mini-fig in your fleet, and who is the commander of your fleet? An Imperial Admiral with feather on top of his hat 9) How many ships to you have up in dry-dock? (Ie: in the process of building, and or what kind of parts do you have just lying around to build ships? None. Though i may fix up my small merchant ship 10) Do you wargame with your fleet? Not yet but i will Your Army and Fortifications note: this again can be divided by army if you wish. 1)THe name of your Army(s)? none 2) How many Officers and Troops do you have? (If you are counting pirates, i suppose you would list the number of captains that you have and the number of pirates based at forts and hideouts) 5 Imperial Gaurds 2 Admirals 1 Imperial Sailor 3 Piraes 3) How many fortifications do you have? 1 4) How many are Standard Lego sets? (ie eldorado fortress or any other standard lego hideouts or forts) Imperial Out post 5) how many MOC forts or hideouts do youhave? None 6) Please list what kind of sets you have on land, if they are MOC, please let us know a comparitive size. none 7)Who is your favorite minifig in your army, and who is the commander? Imperial Admiral 8)Do you wargame with your army? not yet but soon 9) are you in the midst of any Army construction, hideouts, forts, or towns ? maybe Final Tally 1) out of all your collection combined, what is your strength in: a) Ships ( sort of a strenght ) b) Men (Strenght) 2)What is your collection goal? (As much as i can afford) 3) Are there any sets that you are hunting for in the near future ( no ) 4)favorite set? ( Imperial Flagship ) 5) Construction plans? What have you started or planning to start in the near future? ( none) 6) Links to any of your creations or something you would like to share ( not yet ) 7) Do you have a MISB Navy or Army? if so go ahead and list it here! ( nope ) 8) Location of your Lego Universe: (ie: the legoribean...) (Not sure yet ) 9) Where are you really from? ( U.S. background from Portugal ) 10) Any sort of brief discription you want to give of your collection, small backstory, or other about your collection? ( My collection is small but in time it may get a tad bigger ) Sorry but there is more than this i have. I will come back and edit this.
  20. Scouty

    Who are all the Pirate Lego fans on this board?

    My mistake :-$. I did not mean the BSB. I meant 6835, I mistook the 3 for an 8. But since a recent ebay purchase, i do have the Black Seas barracuda, Broadside's brig, and Smugglers Shanty. As well as parts from other sets as well. it should come in tomorow :-D Sorry for my mistake. Thanks for the welcome :-) Edit: Hehe, well then. 6235. oey. it is a nice little set. I like it. Little odd that the monkey has a sword in it's hands, would wanna stay away from him! X-O
  21. Scouty

    Who are all the Pirate Lego fans on this board?

    Well i just joined today. Anyway. I would say i like the Pirates theme. My favorite themes are by the following order: Star Wars, Pirates, City, Castle, and other. Right now i own only three pirate sets.Imperial Flagship. Imperial Out Post. And 6285. For i don't know the actual name for it :-) Imperials